Saturday, September 10, 2005

Class CIP!

CIP at bukit panjang YMCA childcare centre? haha, yea, playing with those kids was indeed no easy job! haha! Some were super hyper active, and I ended up chasing him rather than he himself playing the games! LOL

Some were unhappy when they lost games, and cried! oh my.. haha! But nevertheless, it was such a fun and exhilarating experience for me! First time doing cip with kids, lol... cos all the while I deal with animals, and the approach was totally different. Trust ck, lol! =)

Okay... here are some pics! (taken after the cip)

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xiang ming, sherman, me and zhen hui! PS: Pardon me for that gay pose.. xP

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The pinkie bois! lol! Er... careful wen yang! wahahah.. and that pair of shoes.. I suppose it belongs to the hairy boi in our clasS? MAO MAO! =P (Oh darn, sorry, gay pose again =x)

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abra trying to do some stunts? and mao mao finally got into the picture! LOL, get out of that hole, mao! =D hahaha, everyone certainly looks great! =) Oh ya, gay ie zhi, what were you tyring to do, hahaha!

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JeroooME, careful..... of abrasion under the arms ya. LOL! xm, don look so shocked..oh crap, mao mao haven got out of that hole, lol! 05S01 rwak! =D

Okay.. this cip is indeed for everyone to enjoy! loL! Looking forward to another CIP with da clasS! =)


Anonymous said...

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Knight Falcon Zero said...

CK....why you keep mentioning me in the is.....urgh.....!!!

Patricia said...

haha! So funni! i Tink he has fallen in love with u le mao mao.. BEWARE.. =P

Ms likes where he is.. So it doesnt matetr whether his stuck or not.. comfortable jiu hao.. ^^

CK said...

lol, the problem is, he doesn't look real comfortable. LOL

synthesis said...

COOL! Hahahah, great pics from a great CIP, rocks!

Just get me the guitar said...

hEy br0~! y u Use mY ActiON?!?! HAhax.. sTOp dOing stuPid aCtions.. :P ooPS..