Thursday, November 19, 2009


"We never quite get over the sorrow caused by losing those loved; we only learn to live with it and to live despite it; which makes living a richer thing. That is sorrow's gift."
- Applying Philosophy to Life, A.C Grayling.

I'm still living in denial. It might be easy for people to say accept it and move on. I say that to myself everyday but now and then sometimes I really hoped it was just a bad joke.

There're just too many things left undone, and life; how do you live life to the fullest? What's your definition of fullest? You left when we're just starting to realise what life is. I know you didn't want to, but God took you away.

I would wonder, what if I didn't live past tomorrow? What if I'm just gone like that. There're just too many things left unaccomplished.

For some reason, I always imagined how the parents themselves would have to handle all these. Imagine returning home and knowing your boy will never step into his own room ever again. The smell of the room, the messy corners of the room, the wardrobe of clothes..and just everything. They literally hanged there. It's like saying time stops at that instance. As harsh as it might be, we all know nothing will bring back what's already gone.

Every night I kept returning to pop by his facebk, hoping it wasn't true. Every day there're friends who wrote paragraphs of condolences to him and his family. But we all know he's not going to read it, his account will stay as how it is from that instance onwards. I don't know what to do. How am I going to accept it, I know I have to, but it's not working. It's as good as saying I have my friend on facebk but he's passed on. How do I explain how I'm feeling? Am I going to still see that last photo of him 20 years from now? or 30 years from now when my hair starts greying, already having a few kids and planning for retirement? I can't imagine that day coming, that when all of us grow old and change, but he's still there, looking the same.

Life is never about yourself, it's about the people around you. Because when they're gone, a part of you leaves with them. Life is really full of surprises, but at the same time, confusing. Sometimes it may seem that life promises you a bright future, but the matter of fact is, life doesn't promise you anything at all. So the next time when you think life is unfair to you, it is not. I think about my friends who have already left me and I tell myself - life is wonderful. I'm here and doing what I like.

"cherish every moment in life as if it's your last, appreciate and express how much you love the ones around you, for there's never always a second chance." - c.k. loh

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


People come and go. We keep making friends and too, in the same instance, losing them. For some, we'll never have another chance to talk again. When reality hits us hard, the hardest is to accept.


Truth. We all know it's the truth. But then we again, we still constantly question ourselves every now and then. Time doesn't allow us to turn back. Every second as I'm writing, as I spoke and as I listened, is gone without a trace.


To my dear friend who worked and fought hard to chase his dream, deepest condolences to your parents and immediate family.
9 years since I knew you as a boy,
the fun and laughter we had together.
remember the times we met in Perth when you were here for your training,
then was the last time we ever had a warm handshake,
and asking a simple "how are you doing?"
A simple smile, knowing your good old friend is doing good.

you may have moved on,
but the memories will last an entire lifetime.
I'll pray for you.
Goodbye my friend.

Rest in peace.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

missing you.

really feeling it these few days. I miss my sister. Not that I don't miss her at all but sometimes reality hits me hard, one night when I was staring into the darkness outside of my window. 14 years since I've been away from her. I never understand how it feels or experience how is it like to go school together with your sister. It is really not about being in the same school or not, it doesn't matter; but I wasn't given the chance to bring her to school.

I recently saw on facebk with that social interview thing my sis did.

The question was "If you were given a chance to go back to the age you want, what would it be?"

She answered "4? So I can stay with my brother always, without any troubles. Totally in our own world."

It doesn't help with how I'm feeling right now.

All these years I never knew how it was like to stay with your own sister; growing up, going to school, shopping, eat or play together. I reflect upon my life for over the past decade and yes that is what it is. We led our own individual lives and thus far we have went.

So people always say we shouldn't harp on the past, and must embrace the future with open arms. But aside to that, I'm pretty lost.

"I can't change the past, I can't change how I'm feeling - But I can change what I want to do about it, I can build on the future." - c.k. loh

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chapter 6.2 - Dreams; embrace tomorrow and cherish today.

“…daydreams, as it were ... I look out the window sometimes to seek the color of the shadows and the different greens in the trees, but when I get ready to paint I just close my eyes and imagine a scene.”
- ‘Grandma’ Moses

Talk about dreams. Many embrace the promises of tomorrow, too few celebrate the joy of today.

