Monday, May 23, 2005

Back in action at the SPCA..!

After so many busy weekends, finally I am back in action at the SPCA! haha! =P As I stepped into the familiar ground, the usual smell made me realise that I am back with the animals again! yay! hahahaha.. wonderful feeling.! as usual/unusual, pat was with me at the spca. Rushed into the dog compound only to see a 5 yr old German Sherpard in the first cage! Oh my goodness! It was fantastic! (dunno why I have a liking for huge animals - elephants, giraffes, hippopoputamus..etc) But the closest big animal i can get close to easily would be huge dogs like this german sherpard, or the grand golden retriever and the enormous saint bernard dog(head up to the height of my chest and paws as big as my palm outstretched!)

Oh ya, and SPCA upgraded their technology with a new cooling system to cool the dogs down on a hot and stuffy afternoon. Clouds of cool mist were sprayed out from the ceiling and well.. standing under the sprinkler was great, but don stand too long to deprive those poor dogs of their chance of getting cooled! haha!

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Smile kelly! cool eh? haha! Oh my, forgot to tell you all, she strong! An intelligent gal with strong paws, but very affectionate and like company of humans! =)

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Good gal...mmm! *winks

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Can I hug you? haha..hope you find a new home soon kelly.. =D

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2-3 months old puppies takin a nap on a hot sunday afternoon... *yawns

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There, this was the 2 year old jack russell, he barks whole day until his bark goes as if he's got a sore throat. Why he barks whole day? This lil fellow, doesn't like other dogs around, he wants some own space! haha! I went in but he doesn't even look at me! lol! He onli wants to convey his message to his neighbours that he don like 'em! =x haha...this is what I termed a "Gay Boi"

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Last but not least, this poor Shadow, a labrador retriever who's feelin real sleepy on e afternoon..but he's strong though, with a coat of healthy and shiny black hair! Got to know that he was brought into SPCA because his owner was moving into a smaller apartment and couldn't accomodate him.. ='( can sensed that he's sad, look into his eyes and i'm sure everyone can feel the agony of being abandon.. *shakes head

After bidding goodbye to Kelly and Shadow, I went to the cats-mouse-rabbit corner to check them out. haha... it was 3.30pm then, SPCA closed!

Oh yes, before I forget, next sunday's trip to SPCA, anyone interested? Leave ur name here and I'll take note, see you guys! =)


synthesis said...

WOOOOO finally blogged eh? Woah I spot ANIMAL ABUSE BY KIAT on the poor doggy kelly... tsk tsk... bring that jack rusell home and assure u of a hell lot of noise!!! HAHAHA! MILO!

Knight Falcon Zero said...

Hi, Hi, whooooooo, u have a blog too......that 2 year old jack russell looks familiar to me especially the colour & spots on it.

It looks like my tuition teacher's dog( it was like 5 years ago), my tuition teacher's dog will always bark but when i am close, it quietens down.

Speaking of 5 years then it could not be the same dog, wonder could it be the descendant??

Anonymous said...

hey y u jiu shi nv go to cats room! lolx.. nvm tink i'll go on thurs to play wif dem! weee ^^v