Friday, June 09, 2006

All-time-favourite NC3 team!

Hey gals, i know it's kinda late to update now on the FAC competition which was on 4 June, sunday. hahaha, okay, the team: aisyah, amelia, may, laura, yanying, wanlin. + ck[me].

Alright, to the shortest and cutest =/ nc3 of all, congrats on achieving good results which was definitely above average, on your very first attempt!! I'm sure you all must have learned alot from this use telling everyone how strong the other teams are, or how tough the competition is, try it yourself.

Of cos for aisyah, it's a special day when she's ranked 4th in the best commander/leader award. not forgetting amelia, laura and may who I see gave their very best on that day. and also yan ying! who came for almost every training session, anyway, keep ur smile there, lol. don forget wanlin as well, she's always part of the team! There's no "i" in a TEAM.

remember what I said in the mrt on sunday...I want everyone in NC3 to be a leader, no one is only to be a follower of every training.. =]

Home Nursing ::: [this is what i noticed in the winning teams]

***Basic hygiene - wash your hands before gettin in contact with patient! [you all know how to wash hands? there's a standard prodecure to follow, if not I'll teach you all.]

***always be polite with patient and explain EvErY single thing you're going to do to the patient. eg. "May I sit down? As it would be easier for me to attend to you in that manner. *smile at the patient."

***never have more than 2 pple doing the same thing in the nursing room, for eg, folding the bed sheet, washing the utensils, etc.

***When 2 pple attending to the patient, it's always better to have one on each side of the bed.

***use more hand gestures to guide the patient along when talking to him/her.

FA case :::

***don break down when the judges get cheeky! this tests your ability to handle stress under such conditions.

***whatever the case is, if the judge says he never see what you just did, just repeat without wasting time, no use showing him your frowning face or pissed expressions. you are just fighting a losing battle in this manner.

***aisyah ---> when doing case summary to the judge, stand beside him and talk loudly. Remember to use your hand, to move and guide him as you speak! eg. Open your palm and point to amelia and explain about what she diagnosed and what she did to reticify the situation. Next, point to may and explain whatever is neccessary. Always appear professional like you know everything although you might not even know a single nut. lol (this is very useful, trust me!)

Footdrill :::

***sure can make it one. =)

(ps. don forget commands pls. wahaha)

yep, that's all nc3! NC3 will strike back again next march! *Catch us live in action next march! KSJ never once said die!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


5 days was overwhelming.

I didn't know how/why did those happened.

Today's the 5th day.

A conclusion on 7th.

It's really unbearable.

*smile no matter what
*laugh in any case
*cry only when doom day comes.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The STAR & The Pause Button.

It was a fine day,
the sun's bright, the clouds gathered,
but it never rained,
It was a normal day.

Lil hammie lost its control,
got out of cage,
and roamed every corner of the streets,
what did that lead it to?

Oh no, it crashed head-on onto a brick wall,
nothing else behind,
it was the end of the street,
it couldn't go any further.

Lil hammie was finally spotted,
and was helped back to cage,
where its bed and family existed,
nothing more comfy than that.

For it knew that the world outside is scary,
it's cruel, it's dangerous,
oops, careful not to get stepped by passer-bys,
roaming the streets in anxiety and lonliness,
"what should I do?"

Lil hammie grew wiser,
as the day goes by,
and as the months go by,
together they'd stay,
as a family. (for no one lives alone)