Monday, December 29, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know, that a Blue Whale's arteries are large enough for a human to swim through? simply amazing.

and that a Blue Whale's song is as loud as a space rocket. and I never lied about such!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


A city of northwest Morocco, North Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean south-southwest of Tangier. Founded by the Portuguese in the 16th century, it became a center of French influence in Africa after 1907. It is now Morocco's largest city. Population: 2,930,000.

Friday, November 21, 2008


82 days left and counting.. minus the definite month of january spent in NZ, I'm left with those puny number of days which I cannot bring myself to stomach. Reality hits me again, even harder. I'm afraid of the day when I've to say ""...明天我要离...开..", I'm scared of this day.

and here's 张震岳's "再见". (part of it)






我怕我没有机会 跟你说一声再见 -- "你"可以指的是人物或地方, 真的很怕我会忘了跟某人说再见还是到我想去的地方多看最后一面.

明天我要离开这 熟悉的地方...明天这一切将会属于过去...明天会是个全新的开始. 我再也不会看见熟悉的蔡厝港和我待了八年的KSS - KSJ. 不知一这样走下去会走多远, 才能让我有机会回返我熟悉的家乡, 让我于我婆婆, 家人, 还有那些和我度过这些年的好朋友相见. 这"明天"...嗨...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

saw this on net. so cool! and I know plaza sing sells this :P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

wow. impressive combi.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And so, I was on on a wednesday night. Was browsing through until something caught my eye. It was this! :::

It had to be Tai Chong Kok Confectionery hue kee! the TAU SA PIA.

But hang on. now I don't quite understand this. :: look.

So.. chinatown or bukit merah ?!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I realised I uploaded only half of 小情歌 ! now I've got the full one up.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Night's out for the army boys!

It was a funny night's out.

9.45pm - Left home from yck. Next, I got lost in Serangoon in a super duper fuper heavy storm while trying to search for gabriel's lorong chuan road. Road signs and directions were blurred by the rain, roads were slippery, traffic was relatively light.

10.15pm - Found "The Springbloom" after passing NY JC. damn irritating place. serangoon gardens road was neither too far, nor anywhere exactly near his place!

10.18pm - Left for Khatib station to pick up Roy. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong here. Took a left turn after exiting SpringBloom (which was obviously a fatal mistake) and up the CTE we go, next we tried going to PIE, but ended up on Lornie road, and every second on the road was fk. Lornie's this LONGGG road with no possible chance to make an early exit. Went back CTE, and back to where we started. AMK ave 6.

10.30pm - on CTE.

me : "hey what's with the traffic jam! sian. #$%^&&* (as usual, a few vulgarities were involuntaraily mentioned)

10.50pm - On AMK rd, after exiting CTE.

Gabriel : "ah yes, this is my di pan. I know how to go now. confirm. See, on your right is my house."

me : "huh. really meh. you sure anot. Just now you also say this is your di pan, but @#$%&* LORNIE RD!"

Gabriel : "Don't worry, I know this place. Yes yes, keep going straight, I think turn right at AMK ave 6. ah confirm. I always go khabit camp by this way. confirm plus chop!"

me : "ok I trust you this time. fk if we end up on lornie again, I will kill you. and Roy's going to fk all of us. He's been there for 45 minutes already. and we promised him we'll reach in 15min just now. I bet he's so pissed now."

Gabriel : *laughs out loud " okok, I'll let him know we will be reaching in 15min now."

11.oopm - on Lentor Ave.

Gabriel : "I only know until AMK ave 6. the rest I not sure."

me : "ok, here I know liao."

Gabriel : "ok good good. gogo"

11.05pm - Reach khatib station. *Roy's pissed.

me : "I'm so sorry. I am, really."

roy : *shagged face from waiting 50min "ah don't bother, it's ok, it's ok now."

gabriel : "It's all my fault. ya my fault, we .....%#$@^$#^"

me : "ya la, he !@$@%#^&$@."

me and gabriel : "you @#$%^, er @$%#$^#$, what the #@%^^#"

11.08pm - Heads for prawning pond.

11.15pm - Arden gave me the wrong turn. Ended up on some "End-Road. State Land". This super ulu lane which I was forced to make a 5-point turn out."

me and arden on phone : "eh you give me the wrong turn la you #$@%. are you on that ulu street. Yes I am. ok do you see .@%#$^7 . NO. never mind, tell me which turn, is it that AVA animal station that entrance. yes yes. AH @%$#%^ you."

11.20pm - Reaches prawning farm. *sheess.. still drizzling quite heavily.

11.30pm - Stands around. wondering how people prawn with the rain.

11.35pm - *after some discussion.

11.45pm - Heads for newton circus. Newton food centre.

