Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Night's out for the army boys!

It was a funny night's out.

9.45pm - Left home from yck. Next, I got lost in Serangoon in a super duper fuper heavy storm while trying to search for gabriel's lorong chuan road. Road signs and directions were blurred by the rain, roads were slippery, traffic was relatively light.

10.15pm - Found "The Springbloom" after passing NY JC. damn irritating place. serangoon gardens road was neither too far, nor anywhere exactly near his place!

10.18pm - Left for Khatib station to pick up Roy. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong here. Took a left turn after exiting SpringBloom (which was obviously a fatal mistake) and up the CTE we go, next we tried going to PIE, but ended up on Lornie road, and every second on the road was fk. Lornie's this LONGGG road with no possible chance to make an early exit. Went back CTE, and back to where we started. AMK ave 6.

10.30pm - on CTE.

me : "hey what's with the traffic jam! sian. #$%^&&* (as usual, a few vulgarities were involuntaraily mentioned)

10.50pm - On AMK rd, after exiting CTE.

Gabriel : "ah yes, this is my di pan. I know how to go now. confirm. See, on your right is my house."

me : "huh. really meh. you sure anot. Just now you also say this is your di pan, but @#$%&* LORNIE RD!"

Gabriel : "Don't worry, I know this place. Yes yes, keep going straight, I think turn right at AMK ave 6. ah confirm. I always go khabit camp by this way. confirm plus chop!"

me : "ok I trust you this time. fk if we end up on lornie again, I will kill you. and Roy's going to fk all of us. He's been there for 45 minutes already. and we promised him we'll reach in 15min just now. I bet he's so pissed now."

Gabriel : *laughs out loud " okok, I'll let him know we will be reaching in 15min now."

11.oopm - on Lentor Ave.

Gabriel : "I only know until AMK ave 6. the rest I not sure."

me : "ok, here I know liao."

Gabriel : "ok good good. gogo"

11.05pm - Reach khatib station. *Roy's pissed.

me : "I'm so sorry. I am, really."

roy : *shagged face from waiting 50min "ah don't bother, it's ok, it's ok now."

gabriel : "It's all my fault. ya my fault, we .....%#$@^$#^"

me : "ya la, he !@$@%#^&$@."

me and gabriel : "you @#$%^, er @$%#$^#$, what the #@%^^#"

11.08pm - Heads for prawning pond.

11.15pm - Arden gave me the wrong turn. Ended up on some "End-Road. State Land". This super ulu lane which I was forced to make a 5-point turn out."

me and arden on phone : "eh you give me the wrong turn la you #$@%. are you on that ulu street. Yes I am. ok do you see .@%#$^7 . NO. never mind, tell me which turn, is it that AVA animal station that entrance. yes yes. AH @%$#%^ you."

11.20pm - Reaches prawning farm. *sheess.. still drizzling quite heavily.

11.30pm - Stands around. wondering how people prawn with the rain.

11.35pm - *after some discussion.

11.45pm - Heads for newton circus. Newton food centre.

12.10am - Hits NEWTON FOOD CENTRE. regretted for not bringing a camera. Shall spare the details on food. haha

1.40am - Heads to labrador for some undisclosed reasons. wahahaa. but it is still raining. and it turned into a storm after we went out of the car. And we got stranded for a good half an hour before running like 6 retards, in ankle deep waters, back to the car. <-- I bet this is the highlight of the night. (if we had video-ed this down, it'd be the top 10 hits for MTV asia.)

2.24am - Sent wl, roy and gabriel home.

3.28am - Reach home. *still raining. zzz.

3.34am - Stepped in the house. *rain stops almost instantly.

5.30am - Turned in after watching champs league...

I'll be planning for the next. and I assure it'll be a good one. no more wrong turns and flops.

and yeah, sorry for no pictures.

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