Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chapter 10 - Celebrating The End

On a rainy night, I'm heading into the middle of November. I must have exclaimed "What? November already?" It's not hard to realise that the year 2010 is coming to an end, because firstly my exams is in a couple of days' time. Secondly, I can feel Christmas right up at my doorstep from all that X'mas stuff I see printed on shopping malls catalogue. Yet another year and this chapter will round up a fruitful year. Of course, December is when travel agencies are jammed packed with eager tourists wanting to get their packages sorted out. Travel! Nope certainly not me at the moment, but I smile at the thought of knowing people around me going for a holiday. I'm happy, because the people around me are happy.

Earlier last year, I left my email on Brightsparks (scholarship) forum after helping a one or two enthusiastic students who wants to know more about studying veterinary science. Ever since then, I've had another four to five students adding to my email inbox. Yes it is a long and dreary process to even prepare for application, and the next thing that appears in your face is another six to a twelve months' worth of wait (for application results). So many, or rather all of them have the same questions in mind. I could even recite them now almost immediately.

what are the academic requirements?

how long is the course?

why did you choose murdoch?

how much are you paying for school fees?

do you work part-time?

are you on any scholarship?

is clinical experience enough to apply?

is the course tough?

how's your accommodation, is it near/on campus?

which agencies would you recommend?

what do you all study in the first few years?

The exact questions I had in mind when I started off wanting to know more. I counted myself lucky because these questions came up before I even started O levels. I had time to do research, I had time to prepare for my application, I had time to get myself as much exposure as possible. In fact, I had at least 3 years and of course knowing to clear the A levels was my next target; and with near perfect score.

I didn't have a mentor to inquire about my queries then, I could remember vividly the personnel I spoke to. First and most importantly I got to know Ferdinand (my agent), whom I met on three separate occasions at tertiary education fairs. Secondly I met the representative from Murdoch which by then I already submitted my folder of application details, short of my personal statement. In the midst I've spoken to representatives from Uni. of Queensland, Sydney, and even Glasgow Uni. from the UK. Till today, I still believed they are the ones who strengthened my belief to excel in my crucial examination.

Thinking back, I was in the exact situation then. I could almost feel their desire, that feeling of wanting something so much, that you could go all out and sacrifice for it. It is my pleasure to be able to lend a helping hand to the lost souls. I don't lose anything by giving, in fact I gain future working colleagues if they get through this round.


Despite already spending close to two years pondering over my future, my direction seemed to go off track sometimes. So many vets I've came across had their course of direction altered and for some changed totally in their bid to want to make a difference. Opportunities come and go along the way, and those opportunities lost me there somehow. To a certain extent, I look forward to graduation but for most part, I believed my career has already started. I may still be nothing compared to many in the profession, but who doesn't start a book by reading the first chapter?

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough."

As cliché as I may go, it's the journey that creates the memories and it's too the journey that we make a difference to ourselves & the ones around us. The 'destination' that we all have on our minds, to me, is like a pit-stop reminding us of our achievements. And the journey continues. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful it is.

As a student, we always have people around us getting fidgety over tests results. The mid-term examinations, that practical test, that 2 marks which the lecturer fail to award for your lengthy paragraph of words. Of course, examinations are important, minor 'destinations' for many, but at the end of the day when the semester has passed, what do we actually remember? The 2 marks? The 1 mark short of a Distinction grade? No we don't. All that is edged in our memories are what we've given to others through our time, and how we've made a difference in someone else's life, the friendship that has its roots grew deeper.

All that I'm trying to say (as a personal post of mine) is, don't let the destination distract you from the moment that's right in front of you.

Good luck to all having final exams!