Saturday, August 23, 2008


GOLD is the word. It is the word worshipped by every single one of us in the active unit. I'm now a true believer of certain things which can be done, but of course, with much discipline, determination and perserverance. Finally, I upgraded from a Silver (despised) to a GOLD (holy). Something which I'd never dream of getting it! Took me 3 months, started from scratch after trip to South Africa which added a few unwanted kilos and a chubbier me then. <-- what the hell. but it's true.

It's shit after not exercising for 4 weeks.

But I'm really glad to have achieved it.

20th Aug. It was the last weekday-ed IPPT. First I broke my own personal best of standing broad jump, from previous 255 to 258. woo hoo. Next..shuttle run, chin up and sit up are definitely not my stations of concern. Like kind of easy for me. It's the 2.4km run which bothered me for like 14 months into my army life. It was always around 10.30. Like a "wtf" timing.

On that very day I ran a 9.19 min. It's a freaking ippt GOLD. Under 9.44min that is. It takes two hands to clap. It takes discipline and self-belief to reach for that goal. That morning changed my belief totally.

I loved all my specs. Now I see what's peer pressure. When 11 out of 14 of em has an ippt GOLD tag on the sleeves, you see no reason why you shouldn't be getting it too. ;)

Now I believe pigs can fly.

"If you know what it takes to achieve that goal, go all out." - ck loh

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