Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Another Tale - The Tale of the Nor Hiong (Part I)

lol.. kian suddenly sms me on valentines' day night to ask me to try his mom's nor hiong, which he described it as something long, wrapped in bean skin, with prawn paste, veggie, prawns, water chestnut, egg, and it's just simply fantastic. Something like this.. lol! what a tempting nor hiong, haha!

Then I said keep saying I will be going to his house straight away to eat that nor hiong (since he only lives about a hundred metres from my block), until he got f-ed up, haha! However, I didn't go his house of course, cos it's already late, about 11 plus. Then he said that he will bring the nor hiong the following morning which I'll meet him to go to school together.

As usual, I was late for 5 minutes and kian was already standing there and waiting, the all white figure was pretty easy to recognise from far though.. lol. ;p I met up with him no longer than a minute later, and looking at his cheeky smile, I knew that he brought his nor hiong which he woke up early to heat it up for me, so touched..haha! He happily stuffed that cute nor hiong into his side bag pocket and what then? It was so **** hard to take it out, and the next moment, he shouted "AHH!" I turned around and looked. Guess what.

The nor hionf wasn't in the plastic bag anymore! He did bring it! But, it was on the ground. lol!! Then we were like stunned for 5 seconds, before he picked it up and stuff it back into the plastic bag. I held the nor hiong a while and realised it was still quite warm, and the smell is simply marvellous!! It was so tempting and delicious looking (or smelling), that I told kian if I could just wash the nor hiong with some water and then eat it! LOL.. of course with his powerful nike shooting water bottle to clean it. hahaha.. so nice lor, the smell. sigh, just couldn't taste his mom's nor hiong. But kian still promised me to bring me another the next morning! woo hoo! lol.. yum yum, *grins.

Wisdom is knowing what path to take... Integrity is taking it.


Anonymous said...

LOL! So hilarious..haha..i where got f-ed nor hiong is real tasty and heavenly!! DU YI WU ER!!!'re in for a treat tml! =D

kian. =)

Anonymous said...

bring for mi oso!!

ming ming

Patricia said...

m goin to write tis comment when tt ass msg me to read his 'colorful' bloggie -_- haha..

well~ anyway, wat i wanna say ish tt my mom oso know how to make! n i tink will be nicer den kian's de =P haha! ya.. u noe y?

cos my cookies taste alot betta den his! =P hahaha.. Muhahahaha!