Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where's the smile.

fMonth of March passes by so quickly that tomorrow will be the last day for the month. Then some people will start playing the April fool joke. mm. These days, weeks and months have been tough. I find it tough. and I realised I can't seem to find anything to celebrate over or to be happy about. Plus the many rainy afternoons, which often made the day seemed so dark & gloomy and overwhelmed by the sound from the falling rain drops. But I guessed that is indeed a beautiful picture painted. Don't know what to confess here. Too many things that I will not write it down, but life feels like a struggle to me.

To top it up, Jieting and May counted that I've 16 strands of white hair (minus one that jieting plucked it off equals 15). That is doubly depressing after I realised I lost 3kg over the past month.

Every month seems a challenge to me. There's bound to have something on that bugs me 24/7. I have to get over the month of April, this concerns my future. "I hate to worry, and I know worrying will not help at all. But I can't help but worry!" Quite a few friends around me are going through difficult times, though on different circumstances but here's my sincere best wishes for everyone. cheers. '-'

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