Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tale Of The Twisted Ankle

It all started with a long sleep from 2.30am to 10.30am this morning.. I woke up totally confused and stoned. What am I supposed to do? I couldn't recall what did I planned the night before for this morning. With my body well supported with both my hands on the bed, I slowly shifted my butt off the bed and almost instantly, a sharp deep pain from my left leg alerted me of my twisted ankle which I've sustained the day before.

Delicately and slowly, I lifted my ankle off the bed and I limped to the washroom. With the left foot lifted off the cool marble flooring, I hopped whenever I needed to go somewhere in my house. This is sick. Walking would be at least 3 times slower than hopping!

After all the stuff that I've to settle in the morning, I went straight for the The Straits Time which was on the sofa already. As I flipped and read through, my mom woke up and asked me if I was ready to go to the doctor. Dazzled by what she said, I immediately remembered that I am supposed to go to the doctor today for a check-up cum treatment on my seemingly swollen ankle! With the ceiling fan operating at high speed, the flimsy pages of the newspaper began going out of place and I went through the remaining pages as quickly as I could.

20 minutes down town, went to medical hall and took a queue number. Following that, I went upstairs and took my breakfast and I messaged my best bud, weekian. Well, he was with chee kong at causeway point, went for phone servicing again. lol..

I waited for close to 1 hour before I get to my turn to go in, the auntie gave me a basin of boiling medicated solution and ask me to rest my foot on top of the solution, with a plastic sheet covering my whole foot. From what I see, I can see that the solution was to sterilise the foot, before any other form of medications can be applied onto. Soon, I was attended to and I describe to him everything that led to the injury. Skillfully, the veteran chinese doctor applied some brewed medication and bandaged it up firmly. Feeling satisfied, I smiled and kept saying Thank You on my way out (haha).. =)

Reach home at about 3pm, alone again, I couldn't walk much and thus I settled on a chair - in front of my computer. Well, wee kian wasn't back home yet I guessed, so I had no other friends to talk rubbish with. I played some games, watched tv, and did some maths. Everything was really bad and yet I couldn't do anything about.

At about 6pm, my mom called and said she wouldn't be back on time and asked me to settle my dinner myself. I thought to myself, dinner? I decided on maggie mee again since I couldn't walk all the way to the nearest food court. As I cooked, I realised that the water I added is way too much (again), and I had to bear with the very diluted soup of the mee. I watched soccer on EPL after my dinner and felt really bored and stupid.

I watched a movie on HBO after the soccer and felt better (for once) today. =p 11.40pm. My mom came home and as usual, we don't talk much as she headed for the bedroom. I continued with this entry of my blog with sounds from the television blasted across the living room.. Feeling real moody right now, I seriously think that I am completely lost at things to do.

Well, I should go off now to check out on my bandage! ='/ what a day after a bad injury that I incurred. lol.. I think I should go do some serious stuff now! See ya folks! =]

Your life will be no better than the plans you make and the action you take. You are the architect and builder of your own life, fortune, destiny. - Alfred A. Montapert


Doughnut said...

haha, so u visited a chinese practitioner me and chee tot u went to hospital..:p..anywae, cooking maggie at home alone wif a swollen leg isn't a good feeling..haha..usually in those typical-singapore-serial dramas, got those gf cum to bring bf fish porridge i heard pat got cum visit u..haha..that's gal cum up look for me b4.. X.X *jealous* haha..=) *rest well* =D

Anonymous said...

haha take care of ur ankle!! get well soon! so u can enjoy new yr! haha =D

Anonymous said...

de above note is by me. -shan =P

Patricia said...

hey dear.. take care.. if nth to do can tink of me =D haha.. muacks..