Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bathtub Duckling?!?!

Oh my...but seriously, when I got home yesterday. I saw....


Image hosted by was my brother's. LOL luckily my parents didn't buy it for me, gosh.

Image hosted by

Brother CK mumbles, "Here I come u puny ducklings, wahahaha" *squeezes

Image hosted by

and the story continues...muahahaha

Image hosted by

it continues again...poor ducklings. HAHA

Image hosted by

"okay, put you ducklings back!" *ducklings squirked

Image hosted by


Patricia said...

SO CUTE!! wah.. ur bro very big liao.. long time never see him! haha! his forehead like wider oso.. more brains.. haha! =P

Anonymous said...

eh! i m drooling liaoz.. i think i fall in love with ur bro liaoz.. cant wait for chinese new year to come!! i wan to hug ur bro!!! heh.. his hairstlye quite orbiang leh. but tt makes him look cute! heh.. cutie pie.. =X