Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chapter 4.3 - four months; finally.

As the end of May approaches, finally the long awaited semester exams are here. With my first paper on 30th May Saturday, I've about slightly more than a week to go. Lectures are coming to an end, end of my projects, essays and assignments. It's the final lap for this semester. I'm glad, really glad that I'm so close to completing one semester, a semester which already gave me an introduction to what to expect in the years to come. 

I'm picking up on my gear from this week onwards, and shall peak by the 29th may night. There's only this much I can say. I'm looking forward to a much needed break, and then I need to start studying for my second semester for the year already. Comparative anatomy and physiology is gay and hard. 

A friend of mine broke his wrist carpal bones last week while playing soccer and was hospitalised in due for a surgery. Visited him on a thursday night and brought him out for a drink. Went San Churro in Fremantle. One of the perfect place for chocolate lovers..
- my spanish chilli-coffee-chocolate drink. not for the weak-hearted to try, seriously.

- chocolate mud cake with dark+white chocolate syrup.


Random. Went to city after class today. Went with a friend. Sometimes, you don't have to have a reason for doing certain things. And you don't have to have a reason for everything in life. Why make life hard by questioning and seeking answers to everything? That isn't what it was meant to be; make life your playground, and mine too.

- I simply love the sky. Don't you?

- Huge truck moving a make-shift house!

- the sky gives me a reason to smile

-train station 

- the wait begins.

- peaceful afternoon

- in train; my smart-ass friend from HK. 

That's about it. My last time I'm ever out to anywhere again till after my exams. Good luck to myself and folks having exams. 


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