Someone asked if I'm excited about next year. I said I'm not.

People come and go. You make friends, and make new friends. You gain some, and lose some together.

I asked myself, 'is this the beauty of life?'

I closed my eyes. And this is what I saw.

Friday, November 06, 2009

run away.

Can do the same? I want to dive, deep down into the waters. I want to run away; I want to escape.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 6.1 - When letting go is receiving

Paid a visit to the RSPCA before my midsems and figured he's my favourite dog over there! hahaa. Handsome boy.

Took this picture behind my school. Was plucking plants (pastures) for one of my assignment, where we have to learn almost everything about soils and the different pastures. It's madness. Never have I ever wondered the dirt I trample on and the green I played a soccer ball on, makes me piss my pants for exam.

The building there is actually the old folks' estate beside my school, like a whole estate built specially for old folks to live together. The suburb around my school is quiet in the day, and nothing moves after hours (this is where all old folks stay!). Hah. Peaceful (:

Standing on the same spot, photograph taken at about 5pm in spring. Simply lovely. :)

Rugby post.


Decided to go have a check on something under my foot. Been going on for 2 months and now that I can't walk properly I figured I better have it checked!

Afterhours GP.. very very dodgy clinic beside the hospital.

Haha. That window there is the reception! so old school! and I paid $85 for consultation.

Yeah, after hours.

This is one of the sunday evenings when I was walking back to my room from the vet study study. too much info, too little time.


Let me introduce.. he's CHARLIE.!! Caught him outside my flat yesterday. The shingleback, blue-tongued or the Bobtail they call it here. Native species and I will not be allowed to keep it for long. Pretty amazing boy.

I've this interest such exotic species. Planning to do my independent research and study next year on them. Will make a special request to the vet school to allow me to go into exotic species!

I left Charlie beside my bed, right beside my pillow last night, oh what a pretty boy. :D Wildlife is is truly breathtaking. Can I get any closer to wildlife? Yes I can. more more!!


I'll be taking part in the RAT race next month, first time which is held in Perth. Will be racing for Oxfam, a global poverty organisation. I can't wait for it. It's held over 2 days, including street races on foot, bike and kayaks, absailing and overcoming obstacles. It's like an amazing race I'd put it. A team of 3 and here we go!

My team's Team L'mighty, and fundraising prior to the race is crucial!! Here's our website for donation: Everyone makes a difference! Be it $2 to $10, every bit counts. Our target is $800. If you can make a difference towards global poverty and injustice, why not?

This is my personal fundraising page:

I'll soon post our team photo up! Fundraising ends before my race on the 7-8th november, so I'd really appreciate if you can help!

Yup that's all for now. and it's SUMMERRRRRR. !!! 32deg now for a start. =O

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chapter 6 - Marching into spring with twenty-first birthday

Three days before my 21st, they struck. This is what friends are for. hahah. They knew my parents will be here in perth on the 28th. So they gave me a huge surprise on the 27th. Had a lil party in my flat, a surprise party in fact. Drank a couple bottles of beer. and then got thrown into the pool, on a winter night. It was 9 degrees then and I swear nobody would want to be anywhere near the pool.

Then on the morning of the faithful day, my birthday. Charmaine and her mom came over to my campus and passed me some food and sang me a sweet birthday song! The best part of the whole thing was the 'kong ba bao'. my goodness. her mom made it herself, and it was the best thing I've ever tasted since I came over to perth. Simply loved it. =) Appreciated it!

Then at about noon time, parents and bro came over. With a cake and presents. Had this cookbook from weiming. He passed it to my parents in singapore so they could bring it over. (: yup. Now I've a few recipes to follow.

- choco cake.

Went to spend my entire day at Caversham wildlife park.!

Then on a roadtrip, down south. and back up north to The Pinnacles! The Pinnacles is the desert area up north. It was pretty amazing. Spent 4 days on a roadtrip. It was very tiring but now I'm beginning to appreciate the outbacks of Western Australia. I love the farms and vineyards along the way. I love the way the weather is. I love the little suburbs away from perth city. They seemed so peaceful. Tranquility is all I seek.

