Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drops of tranquility

Rain rain rain! It's been raining alot these days.. the weather's good. Cooling as it is, what a peaceful sunday afternoon. Especially after a week's hard training, and hours before booking in camp, it is really nice n cosy to just relax at the corner of the bed, hugging your favourite cotton-filled pillow, reading a book and listening to soft soothing music. What a way to spend the afternoon, but it wouldn't be long before the sound of rain drops engulf the room...


9 more days to my graduation parade. Less than a week to my 28km graduation road march. My BSLC course's coming to an end. Just when we've made great buddies in camp, in the next blink of an eye, everyone's going to walk different paths. Where will we be posted to? OCS crossover? ASLC? Guards? Signals? Arty? Armour? It doesn't really matter.. what's important to me is to learn and excel in what I do and to enjoy every bit of training. Things we'll never get to experience in life, now I've 2 years for it. They become memories; that will last me a lifetime.

And that's why, every night, I write down my training experience, my feelings and opinions in my diary. Every single moment isn't to be missed or to be forgotten. I write my own story and I'll keep it till the day when I'll let my children read it.


This might sound cliche but I do think far!! hahaa. (= ... this is how army transform people.. hmm.

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