Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reservice? lol!

woo hoo! or rather.. duh. haha! damn.. hoildays' only 3 weeks and 2 weeks are used up for my camps! CAMPS!! Oh my god. wahahaha.. so what's your definition of the term 'Hoilday' ? Well, it's all up you ya, isn't it. ;)

Oh yes, before i forget, this 2 weeks of camps really sound like a re-service for NS men, lol! Read before for further details, hope it doesn't bore you down, hahaha

Okay here it goes, my schedule for my 're-service':

It all starts on 10 June.. man, i'm gonna hate the number 10 !

10 ~ St john's advanced nco camp at bedok (so far -.- lol)

11 ~ St john's advanced nco camp (leaving at night so tt I can prepare for my next camp on 12th)

12 ~ PJ's LDP camp (at lim chu kang, yay, lck! my initials! hahaha)

13 ~ PJ's LDP camp

14 ~ PJ's LDP camp

15 ~ PJ's LDP camp

16 ~ Duh, I am back at home guys. -_- zzzZ

17 ~ St john's officers' camp at bedok (damn, I'm gone again, and it's at bedok again!! -.- )

18 ~ St john's officers' camp

19 ~ St john's officers' camp

20 ~ St john's officers' camp

21 ~ I AM BACK! *Marks the end of my reservice (Loves no. 21, wahaha)

22 ~ Maths lessons back in school... o.o

Well, guys, that's pretty a tight schedule, lol, will be rather toasted when I come back I guessed, lol.. see you guys on 27june when everyone returns to SCHOOL, YAY, I LOVE SCHOOL. n.n

Take care and drink more water, it's hot. and I know I'm hot. =x

So long guys!

Sunday, June 05, 2005