On their last day in perth, I brought them around the city to different places. Tried the famous dim sum restaurant..had a few bites here and there. Went to a couple of shopping centres. We had dinner together every night and I'd never in my life forget the days when they came over for my 21st. It wasn't a planned trip. I only heard from my dad that they're coming to perth two weeks before my birthday and poof! here they come. Yup and a week is all we have in perth.

Then on the night they were supposed to leave for home, we had a last dinner together at a chinese restaurant before they dropped me off at my campus. That was about 9pm and off they go. It was a midnight flight. Although I only had their company for 7 days, but the memories left behind for me will last me a lifetime. Personally I would rather them save up the money and not come over to perth but all that done, I'm truly touched and and how I feel is beyond words.


So here comes spring with crazy winds and rain everyday. I never fail to not get caught in the rain every morning I step out of my flat and headed for classes. Winds are getting crazier and it just amuses me to see the umbrella of the girl in front of me get wrecked as soon as we suffer the full onslaught of head winds. School's back to how it was before the study break and workload's simply piling up.

Sometimes I look at my friends and I admire them for having their family here and so they would return to a place call home after classes. One returns to a home knowing that dinner will be ready in a while, clothes can be left in the washing machine and gets washed somehow by the weekend, a quiet and peaceful night to study. You can be half awake and still walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water withoutu tripping over any furniture. You know you're safe because mom and dad is around. You know it's home because you hear the usual television program that is on air. You know it's home because you can smell it. You know it's home because you see your loved ones.

I never once realise how I should have cherish the place I call home, back then. Not many can understand what I'm blabbering about for the fact that I never did. Till today I can only reassure myself all that I'm going through now is for the future.

This brings me to another point. If given a second chance, I'd want to treat my parents and grandma better (not that I've been rude and ill treating them!). There was a night when it suddenly dawn upon me that when I was still a baby and I shitted in my diapers, who were the ones who cleaned me up? When my diaper was soaked with urine at the end of the day, who were the ones who changed a clean diaper for me, and wash the soiled one? When I cried, who carried and rocked me to sleep? When I learned to walk and fell, who was the first to rush to pick me up and dust away the sand and dirt off my hands? When I climbed the stairs, who was the one who encouraged me to finish the flight of stairs? Who taught me my first timetable of math? And when I kept asking 'Why?", I don't remember anyone who ignored me.

I look at my brother and thought, when we were young our parents gave us everything they could. We were inquisitive and wanted to poke our noses into everything we see. We wanted to touch and ask "what is this?". I can't emphasize how important these lessons are in life, that when we grow older and start to have a life of our own. It's about time, to give back. When parents grow old they start to give up many things in life, because they believe their sacrifices are definitely worth for the sake of the kids.
One day when I was still in singapore, in the car with dad. He told me how he gave up certain dreams in life, because he said when one settles down and start a family, one will slowly learn to let go and make sacrifices. Everyone has dreams. When you were young, remember you said you wanted to be pilot, policeman, teacher, sportsman...scientist..?

I can't express in words the immense amount of sacrifices from them till this date. Yes I want to be a veterinarian, I want to have a family and settle down, I want to travel the world and get involved in animal rescue missions, I want to travel and give lectures and talks. I have a plan for my future. You have your plan. But before all these, shouldn't we take a step back and think about the future of our parents? Others before self; too big a word for me. Parents before self; certainly.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 5.5 - August fades away; winter ends.

August comes to an end. Winter's almost over. Here comes spring. Nights are still as cold as ever, winds still haven't got over their craze. Four days ago my dad told me they're coming to visit me in Perth. When? 27 Aug. Little did I realised it's next thursday. Okay, what a random decision. Guessed they'll be here for a week. Dad says this is his get away from work. Well, he should wind down. Really wasn't expecting that. I think they're here to celebrate my birthday for me. Possibly. I don't usually treat birthdays seriously so I guess it's a bonus for me this year then. Appreciated.

