Saturday, February 26, 2005

Jing's B'dae celebration!

Today is Jing's B'dae celebration! Although his b'dae is on next thursday, he wish to have it celebrated on a saturday..haha! As such, no prezzies for jing today except jeffrey who gave him a bag of tasty chocos! We - me, pat, kian, hq, ah neh, geraldine, chun yan, shan, ying siew and ee teng were present.

I wasn't sure whose idea it was to go swimming on a b'dae celebration, lol~! looks weird, but nevertheless, it was very fun! We reached chinese garden mrt (but before that we overshot and went to lakeside mrt) and headed for the swimming complex. After we changed into our shorts and the gals into their swimming costumes, we walked briskly towards the swimming pool with ee teng, kian and I trailing behind. The 3 of us couldn't wait and threw ourselves into the inviting pool! The others joined in later... We dipped our whole body into the pool; perfect thing to do for such weather!!

Not sure of the time as we played throughout in the pool, some catching games with hq liven up the atmosphere! lol.. Went into the pool at around 12plus and left at... 4plus? Quite long as we spent more than half of the time in the wave pool! lol.. it was interesting with kian and I going around and pulling each other shorts off! The worst part is when et and kian ganged up on me and then my shorts really came off in the pool! Luckily I wore something beneath my shorts if not it would be disastrous! With that et around.. nothing is ever safe..haha!

Then we started to pinch each other's nipple (lol.. abit sick), with jing and kian pinching my's the hardest until my right chest turn reddish T.T Next time I am gonna get some revenge and make sure their's swell ! =) haha!

Then we went to KFC to have some food and then jing treated us to canandian pizza. well... I ate quite some food at KFC and was rather bloated when I added one piece of pizza into my stomach. Chatted for some time until the last piece of pizza turned cold and then jing asked kian to finish it (he already ate 2 pieces and he don't want anymore pizza). Then when kian refused, jing asked me, and feeling bloated, I rejected the kind offer from jing. I didn't pay much attention when someone suddenly suggested the game of "zhong ji mi ma", the person who guessed the correct number jing is thinking of, will eat the pizza!

It was freaky but I was confident I wouldn't be so unlucky and guessed the correct number. "1-200," Jing cried. Whoa.. 200, I thought I should be quite safe, but when it reached the second person, the ranged dropped to 35-50 !! omg! There's still like 5 people before me! When it was hq's turn (was sitting beside me), he only had 2 choices left. 33 or 34 to choose. Oh well.. my luck has always been good.

The number jing was thinking was 34. Hq chose 33. T_T I don't even dare to look at the pizza!! lol.. scary pizza. To be sporting, I finished the pizza and ended up with a out-of-shape tummy. Was so bloated then!

Then pat started to eat more cookies and I was thinking to myself, her stomach's bigger than my's? This seems impossible though.. haha!

We reached Jurong point and went to the movie theatre. Then pat suddenly complained of a stomach upset. It wasn't something serious though, just that she's too full. Then I wonder again, I feel bloated soon after the meal, and she took so long to feel the bloat?! =/ haha... we had 2 different groups who wanted to watch 2 different movies... but JP doesn't have the 1 of the movie, so we set off for causeway point.

Reached causeway pt at around 6.15pm and we bought tickets for "Howl's Moving Castle".. It was a fantastic japanese anime! It was filled with laughter and the movie ended off with a touching ending! aww.. =) I shan't elaborate too much lest some of you haven't watch this movie! haha..

Anyway, hApPiE bIrThDaE - JiNg jInG!!

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear whatever you say. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Doughnut said...

Finally, u updated ur blog..haha..glad we all enjoyed ourselves yesterdae..the pinching was nice..and hey, that reddish spot wasn't caused by me, it was that freakin ee teng! he is a real scary freak man, he seems to have taken a fancy on hitting pple..wah =p

Kian =D

synthesis said...

makes me regret not going lol!