Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter 4.2 - Light at end of tunnel

Let me start with a picture of the Indian Ocean.. taken off Fremantle beach of Western Australia at 2.25pm, 19 April 2009.

Sunday and so I was supposed to be studying after doing my laundry. Went Freo (Fremantle) with friend for the afternoon. I thought it'd be good to take some time off and just walk around, get really good fish and chips out there. And so today marks the end of the study break. 5 more teaching weeks to semester exams!! Can't wait... another 2 weeks of exams following that would just make me a happier boy. 

Teaching weeks will pass by very quickly, because they get so hectic and busy, that no one will ever notice time is passing by. It's good. Really. I'm really glad to have caught up quite a bit with my dad over this holiday, and of course my ah ma who always bugs me to skype with her! woooo hooo! yupp..and not forgetting my sis who got a webcam yesterday just wanting to see me. *touched. What more can I ask for? I really appreciate things like this in life where money or anything for that matter, cannot resolve. The tranquility in my mind is brought upon knowing the people I love are doing good, wherever and whatever it might be. I've come to count my blessings everyday,... here.

While I'll spend my time here wisely to study, enroute to complete my bachelor degree in the veterinary field, I'll too, from everyday's little moments, figure out my lifepath - 

6 years ago, when I was still 15, I thought of my life till the start of NS.

3 years ago, when I was 18, I knew I am screwed after shaving my hair bald with thousands of look-alike. *yikes

2.5 years ago, when I am turning 19, I still think I am, because I get screwed around everyday, with a shaven head. (maybe not that bad after I started applying for vet science to australia) But still, I did not see where I'd be 10 years down the road.

0.75 years ago, when I turn 20, I received acceptance from sydney, queensland and murdoch uni for veterinary science. (rejected sydney and queensland, accepted murdoch). This time, I finally see myself 6 years down the road, after so much before I received my confirmation.

9 months on, here I am, where I still see myself 6 years down the road. 

Perhaps, what I think, someday I need to think about what's in store for me after that "6 yrs" I've been blabbering on and on. I'm going to make a difference to the lives of many animals, and perhaps people who care about them, but is that all there is to life? Getting involved with that emotional side of life is important, for what I think no one has fully lived his/her life without finding love; caring for someone and being loved in return. It could be just me, that I feel a little off the equilibrium when I can't see where I'm heading everyday I open my eyes, knowing it's a new day; and closer to the end of that '6 yrs'. 

Taking a step at a time...

Letting fate play a huge role...

Making a difference everyday...


Monday, April 06, 2009

Chapter 4.1 - Missing Home

And so here comes week 8. Approaching the halfway point of semester one. Can't wait for the final exam to come. Every week repeats itself over and over again, now that I find it so dreadful. I'm missing home terribly. I need to see everyone in person, not through skype. I need to see my poor kopi at home. He's going to get so lonely everyday. I wish I could spend more time with him. Indeed..kopi's my best friend; man's best friend. I'm not too far from home either, it's only approx. 3600km away, or a 5 hours flight home. If only I could treat plane rides like bus rides...

It really shifts my focus away when I think of kopi at home, and no one to play with him. Now I understand, when people question my capability to go away from home and still taking up a 6-year degree when I already know what to expect. Back at home, I always thought, yea, 6 years and so be it. Cause I know what I want to pursue in life, but thinking back now, I fully understood why my uncle (back then) said he wouldn't want to leave home for any related reasons. hmm.. still a long way to go, long long way. Things I'm doing now set me thinking, and quite a bit every night when I'm still hugging my notes at an hour past midnight. The mind is such a complex entity, in everyone of us, yet intangible, has the ability to affect our actions, to either throw us off track, or to keep us focused. Yet nothing can control the mind.

Typical breakfast before school.

Sandwiches save me time during rush hours.

sliced mushrooms spotted.

Studying can be boring.

Clock I bought from Ikea over the weekend. 

Now I just want this semester to end...I lost all reasons to smile (except to the foodcourt singaporean auntie when I buy food from her).