And so, 29 aug. I remember two years ago, I started off my 28km graduation road march on the 28 aug. We marched through the night, and I've my army mates wishing me happy birthday after midnight. Reached back camp at about 4.30am for graduation ceremony. What a way to spend my birthday then. I thought it was interesting though, and that which still remains in my memory proves a point.

Three weeks since I came back. I'm having serious sleep disorder. I believed something isn't too right about me at the moment. For a week or two, I haven't slept more than 4 hours everyday. It's accumulative fatigue if you'd put it. But again, I don't feel tired everyday even if I end late in school. (falling asleep in lecture isn't counted.) Yesterday had a full day and went for almost a 2 hour soccer session. Those crazy guys, they didn't have half time! Came back yet I'm still wide awake till past 1am. Laid in bed since half past nine till past eleven. It can be pretty torturing to not sleep when you want to. Thousands of thoughts flashed past my mind while in bed, staring into the immense darkness. I ask myself questions and answer them on my own. With my ipod plucked in, this often goes on for hours.

Called ah ma a few days back. Found out she wasn't feeling well. No wonder she never skype with me. Again, no one told me until I find out myself. Seriously. If again I'm the last to find out anything serious, trust me to fly back singapore in the next couple of hours.

Had my farm practicals with pigs last week. Had to be in overalls and gum boots. Learned to move pigs from A to B, weighing them, restraining them for drawing blood and checkup, gauging their well-being and health, giving antibiotics. Learned possibly alot in the short three hours. Had a good scrub on my hands and boots before I left in view of biosecurity reasons. Covered in dirt and shit and urine. Hands smelt of pig shit for the entire night. But I still enjoyed my dinner, haha! This job isn't for the weak hearted man. Go in, get dirty and get the job done. I simply love what I do. (:

This is the life I look forward to. Away from the hustle of the city and business districts. Into the woods and greeneries.

At the moment, there's just so much to do, and consider. Bits and pieces, going in every directions. I feel so ripped apart. But for sure, I'll survive this tough patch. What doesn't kill, makes you stronger. I held on to this.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter 5.4 - Be a man; letting it go.

Two weeks into the second semester of the year, and two weeks since I came back to Perth. Within the two weeks I've learned a very valuable skill in life; about letting things go, giving certain entities up. Yes, be a man, and let it go. If you think it's painful to not have something you yearn for, it's agonizing to not know how to let go of what you already have.

I wouldn't say it's exactly terrible. It's just wretched. Yes I can't put into words how I must have felt during many of the nights. I just ponder over it, again and again. I can't seem to get it off my chest, or mind for the matter of fact. When can I get to see my loved ones again. ah ma's not getting any younger, already seventy-nine years of age. Then I felt so helpless when I can't even help my own sister through her O levels. Everyone knows the Os or any school leaving examinations are the most stressful part of the teenager's life. She told me she's having trouble with maths, physics and chemistry. I'm utterly disappointed in myself. I traded in so much, for what I want to achieve. Selfish? Just maybe.

Everyday I look at my wardrobe, seeing the same clothes and a couple of shoes. I stare at my bookshelf but the number of books and notes just kept increasing. I tell myself this is all I have, I don't think I've anything that is important to me back at home in singapore, anymore. These are sufficient to see me through years, just enough for me to bring myself through. Letting go; I've learnt. Learn to give up your own possessions may just make you a happier man. Life isn't always about chasing and grabbing hold of this and that, it's also about letting go. Let go of your past, let go of it. Dump away those emotions within, and look forward, keep the big picture in mind.

Meeting and parting are part and parcel of life. When it's time to part, don't cry. Many a time we cry because we still hold on to what's dear to us. It's never an easy task to tell yourself otherwise. I'm thankful to have you, my soulmate, to walk through difficult times. Entertaining my nonsense during wee hours in the morning at four o'clock isn't something anyone can do. (:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Chapter 5.3 - The future that flashed past.

Already been a week since I came back. Started school, attended lectures, lab sessions and farm practicals. Feels like nothing's changed ever since I went back to singapore for a couple of weeks. Other than a few new faces in school, the lecture theatres feels the same, smells the same. The air here tasted no difference, except a lil colder this time. Perhaps towards the dry side.