12.10am - Hits NEWTON FOOD CENTRE. regretted for not bringing a camera. Shall spare the details on food. haha

1.40am - Heads to labrador for some undisclosed reasons. wahahaa. but it is still raining. and it turned into a storm after we went out of the car. And we got stranded for a good half an hour before running like 6 retards, in ankle deep waters, back to the car. <-- I bet this is the highlight of the night. (if we had video-ed this down, it'd be the top 10 hits for MTV asia.)

2.24am - Sent wl, roy and gabriel home.

3.28am - Reach home. *still raining. zzz.

3.34am - Stepped in the house. *rain stops almost instantly.

5.30am - Turned in after watching champs league...

I'll be planning for the next. and I assure it'll be a good one. no more wrong turns and flops.

and yeah, sorry for no pictures.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tomorrow's 25th Sept. The day I officially declare I now live in Seletar Hill, no more pasir ris. Yes I'll be moving house (direct translation from 搬家?), but heck. It's a very alien place, a right turn out I see ang mo kio ave, further down I see buangkok-hougang. A left turn I'm at yio chu kang rd.

Time to familiarise. I've been at both west and the east. heading NORTH this time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

...a year ago when our hair were still perfectly trimmed. no, shaved.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yes. I experienced technical difficulties in facebook.
Wondering what's with the FAIL..and a chicken all tied up. huh?!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I've to thank Lishen for writing this note down! Quite an old song from SHE. But heck. The lyrcis are meaningful. Here's part of it which he extracted. and I think I've gotta share it.


Friday, August 29, 2008

I GOOGLE EARTH-ED Australia, then into Perth, then to Murdoch Dr, and then South Street (which is in murdoch university) for an hour and found this amazing, incredible street map! As I tried to navigate my way through to the student village, I was awed by this...FARM on the left of the road!! oh my god. I actually came across the farm?! Much to my surprise, I wasn't expecting myself to see the farm at all! but wow. This is awesome.

On South Street.

Some directions.

Decided to make a right turn after looking at the overview of the campus map. And spotted some greenery in front.

Oh my god. Cattle? Horses? wow. It's really daaaaaa FARM.


Wow this is huge!

Continued walking...

A sign saying "Hump ahead".

Passed the hump, now..more in front!

whoa. awesome.

Let's go further up.

Looking back behind me.

All the way in!

Now where should I go?

So this is Campus Drive..with a round-a-bout.

Guessed further in would be the student village where the dorms are!
Latest report suggests that the ice cap at North Pole is melting faster than ever, which could result in no ice at all in the Artic Ocean by 2030 summer. Used to be 2050 but given the direction we're heading towards, we've just shorten the life of the Artic by 20 years.

Guys, we can help fight global warming. You will make the difference. Start from the simplest thing, walk (if possible) instead of a bus and bus instead of a car.

It's would really be a pity to have the Artic totally vanished from the surface of this earth we're standing on.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today I celebrated my birthday with my ah ma. she very funny, like bought me a cake and cooked some sumptuous dinner. Very heartland and home-cooked. haha, like what I always had during schooling days. But today was better.

She called me 2 days ago to make sure I'll be home today for dinner so she could prepare in advance. Then today she came into my room and wanted to give me something cos she said this is gonna be the last birthday I'll be celebrating with her. and also the last birthday she'll see me in person. (Like I'm leaving next feb to perth for my vet studies). I rejected it and told her she can always give it to me another other year when I'm back to visit her. But she insisted..and told me she might not be around anymore when I come back next year..or the year after..and so on. 6 years in all for my study.

(tried to say something but couldn't bring myself to)

12 years is how long I've been living under the same roof with her. yes, same address all along. She saw me through primary school, secondary school, junior college, and now about to see me through my national service. During my primary school days, I've always been proud to say that I want to be a veterinarian in the future. I said the same thing to her 4 years after I got my PSLE certification. Now that when I am finally being presented with the opportunity, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I'd need to leave for 6 years.

At that moment I was reading my book on "The Last Lecture", (about a professor who gave his/a last lecture before he left us after a few months' battle with a pancreatic cancer.) I was still trying to finish up a chapter when I realised my mind wasn't with the book anymore, after which I slapped the book in between my hands, and placed it down.

Reality really hits people hard at times. and it gets painful. It's actually something that doesn't make much noise but in fact the most hurtful. I'm counting my months left, thinking every now and then, every night over very simple and mundane issues yet doesn't seemed so when I know I am losing them. 4 months left and counting...

I wished I hadn't need to leave my homeland. It isn't something to get excited over. I know I am not, at all.

Today's the day I will remember for life. A day which will be etched in my memories..

