Monday, January 02, 2006

NEW YEAR 2006!!! COOL.

In case you're wondering why I didn't went for the countdown at Marina Bay on new year's's why...

Pictures of fireworks taken in Hong Kong!! =p

Image hosted by

See the difference btw HK and Singapore's fireworks?

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Now see again! whoops, this might not be as nice...

Image hosted by

Check this out!! Great!

lol, I think the fireworks in HK are different compared to SG's! =D Anyway, as we embarked onto a fresh new year in 2006, may all your dreams be realised and everything go your way! Best of luck to EVERRRYBODDDY!!!


Cheng Han said...

yooyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyo happy new yearR to you! this is so bo ci ji. starting a new year off wif exams!!! >.< haha

anyway, best wishes to you for this year. this is the year where it's 2 more years to 20 yrs old. omg! time flys! another year and u'll be out of JC, into the army o_O time for botak again! LOL!

haha okay, gotta go back to mugging liao. see you soon!
take caRE!! TC!! (=tokcock)=PpP

Patricia said...

My firework pictures ae nicer! =P

Anonymous said...

singapore's one looks more nice leh.. =x

kute kian

Patricia said...

FLood flood flood flood.... =P haha! not fun lo! cos no tagboard to flood!!! =P