This semester seemed tough. I'm getting all of it in the first week already. 2 lab sessions, and a farm practical every week. Three hours each. Add these to the lectures and tutorials for each of the units. Nope this isn't going to be tough, I prefer to see it as a challenge, a challenge to me. And these challenges and obstacles are present before me for me to overcome them. That's their only purpose. For the future I will fight for it, or the future I never will once say I give up. I guess when you know what's worth fighting for, you will go for it. well, to put it in another manner - mind over matter.

My farm practs is kinda crazy. Examinations' on cattle, horse, pigs and sheep handling. Approaching them, bringing them into the shed, walking horses, feeding and stuff like that are all assessed. The amazing part is species identification. Little did I realised the incredible number of different breeds of horses, cattle, pigs and sheeps! Assessement is like me in the horse paddocks alone, with over 20 students and examiners standing outside watching. As one of the lady in the farm mentioned - I'm not going to listen to reasons like oh you can't perform when everyone's watching you if you fail the exams. When you guys graduate as vets, you will be always dealing with customers and you're not going to be alone with the owner's cattle, everyone's going to watch what you do. You guys better start getting use to it, and don't blame me if anyone of you fail my assessement.

Scary woman. Everyone's so scared of her. Talking to her alone is worse than being with a bull alone in the shed. Lastly..She'd be the one who will test us on identifying 20 different species of plants and herbs! I heard it's tested off the plantation itself.. she'll point at the plant and we've to write down the specie name of the plant, almost immediately.

Her words seemed so harsh, yet impactful. She set me thinking on how a farm vet works. Clinical and farm vets are like two different profession. The way of life is so different. Farm vets not only ensure the well-being and health of the animals, but know the breeding season, suitable types of soil for different grass and thus food and nutrition. When you deal with pigs, there're many biosecurity issues as well, given the currently global pandemic. It's a very very very dirty work. such a vast difference. It's really nothing about the soil and mud and menure. Yes they stink, they smell, it's wet and definitely not the kind of working environment many vets who are used to staying in highrise apartments, will be used to. I'd beg to differ...if you're dirty, you can always clean up at the end of the day. If you truly believe in what you do, where your passion lies, nothing will present itself large enough to stop you from doing it.

As I am still going on and on and on about farm vets, I realised I've an imminent issue ahead. The idea of applying as a PR isn't something I'd look forward to. which means, I wouldn't be able to leave here for the next two years. It's two years. I haven't told many, for I don't see the need to. for me, I believe nothing is certain, things will change. it's always about the 'who knows..?' and the buts and ifs. That's how I am looking at it at the moment.

Life is amazing. Live life to the fullest! Everyday is a gift, count your blessings. Today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chapter 5.2 - Reflection

For everyone to remember...especially when we grow up, working and have our own lives. When parents grow old, never forget how you started off as a baby and a kid. Parents relate to you through blood ties, no matter what, nothing will change that fact. At any point in life when you get frustrated and things don't go well, you can be angry with them for not doing this and that, you get impatient with certain things, think of the clip. It may just be a five-minute clip, the message will last an entire lifetime.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chapter 5.1 - you will, if you see yourself there.

Alright, I've been back in Singapore for about 5 weeks already. Loved the food, suddenly the food all seemed too cheap to believe. Everything else still feels the same, the air smells the same, the same morning rush, same squeeze on the trains and the same feeling of wanting to break sweat even after showering. 2 weeks to that five-hours flight back to Perth.

In 5 weeks I've done possibly more than what I could have done in 5 months. Because for the fact I know time isn't on my side. Life is short. So much happened in these five weeks that made me reaffirm my belief to live life to the maximum potential. No play is too much fun. You'll never know what's going to happen the next day. It's always all about today, this hour, this minute and these seconds as you're reading this. Tomorrow remains a mystery. What I want to say is, if you think you want to do something, do it.

The other day I was having lunch with my mom and her insurance client. She's currently an asst. prof in NUS. What I feel is, she's a woman with very firm self-beliefs and determination. She taught me a few life lessons over a simple lunch. Cut it short, it's "you will, if you see yourself there". You will reach where you see yourself. Dream big, never be afraid to dream.

