Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday marks the last day of me working for Dr Quek and Ms Judy Low, at Zhangde Primary School. My team of colleges were certainly nice people, and of course, very sociable. The four of us worked very well together. Although working hours are irregular, I liked the job!

Often while waiting for students to report, we doodle on the whiteboard, take stupid poser photos and talk rubbish (my fav!) !! Hmm, let's see. I drew bob dog, teenage mutant ninja turtles..and Vignesh's (college) face. HAHA. Not forgetting the combined effort between me and June to draw the twelve zodiac signs!!

As boring as it may sound, taking blood pressure allows me to meet new students everyday! Some kids are just plain naughty alright! Some are scary. Some are...funny. real funny. *laughs

Reached home at 6pm..took a short nap till 7.40pm. Ate dinner, and slept at 8pm. zzz. was very very tired. Have been sleeping for less than 5 hours each night for the past 4 days..

Shall help out at hui shan's pet clinic for the remaining days.. 15 days left. Wonders what awaits me in the near future. lol

amingo adios!

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