Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Personal Statement to be submitted

Experiences with animals

My desire to help and protect the animals started with personal experiences which involve learning to care for my own pets (including a dog, rabbits, hamsters, a budgie, ornamental fish and koi fish). As I learned to be more competent in handling certain animals, I start pet-sit my friends’ pets when they went abroad on holidays. Moreover, I would often monitor my neighbours’ pets (such as the rabbit) before, during and after the process of giving birth. This is so that I can help observe the rabbit’s health and then give advices to the owner such as not changing its eating habits or environment during the first few weeks after giving birth.

In order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge in the field of animal care and the different behaviors they exhibit, as well as the public’s attitude towards keeping pets in homes, I volunteered at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). During my years of service with the SPCA, duties like cleaning up cages and feeding the animals regularly have not only become a second nature, but most importantly, they increased my understanding with them as well as their eating habits tremendously. Moreover, I learned more valuable lessons such as dealing with nasty pet owners who ill-treat their pets, including irresponsible individuals who abandon their pets as though they are toys. My eagerness to expand my knowledge and increase my animal experience motivated me to volunteer at the Singapore Kennel Convention 2005. Throughout the time I spent there, I took advantage of the opportunities to gain maximum exposure and interact with the many breeds of dogs.

To further widen my horizon in the veterinary profession, I opted to work in a veterinary clinic during my school vacations. In the clinic, I learnt to deal with animals with different illnesses/diseases and various injuries. With specific instructions from the veterinarian, I acquired invaluable skills on how to provide the necessary care for the ill animals. My job scope involves the caring of the chinchillas, rabbits, dogs and cats. Throughout my time in the clinic, I was also taught to compromise or deal with demanding pet owners.

Why I want to become a veterinarian

The experiences I have had with the animals throughout the years have consistently reaffirmed my passion and commitment for the good and welfare of them as well as my ambition to become a veterinarian. My belief in becoming an accomplished veterinarian has certainly been strengthened through work experiences in a veterinary clinic as well as the volunteer work with SPCA. I learned to appreciate and understand the challenging and diversified role that veterinarians satisfy, and thus look forward the challenges that await me. Lastly, I believe a career that involves my passion for animal wellness as well as interpersonal interaction will be highly gratifying.

Why I chose Murdoch University as my preferred school

Murdoch University, with state-of-the-art learning facilities, will provide me with greater confidence and vigor in pursuing my degree in Veterinary Medical and Surgery. The dedicated and committed academic tutors will allow me to maximize my learning capabilities, so that I too can be part of the advancing veterinary medical knowledge. In addition, I believe that the animal farm in the campus will make veterinary studies and practices to be done competently. I look forward to a rewarding experience in the Murdoch University campus.

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