Friday, March 02, 2007

Release of A level RESULTS! 2nd mar 07

Oh dear!! never felt so reluctant to leave house for school, each footstep seems heavier as I trod on. Today was sunny..and good la. As I was telling Ms Oh (my CT) the night before that today will be 雨過天晴, cos it has been raining for the past 2 days!!

Then my conversation with Mr Tan (the chem chicky noob) always revolves around this word ---> 發. Or to pronounce it: HUAT. Good what, HUAT during new year, den HUAT during A lvls too. hmm. I told him I'd HUAT today, LOLS. Then I purposely wore red, to signify prosperity. hahaha. If I seemed too superstitious, well, for the sake of A lvls, WHY NOT. haha.

Huat la huat la huat la.

Had sleepless nights throughout the week, I bet the teachers are more anxious than us. Mr Tan was awaken by some noobies in the middle of the night, no wonder he came online after 12 midnight...haha. Ms Oh also..I think she went asking everyone about As in her msn contacts la! lol! what a miserable night. misery loves company; how true.

okay..I queued up for my results..paid for that lame $51.40, and flipped over my result slip.
Mathematics - A
Physics - B
Chemistry - A

okay, then I hugged ms oh on the spot!

Rather satisfied with my results..although no straight As..but I could apply for Veterinary Science now! Shall go down IDP apply tomorrow.. =)

Finally, I passed the A levels hurdle! I shall become a Vet!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hereby express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
Ms Marlene Oh (CT and bio tutor)
Mr Tan BP (chem noob cum joker)
Mr Chua PT (maths)
Mr Loh SB (physics craze)
Mr Siraj (funny GP tutor)

Special thanks to the chem noob who is always available on phone or msn for us! he's really a great tutor. we all owe it to him.

hmm, although I dropped bio in May last year, but I still think ms oh is a very committed tutor, hope you don't miss us too much! haha.

Not forgetting all those whom I studied with before As!!

Cya! =))))

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