[to ah ma: I'll prove that I'm worth that degree for the next couple of years. I will still want you to attend my graduation!]
*writing this down so that I can look back in futre to remind myself.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


GOLD is the word. It is the word worshipped by every single one of us in the active unit. I'm now a true believer of certain things which can be done, but of course, with much discipline, determination and perserverance. Finally, I upgraded from a Silver (despised) to a GOLD (holy). Something which I'd never dream of getting it! Took me 3 months, started from scratch after trip to South Africa which added a few unwanted kilos and a chubbier me then. <-- what the hell. but it's true.

It's shit after not exercising for 4 weeks.

But I'm really glad to have achieved it.

20th Aug. It was the last weekday-ed IPPT. First I broke my own personal best of standing broad jump, from previous 255 to 258. woo hoo. Next..shuttle run, chin up and sit up are definitely not my stations of concern. Like kind of easy for me. It's the 2.4km run which bothered me for like 14 months into my army life. It was always around 10.30. Like a "wtf" timing.

On that very day I ran a 9.19 min. It's a freaking ippt GOLD. Under 9.44min that is. It takes two hands to clap. It takes discipline and self-belief to reach for that goal. That morning changed my belief totally.

I loved all my specs. Now I see what's peer pressure. When 11 out of 14 of em has an ippt GOLD tag on the sleeves, you see no reason why you shouldn't be getting it too. ;)

Now I believe pigs can fly.

"If you know what it takes to achieve that goal, go all out." - ck loh

Saturday, August 16, 2008


只让我对你的思念越来越浓. . .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mud. Real Muddy.

Went kaki bukit with my friend to get something after lunch. Afterwhich we got of kaki bukit, went to paya lebar and onto PIE. Didn't know where we heading in that dumb car of his and then finally we ended up at holland village.

Went to coffee club to get something and I got this,

I swear it was so frigging huge that I'll never ever eat this again! It's called the Muddy Mud Pie. oh my god. But it was good as well. =P yumm.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Chronicles of Narhia - The Last Word

Thanks to "The Chronicles of Narhia" produced recently, readers have been waiting anxiously for the third part. Now here comes the third part (finally completed). First it was "The Chronicles of Narhia - The Infectant's Friend", then came "The Chronicles of Narhia - The He, the R & the huh?".

Now we've "The Chronicles of Narhia - The Last Word".

Exciting trilogy about to unfold.

He, and all his friends, have gotten everything wrong from the start. The unreliable source was really infected. It was very stupid and gullible of him to "click open the .exe file". It wasn't sure what made him open the file from an unreliable source. The virus was a bad one. Something worse than a trojan horse. It doesn't spread. It ENGULFS. That was when things started to change. It's really a virus, I am sure. Think about it. He, who clicks open the file, is innocent. But the virus is the one creating the mess and shit, giving everybody and everyone else a whole new perspective on the scene. HE, is INNOCENT. virus sucked big time. Virus shall perished at the instance my firewall is up.

Next, He, was together with the superinfectants. Everything that could have happened after that, happened. It all came like how a Figure 11 would be shot down by belts of bullets firing from a GPMG (general purpose machine gun).

At the end of the day, He, only had a line to say. The virus might have done certain damage from the visual perspective, but the intangible aspect did not and will never happen. Only a geek or a professional would have the ability to edit the registry, and once the program is designed to run in a certain manner, not anyone can do anything about it.

~The Chronicles of Narhia - The Last Word.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Perth, Australia

This, is where I am headed to next Feb. 12th February '09 to be exact. Having gotten a place in the veterinary faculty, I'm indeed very lucky to be one of the two or three fellow singaporeans who too gotten in. Competition's tight, especially only slightly above 50 places are open for international students. I won't be expecting to see more than one more singaporean when I get there though.
Out of the only four universities offering veterinary science in Australia (namely, Uni. of Sydney, Uni. of Queensland, Uni. of Melbourne & Murdoch Uni.), I received the letter of offer recently from UQ, USYD and Murdoch and of course I rejected two of em. It's been tough. Knowing that the only direct entry is through the A lvls; and only an almost perfect straight As result slip would guarantee anyone into the faculty, it's like hell during the 2 years in college. A "make or break" situation sets me right on my path instantly. That's a shitty life out there then.
When I was in sec three, I could only see myself till the end of O lvls; and planning ahead.
When I was in sec four, I only saw my life till the start of O lvls. (it's true!)
When I was in the first year of college, I could still see my life up till end of NS, perhaps just a
little further, but kind of ambiguous and uncertain.
When I was in the second year of college, what I could see was as fast as the sun rises and as fast as dusk approaches. Nothing further, not an inch or even a millimetre extra.
When I was enlisted, I didn't even think about anything else. Perhaps looking forward to the end of my service.
Today, with less than 7 months to completing national service and with an entry ticket to the next destination, I could still, only see up till the end of my service.
It's a marathon. A marathon ahead.
Another 6 years of education awaits me. By then, I'd have already studied for 18 years of my life. What a study marathon. Often this will be a lonely journey...but life still goes on.
That's all folks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Any Given Sunday - Al Pacino's speech

"one of the most inspirational speech ever.."

