Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 11.5 - Coffee and a Sunflower

On the night of a Good Friday, decided to spend some time by myself at home. Had a cup of self-made coffee after dinner and it couldn't be any more refreshing. Coffee is a beverage many would need to keep them going early in the morning. But coffee, helps me relax. In fact, I recently did a little trial on myself; drinking coffee one to two hours before my sleep time. What I realized was bewildering. I find my sleep much more nourishing and I wouldn't wake up feeling as if I needed another 5 minutes of snooze time. Energetic and alive are two words that would come off my mind if I can illustrate in this manner.

Has anyone thought of how coffee and sunflower can actually go together? I actually thought putting them together makes an incredibly beautiful picture. The sunflower brings out the vitality in coffee beans; that is seemingly dark and bitter.

Dozens of way we can make beverages out of coffee beans, another dozens of occasion we can appreciate having a cuppa to ourselves. Just like how we would be able to bring the light out of a seemingly dark situation. A sunflower perhaps? :)

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