Sunday, September 09, 2007

More courses, and going.

After the first week in the artillery camp, it's another new chapter of my national service!! Looks like I'm starting from scratch since I've always been trained with the infantry till now. It's kinda different, but very interesting. I'm down to maths and more maths everyday, and perhaps more physics as well. anything to strengthen the brain? lol.

alright, so today's andeous' birthday huh. and also my brother's b'dae. lol. wonder how's that ass doing in the recee stuff. Think he finds it very fun. Good that he's enjoying what he does! lol. Way to go! =)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Graduated from sispec yesterday! call me CPL Loh now! haha. I got my rank, and I'll never forget the long way I've come thus far to earn it. The days in sispec are really fantastic, my section mates are really great buddies. Whenever I see my CPL rank upon my sleeves, E-PL2S4 comes along in my mind.

The days we had fun talking cock in bunk and not sleeping at night, the day when we had our first night's out, the day when we started to know each other better, the days when we complained so much, the days we ran together, the days where we marched, the days we took our exercises and fieldcamps in stride, not forgetting the days when we became really united when the Merz took us for SBD. People call us the champion section, but we don't mind. And I pretty like that term coined for us. hahaaa. We know we are united as one, you'd rather try to produce a scratch on a diamond than try to break our section integrity. It's fate that brought us together, in the last section, sitting near the staircase on the 3rd storey. we love that room, we love section 4, we are not called champion section for nth. x)

I still remembered on the 24 aug, the friday when we were booking out. It was the last bookout before graduation on the following week. Although we get to go home, I didn't like it at all. For all I know was by the time I book in 2 days later, it'd be the last book-in we'd see each other. As we pack most of our stuff into the duffle bag to bring home, I really hated that feeling that ran inside me. Normally everyone'd be rushing to pack their stuff n rush home happily, but this time round it was definitely different for me. 44th BSLC's closing its chapter...and on the 30th Aug morning at 5am, we knew which path we'd walk.... and then from there onwards, I wish them all the very best in their vocations.

I believed we truly feel blessed to be brought together. Remember the last SOC we did and we really pushed each other on and ran together. It felt like hell, and as you all always say upon standing at the start line "the next 10 minutes' gonna be our worst of life". It was really outstanding, we pushed ourselves beyond our freaking limits and everyone clocked timings btw 9.17-9.45min! nurudin's timing's 9.45min, the coolest, cause his previous timing is a ass-spanking 11min!! hurray for section 4. we all passed SOC. haa.

Oh yes, on tuesday night we shifted our beds to the middle room! Had to clear section 4 for new beds which apparently we shifted back our beds n cabinets the following morning. -.- We raped some dudes that night and did I mentioned they were stripped naked? lol. It was really disturbing to see...erm. balls? yeah, hell no. I swear I'll never be the one to pull down anyone's underwear! okay..back to what I was saying. my bed was shifted to sect3, leaving SDR, seeyang n wee hoe's beds in sect4. The rest went to the middle room. We all hate to sleep in where we had to sleep so we shifted our mattresses over to the middle room and laid them on the floor! Slept together for the last night. Talk cock till past 12midnight. Andeous shook me and wished me happy birthday. lol. I think wee hoe tried to shake me too, but he shook the wrong part of my body. :X lalala.

Alright, for the PTIs to be - derek and sederick, really all the best. you both got what you always wanted. Good for both of you! For the mud, I've got nth to say. what we said on the first day in bunk really came true. Too bad. lol. For the arti specs-to-be, I can't forecast what the future holds. mm. For the signaller, I know u super happy. last but not least, andeous! I'll never forget you, the one who really gave me a bad impression during BMT sit-test and now you rocks. These dudes rocks, the rest can smell my socks.

Sispec warriors! E-PL2S4 WE'll March On!!!