Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chapter 15 - thoughts.

In the midst of exams, I officially declare another 5 days to the end of yet another semester! To be frank, we all have our own ways to de-stress, though I don't particularly feel stressful during the exam period itself, rather before it all actually starts. I have come to terms that I'd have given in my best for each paper and I will walk out of the exam hall knowing that nothing else would have changed my results if I had done all I could (counting in the pressurized condition with every other racing hearts). 

Had a chat on skype a couple of days back with my best bud, kian. (yes, in case you're wondering, best friends do still exists! Though this time I didn't have to write it down on a list and remind myself who my best friends, good friends, and normal friends are.) Guys don't actually catch up as often as girls do, guys don't stick around in a group for long, but I can say for sure that although we haven't spoken in quite a while, and really, only met up less than five times a year, no matter how we may have come thus far, we'll never run out of topics to talk. We may have seemed to disappear into our own lives at some point, and gone are the good old schooling days but nothing will take those memories away.

Who needs a hundred friends for support, when all you really need is one helping hand? 

Want to send you my sincere wishes here for your upcoming exchange in Denmark. May you be humble always, and gain wisdom from the wise. As short as a few months may sound, it may actually be quite long when you're looking for directions in a totally foreign environment! 

All I need is a postcard from Denmark, really. 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Chapter 14 - An hour of your time, is it too much to ask for?

Let us ask ourselves, is this what we're missing in today's society? If we need constant reminders, let this video serve as another reminder, with long lasting impact on you.

Surprisingly, we realize this slips our minds very soon when we seemed to have too much to handle. When everything at work takes priority..remind yourself with the story of the mayonnaise jar.

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