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Checked out the singapore flyer with my dad, mom and of course, my lil bro. Here are some pics to share.

Queueing up from downstairs. A shot at the big wheel.

Walking up to the cabin.

Here we go! Shot of the cabin behind mine.

I'm still at the bottom. the wheel moves real slow.

going up already! urgh. a quarter through

Okay, this is really high up.


At the peak!

Check out Esplanade from the top!

Perfect view from the top as well.

Not forgetting me.

...and my pesky lil brother (right).


5th July - KSJ POP'08

Racked up some super old photos on my laptop. The aftermath of sec four POP. Or you call it the post-POP-syndrome.

year 2005. the newly recruited sec ones at canoeing.

year 2006. NC3'06; nostalgic..

year 2006. FAC'06 - the jump shot thingy was already in their genes..they just did more today.

Passing out is the beginning of a new chapter in life. There're many lessons all of you have learnt throughout the 4 years and I hope, with them plus many wonderful memories, have made you a better person. It's indeed has been long. Now the job of the officers, s.ncos and teachers is almost done, and I hope we've provided everyone the necessary skills/knowledge that'd be applicable in future (and wherever), values and more importantly, the joy and laughter we shared. All that memories will be treasured and with that, all the best for the upcoming 'O' lvls. Best of Luck. ;)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

South Afrika!

welcome to south africa! yeah. after a ten-hour ride on the plane. The beginning of the beginning.

On my way down town from Johannesburg airport!


Wide and long roads

Still long roads

Advertisment. Africa uses alot of such cables for electricity..even after 7 hours I still see the extended line of cables!

single-storey more highrise buildings.

the houses seems to face everywhere! very confusing. might just lose your way on your way back.

Town - Chicken King (africa's kfc?)

certainly no. old school kfc! woo hoo!

okay. Mr Biltong --> preserved meat (beef, ostrich, mutton)

Random shot off the sky.

trying to look stupid. But then again, the jacket itself is retarded, just look at how you can zip yourself up all the way.

Busy afternoon.

A glimpse of urbanised african city.


"Children crossing ahead" sign never fails to change.

SPUR HOUSE. where I stopped for lunch.

er. Kopi shop. It means photoCOPY shop though. Took me a while to figure out it wasn't the kopi shop I was looking out for. wth

First sunrise at base camp. Reached the night before. 7 hours ride from Johhanesburg.

Clouds moving away..rained a few days ago. and yeah, it rains every 2-3 weeks.

Still the sunrise. =]

and I've my first sunset in south africa...

sunset from out in the fields..

another shot at it. you're amazing.

beautiful. isn't it?

me in the attire. yes, it is freezing.

Out on the mountains and one week into the exercise. hensley n me trying to cook dinner before the sun sets. isn't the stove nice?

Feels good to bring our very own campbell mushroom soup. lol. it rocks.

2 weeks into the exercise..right...who wants some "EET SUM MOR" ?!

we reckon the rain was coming..been here for more than twenty days already...

Huge cloud moving across.


@#$%^&*$$. Humongous tire.

God was trying to tell us something. Rain is really coming - seek shelter.

Rain came. It was hell. Lotsa of chill wind further brought the temperature down. and rained hail stones! I swear I got hit by it on my way to brush my teeth!

I haven't mention much about the animals. This dude is one of them. He will make your balls shrink.


Talking bout wildlife. On my way there..through the cities and rural areas. I've seen herds of cows, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and even ostriches! my gawd. A fun fact for you: you can actually distinguish cows just by looking at their noses!

King of the beasts! The LION! feeding on a giraffee! omg!

zebras running away!

spotted a hippo.

more on the other bank!

Giraffes from far.

End-of-frame dinner! er. I swear I didn't drink much. haha

Bye Lohathla. Last sunset.

me and hensley taking a last shot.

Trying to be ART-y farty. This was the morning that I left hotel for the airport.

Into the towns were all the ambassy were located. and of course I saw singapore's one!

Back to Johannesburg. I had had a good stay.

Final shot. An impending nine-hour journey back home.

Just a few pics to share! South africa was fun. and for wildlife-lovers like me, it's definitely worth the trip ;) gonna head to mauritius one day! weeeeee.