After so long, I found the answer to my question. I finally see myself 10 years from now. Now I believe I'll achieve it. Perhaps half a decade more, put it 15 years. I'll open my own clinic by age of 30, upon graduation at 27 years old. Yes that's what I want to achieve, now I've a target again. And of course, hopefully by 35 buy my parents a house to settle down and pay for my brother's sch fees. By then he should have just done with O levels. Never really gave a thought to marriage. 32 probably? I guess I'd leave this aside. Love cannot be planned!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chapter 5 - Man's best friend

I dedicate this chapter to Kopi.

A dog is indeed man's best friend.
He might not be everything to me,
But I am everything to him,
His world revolves around me.
I promise to find him a home,
seven months and counting.
I failed in doing so.
I gave him the best I could,
making him most comfortable,
giving him the best food,
giving him the funniest toys,
walking him every night,
talk and training him.

From a jumpy little one,
to now a strong boy.
From peeing in every corner of my house,
to making shit stains on my pants and shirts,
to giving me scratch marks all over me,
to chewing off my shoes,
I never once blame you.

When you're gone,
I can only hold on to memories.
Memories edged in my heart,
shall always stay,
not till the day we part,
but for eternity.

If I could get another chance,
I'd steal one final glance,
one final hug,
one final pat,
and tell you how much I love you.

I can't apologise,
cos' I ain't gonna do it,
nor I knew how to.
Every night I fall asleep,
I know you'd be sleeping outside.
When I dream of you,
I know you'd be on the same dream,
this is all I'd ever dream.
I'd never dream you'd be gone from me.
I'll never be able to turn back time.

You'll be missed.
How I wish you could read this.
- "I love you."


I came back for you.
Now I'm going to hate going back with a heavier heart.
All this shall be left behind,
and a new beginning begins.
Keep me company in my dreams, will you?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chapter 4.5 - Happiness

"for a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. but there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. at last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. this perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. happiness is the way. so treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one." - souza

happiness is a journey, not a destination.

are you happy? can you define your own definition of happiness? 

Never answer those questions, because you hold the key to make every moment a happy one. Indeed, time waits for no one. Cherish every single second in front of you, for every second past never comes back again, and so you'll live a life of no regrets.

Resolution; in pursue, still seeking.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Chapter 4.4 - Managing exams, living the life

First day of June; 2 papers, 1 practical to go. Okay so this is how university works; I should start getting away from the idea papers are like those I did in A levels. The idea is probably still the same - you study for it, answer the questions, and walk out of the examination hall. But something's not the same anymore. When we did our O levels, everyone's aiming to counter the O lvls, and most probably study FOR the exams itself, not studying because we want to, but we need to. The need, is so that you get the minimal points to get enrolled for the JC or the diploma course. That was just the start of shaping the teenager's mind; the paper chase, that is. The whole idea of getting a good paper qualification was probably drilled in our heads as early as we entered secondary school. Unknowingly, most of us walked the path, took the safest way and just had an idea to do the best so that you don't 'screw up' in life. It was the concept of having a degree in future to save anyone's arse.

It gets a little different when I entered the junior college, and A levels was the next higher level after my Os. Now this cert determines your lifepath, kinda. As university cut-off points get more competitive, it's natural for every student to let their life hang by that very string - the A levels. But most still, studied very hard because a decent result probably guaranteed a place in most universities. I studied hard in A lvls, not because I had any form of passion in what I was studying, I was one of those who studied blindly, because I knew the consequences of screwing up in college, and I would have threaded into the path of the unknown. It's like college made you study so hard, yet little skills you can apply in life. However, of course, there're people who already knew what they're aiming for in college, but that's still not the beginning yet. Everyone's still very much stuck in that stressful 2 years, and only having one goal in mind. It doesn't matter if you had dreams or not, alot still depends on that transcript at the end of the day. For some who didn't had an idea of what to do in life, having good results probably already set them up for a good degree in the tertiary level of studies. For others, even dreams were still pretty much alive before receiving the transcript, not having the desired results will set them on a detour to achieving their dreams in life. 

So that was all about education; building and proving those fundamentals. 

