Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chapter two - 2.5; End of week 2, third weekend

It's end of week 2 and my 3rd weekend here arrives! There's nothing fantastic about the weekends here, but I pretty love the fact that no one goes to work and walking to the nearest supermart for some groceries early in the morning is a perfect start for the day. Getting in love with the tranquility, often enough, isn't unusual. (:

And so today went to charmaine's house to have lunch. Together with her mom, they came to pick me up in my school and we headed off. It isn't very far though, reckon about 15min of drive with smooth traffic? And yes, gotta thank them for the invite! Thank you! (well, I did thank them already, not that I am saying it here; how insincere!) Feels like ages since I tasted home-cooked food, and I mean, it was really homely! Makes me miss my ah ma's cooking so badly. What to do? Backside itchy, say want come Perth to study vet, and I really just came over in a blink of an eye.

Oh yes, so today's Coldplay's concert day 2. Initially thought that I'd really go and tickets are still available at $140 free standing, but on second thoughts.. :) There isn't much life here in weekends, and so I'm still doing my research on the freaking haem unit of the haemoglobin molecule for the afternoon, and perhaps catch a game of Liverpool vs Middlesbrough later at the tv room..hehehe.

It wasn't that friendly when I checked my google desktop sidebar on the weather for the night. That cloud with lightning freaks me out. When it rains here... it's so different from singapore. hmm..thunderstorm?! gg..

Time for dinner.. and back to cooking...

(I miss everyone...)

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