Sunday, October 30, 2005


Good Luck to everybody taking Chinese AO Levels today!

I know alot didn't study, LOL! =)

take care!


Monday, October 17, 2005

kian, kong, kiat

Seriously, I wanted to buy something decent for ck (chee kong), but lava lamps were nowhere in sight(west area), so... i decided to buy:

Image hosted by

A picture speaks a thousand words

Image hosted by

But hey, I bought that shirt on ck's head too! LOL (besides the...)

kian bought those dumbells while i got ck er...well. wasn't easy going around in school uniform at seiyu's men's underwear section to find a suitable size for you arse! kian can testify that, all were "L" size! LOL, they overestimated.

Disclaimer: All pictures were from chee kong. (few pictures taken due to the distraction from the underwears, with sexy suspenders at the back. Grab them now at all participating outlets, while stocks last. 2 for S$4.00.)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Screw bio!

Well, it all started with 2 papers today, Maths and Biology. After the pretty stressful physics paper the day before in the late afternoon, went home and couldn't manage to revise much.

Bio! Today! in the afternoon, MCQ was pretty managable, it's the freaking paper 2!! I knew how to do the essay questions, but just didn't have enough time! ARGH, WTH! I FEEL LIKE DOING THE PAPER AGAIN (this time of cos with TRICE the speed of writing).

screw it!! ARHGH!!! Now i could just hope that I'll do well for the MCQs and pull up my overall marks... (just couldn't believe that I did so badly for bio)

*Currently trying to switch my mind to chemistry..

See ya guys. =D All the best ya :::