In the university, things change, and varies accordingly. I'm not generalizing, and do not quote me on this. Alright since I'm in the field of health science, I'd start with students in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, chiropractic - all that straightforward and direct path to a professional career in future. I mean, if you're doing medicine, you'll be at the very least, a general practitioner. If you're doing dentistry, a dentist. A veterinarian, and of course chiropractic a chiropractor. Specialisation depends on individual. 

Things change, for my case, what's with the constant struggle aiming for straight high distinctions? Will it matter? All I have to do, or rather, is to pass. The whole idea here is to graduate and start working as a professional. For me, these results are not going to show up on my transcript when I apply for a job as a veterinarian, the only thing that will matter in the interview is how you present yourself, and the school you graduate (some employers have a preference for vets from certain schools). It's like, the most important exam is probably my graduating exam, which is really crucial (not saying the other units on dermatology, anatomy, physiology, medicine, toxicology, pharmacology..etc are easy, but minimal is 50% to pass you see). The more important aspect in these career paths is the way we present ourselves to customers, and how we relate in terms of interpersonal relationship. As long as you graduate as a vet and start working, customers are not going to care if you just passed every single of your units at 50% or if you're the top student in the school. Yes, and so you're the veterinarian, and the customer is going to listen to every single word you say. You'll do the surgery, make decisions and prescribe the medicine. No one else is going to do it. So what if you're the top student, it just means you're good in conquering exams, you might not really be a good veterinarian. You can screw up all exams (with minimal decent results at least), have good interpersonal relationships with working colleages, and a good working environment. That's all because the real learning starts when you work, it's impossible for a vet to know everything, literally everything. It's all that experiences and advices from senior vets, the inevitable mistakes you'd make and makes a vet, a vet. 

On the flip side, it's definitely not my nature to be just aiming for a pass in my units which really doesn't reflect well on myself. It's individual expectations. My father spent so much on me to see me through 6 years in vet studies, not for me to screw it up and have fun, aiming for a pass. Of course doing well earns you a good reputation in school, but all these will only matter as long as you're a vet student. I'm still doing well, for the very fact I'm still going to apply for the AVA scholarship after my second year. One of the very reasons I've been losing sleep is really because of my school fees. It bothers me at least 20 hours a day on nights where I simply can't put my mind at ease. 

Yes, back to the point. I will do well, but there has got to be time for play. I'm not doing my A lvls now, it's not a make it or die situation. International students (or tertiary students) here spend so much on the degree, the school will never fail anyone just because he/she had a 45% overall. There're sub papers..etc which can be done to save the semester. There comes a point like my friend in 4th year of vet, where everyone is just aiming for a pass. Practically the whole class fails and getting a credit (60%) can be regarded as really good. Things like equine medicine, anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging, animal diseases, pathology, dentistry, surgical procedures for tonnes of different reasons, etc etc - the never-ending lectures plus close to 30 contact hours a week including clinical rotations in the farm and veterinary hospital. It seems impossible to squeeze that much of stuff into those little brains. 

But yes, aim high, for you'll still be safe even if you fall. Live the life. There's a time for study, and a time for play. Study hard, player harder. Never think of lecture notes when playing! You will only be going through this once, enjoy the process and live the life of no regrets. There's always a glimmer of hope in times of despair. Make life your playground, and everyone else's. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

RSPCA million paws walk 2009

Just before I head straight into full gear for the upcoming exams, here are some photos to share from RSPCA's million paws walk. Awesome.


I'm loving what I do. RSPCA volunteer!


Identity card for the event..


Busy day in South Perth.




delicious sausages.


awww.! sweet.


*why isn't it coming down?




hahaa! love this.


Isn't he handsome?


Travis working Murdoch vet school's free vet advice.


siberian husky!


Alex loves the dane.


gentle, massive irish wolfhound.


more Irish Wolfhounds. They are really lovely.


They brighten up my life.


english dogs! cool aye.


I could spend rest of life with them.


young saint bernard. whahaa. :)


fancy an ice cream on a hot day?


yes we do!


again, the sky gives everyone a reason to smile.


got our face pawed..


YES, we enjoyed our day!

That's all. Looking forward for more related events!