Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sentosa - Last class gathering?

Today I woke up at 9plus and then went online, after felling asleep while smsing that gay wee kian the night before. He was telling me to meet at 12.30 but I wanted to meet at 10. Conflicts never end though, as usual I felt pissed because I've told pat and the rest that I'd meet them at 10, but then kian, hq and ck? had sudden changes and wanted to meet at 12.30. So kian wanted me to go with him, but..sigh. What a difficult position I am in, and such cases happened to me continuously for 4-5 times in a week. Fuk. I hate this, just driving me totally mad. Okay, enough of moaning, let me continue about the sentosa trip! haha!

Then at 9am, kian online! Chatted and I told him I wanted to persuade him to meet at 10. But when I told him that it seemed impossible to change his mind, he said he was fine with it, provided I call hq, ee teng, ck to inform them the change of time and xm to tell him that kian and gang are not meeting with him anymore. Thus I rushed to the phone, hoping to contact hq first through hp. Doh.. his hp's switched off! That means he's asleep! Never mind.. I called his house. No one answered. Yes, he's still sleeping. Next I called ck, no one answered the phone. I called et then, he's the first to answer my phone calls that morning.. haha. After settling et, I called hq's home and I think I woke his mom up, with that kinda greetings in the morning, I expect his mom to be awaken by my phone call! Then I convinced hq to meet at 10, and then he agreed. yay! Was so excited. Last, I called ck, to tell him that everyone's meeting at 10, because I know he goes with the majority :P

There was a rule which was, those who were later than 10.10am, will be thrown into the water! I reached cck interchange at 10.10, but that gay jing jing refused to believe me. Kian waited for that forever late (same as me) ck, and then they were late as well.

Left cck at about 11plus, after hq and gang took their breakfast, food bought from mac. Reached harbour front and kian insisited on taking the cable car. I agreed immediately as we hardly have to chance to take a cable car together! Then nk, kian, ck, pat and me went to search for the cable car station. Found it, but it was a bloody $11.90, far from the $5.50 jeffrey told us. The worse part was, the staff there treated us like we were some idiots. This is SINGAPORE'S SERVICE INDUSTRY. I repeat, SINGAPORE'S SERVICE INDUSTRY. As ck had mentioned, if it was a foreigner asking at the counter, the treatment would have been totally different. We asked if there was a ferry to sentosa, he just wants to put us off by saying "no ferry." What kind of stupid idiotic moronic indifferent attitude is that?! I bet that moron would have explained 10 times more in detail if it was a european tourist or a woman!
Then we took a bus to sentosa in the end, with much time wasted. wahaha..

Reached sentosa palawan beach and all the guys took off their shirt, with chee chee making all the gals jealous because of.. (whoops, not suppose to mention). It's understood by everyone! haha! okay.. played captains ball and was of much fun and laughter!

Then the gay part comes in. Was sitting beside chee and kian when gay jing held my legs so tight that I couldn't shake free myself from his clutches!! What's more, ass pat's behind me trying to pull me up(but I was too heavy for her). Kept letting go of me from her palms though, but stupid jing! He grabbed my legs so tightly and then? Was threw into the water(being the first to be thrown into the water is a good experience! haha).

I was in the water, but kian and many of them hadn't brought a pair of extra pants, thus couldn't join me. Kian was sand-bathing me all the while, and kept putting lumps of sand into my underwear behind me!! While that nk put big lumps of sand into all my pockets! No wonder I felt heavy in my pants. lol.. gays!

After a few hours, kian and I swam to the bridge while the rest played ball games in the water. We both climb up the bridge and then when we jumped down into the water, my back was scrapped by the edge of the wooden bridge and left a red seemingly bloody patch behind my back.

After that injury, I didn't went into the water anymore, fearing that salt water would worsen the injury. hahaha.. but nk kept insisting salt water would be better than tap water. O.o Then we went for a bath at around evening, and then kian and gang left for a movie soon after. I stayed at sentosa with pat till around 9pm, with sl and ys! Jing's supposed to wait for us, but he pangseh us. haha!

Got myself toasted today and I am feeling all hot inside my body! I didn't get sunburnt though! lol! (I mean till now, there's no signs of sunburnt).

Having a dozen of things troubling me now.. I shall sign off. See you guys soon! =)

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Anonymous said...

sure we all had fun there..haha..it was fun with the sand bath thingy..loL!..and the climbing of the bridge..take care bud..

Kian =D