Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Release of Posting results...

whoops.. woke up at 8.30 in da morning! Promised kian the previous night that i'd wake up early to wait with him for 8am to come.. so tt we can check the posting results together. haha.. but then when I woke up, I received 4 sms from him, including a wake up msg, plus a msg which states that he got posted to pj.. sigh, I thought he was joking with me. Becos I heard that posting results will only be out by 8am and the msg i received from kian was at 7.30.. haha but then it was true though.. =/ Results were actually out by 6am. lol.. so lame

I was posted to pj, lol.. no need to check de, cos it's like confirm liao lo... haha!

Then after that I accompanied him to aj to appeal.. haha, finally I went into aj! =) Relatively average, in terms of sch design? Not tt old la.. haha, it's still okay. But the general office needs a bit of upgrading!! lol.. look at those doors, am I in the 80s or something, upgrade it to something more class! lol.. as the saying goes "First impression counts, last impression lasts." Shouldn't aj give visitors a good impression when they sign in, then giving a lasting impression when they leave? lol.. well, it's up to the school's finance department to do the upgrading! =p

Then after tt, I asked kian to introduce the sch to me, since he had been here before, and then he showed me the "thing" immediately!! lOL! there.. that penis like structure which was right beside the canteen... it was claimed to be an artistic thing or what, but I don really know how to appreciate. I guessed kian and chee doesn't know how to, if not why are they laughing at that 'penis' ?? haha!! xD *censored!

Then went to junction 8 to meet up with chee.. and then kian bought a gay notebook from naruto, called "Come Come Paradise." omg! they actually sell this book! lol! Although it's supposed to be a porn book in naruto, but in this case, it's a notebook.. phew. haha! =p
I think kian's having a great time with "come come paradise" now! =p

lol.. tml orientation day... so boring! It's like going thru the second orientation! nvm, can meet more new friends! =D Hopefully can see more chio bu! hahaha... =x pat's gonna get me for this. haha! see you guys soon!! ;)

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