Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As per normal, I went for my driving lesson at the driving centre. Lesson's at 6.00pm. I reached at 5.57pm, with a full bladder yet still needa print the reporting slip from the darn machine. Chiong-ed into the toilet and... of course, pee-ed.

Then there was this joker who stood beside me, er.. I mean he was using the urinator beside mine okay. HE WAS SMS-ING AND PEEING AT THE SAME TIME.

I mean, what the.. how the heck did he managed to do that. Okay, QUIT UR WILD IMAGINATIONS, GIRLS. LOL.

he still did it btw. cos I friggin saw it!! That stupidly freaks me out and stupidly wasted another 30 seconds staring at the mirror when I washed my hands to think about that joker.

Next, chiong-ed out to print my reporting slip and found my instructor, then got into the car and drove off.

Please for goodness sake, guys. When you pee, just pee. Don't try to act pro and do funny things!! wa lao! LOL

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