Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A world of prejudice.

The society is overwhelmed with prejudice. I had made myself aware not to judge a person too quick and always see everybody with a fair eye. Deep down inside, everyone have their own story - and before we make our personal judgement on a person's character, why not keep that to yourself first and allow yourself to hear that story. It's rather an uphill challenge to be aware of your own thoughts. I know that, seriously. Because I know what and how we perceive people and life, is often shaped by our past experiences and the immediate environment.

Recently, I've been a victim of prejudice again. I felt both disappointed and sad that because of who I am and my ethnicity, I'm devoid of a chance to learn - at a place where I have every right to be involved and practice and learn. Instead, I've wasted my entire week only to realize my other mate of another ethnicity had a wonderful week having a go at every single learning opportunity to apply the skills. I felt judged, I felt I shouldn't have been treated in that manner, they made me feel I wasn't supposed to be there, and lastly, they made me feel as though I was invisible. I was the elephant in the corner of the room, unnoticed. I wasn't the quiet elephant who didn't make any noise, I spoke up, and I asked purposeful questions. Then I got single-word answers.

I'm furious yet I can't do anything. It's disgusting. eww.

Despite how many may make the world look beautiful, I'll never overlook what's hidden amongst the shadow. Still, everyone deserves to be fairly treated.


Mystery gal said...

I totally agree with you dude. BTW cool blog. You should check mine out. Be sure to leave a comment

Noopur said...

This was a worthy read.... good one :)