Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year; with same old colours

It's new year's eve! With 1st Janurary unfolding in 90 minutes' time, I welcome the better new year with some resolutions. haha. Before that I'd like to write down some reflections of 2007.

1)A level results
2)Part-time at NUH and Veterinary clinic
5)Derrick's baby girl

1)A lvl results. It was end of Feb. The day we collect our results couldn't have been more frightening. We all knew it in our heads that it either make it or die. And that's the cruel fact of A levels. WIthout good results you're practically kind of screwed. I can't relieve the excitement on the day now, but I remembered hugging my teacher after getting my results slip. I've proven myself. I can see where I'm heading towards at that point in time. Good job. Done with college, what's next?

2)Work. Wanted to find a job in the zoo but failed on 2 attempts within 2 years. Tried the Animal Hospital at mount peasant road but the places were reserved for veterinary students on attachment. Tried many many many clinics but to no avail. In the end got a job offer from my aunt who works in NUS, a job in NUH. So I ended up signing the 4 months contract faster than I thought, got attached to a doctor and assisted her in gathering raw data for her research. I learnt alot as well, been travelling to many schools and taking blood pressure readings of children from 7-16 years old. These 2 months of my entire life was really shiok. I'm literally free of everything and just happy happy go to work and travel around schools in singapore, acting like big boss directing the kids around. Everything seemed so free and easy. Then sometimes go NUH for a while, meet the doctor then we FO to schools. sounds fun right. haha. Next I was in a vet clinic, at paya lebar. Have to reach at 9am in the morning to clean up the cages and feed every single animal inside. Of course I did it with huishan, she's the old bird there. Been into the surgery room and watched numerous surgeries, and poof. nothing beats seeing everything with your own eyes! awesome.

3)Enlistment. Getting enlisted really changed my whole life. Nothing much to mention but one takeaway would be I really learnt to cherish my loved ones more, more than ever before.

4)KSJ. Been kind of MIA from April till bout July, then returned during my sispec days. Officially back into KSJ action during my arti trainee days. Very busy year again, but with the ultimate reward in FAC. Had much fun during ATC as well. Had a spring cleaning at the end of year and changed the layout of the room totally.

5)Derrick's baby girl. On 30th dec 2007 morning, Raeanne was brought into this world, with much excitement and anxiety from the first-time father. Congratulations and all the very best for the future. =)

Bye 2007. The year has fallen into the book of history.


Chatted with ken a lil and he told me the IN colour for next year will still be green, brown and black. Stunned for a moment, turned around and saw my uniform. Just as he typed it out in msn; very true. argh, never mind bout that.

Talking about resolutions. hmm. Resolutions. For peeps who're still studying, I won't find it surprising if they wants to excel in the exams. For working ones, perhaps a promotion, or to find a better job? For parents would be to see their own children grow up, healthy and happy. For my friends in camp, I guessed it's hoping for the o-r-d date to arrive soon. =x For my brother, he hopes to get more barney toys and watch more bananas in pyjamas on disney channel. For me, I hope I can get my university preparations settled so that I can get this load off my chest. It's been bugging me for quite some time.

It's tough. For buddies who are still "not-attached-yet", I sincerely hope you can fulfil your resolution. fate is in your own hands. you can when you believe. Personally, to be truthful, whenever I think about committing myself to a relationship, I shrunk; I withdraw. I can't be certain, not that I'm gay, but I'm really afraid of hurting the one I love. I don't want a repeat. Yes, I'll walk that path, the path which leads me to my career. But it's a long long way, I'm not even at the starting point. I don't want to commit myself to a relationship before leaving for the starting point. My starting point will be when I stand firm at the gate of Murdoch. It's a challenge to control your emotions, sometimes they will really play with you. They tell you, you're in love. But then you tell yourself you can't let your emotions get in control; you're not suppose to be in love; you can't express your love at all. You must let your eyes close and let any opportunties go; shouldn't even try to grab hold. You keep it all shut in that tiny fist-sized heart, never to let a single bit leak out. You carry on with life, the only consolation is to tell yourself she will definitely appear, at least 5 or 6 years down the road. I don't ask for much, she must share similar passion - we educate the masses and conserve wildlife.

Next up, I'd still be in SJ...and I really want to do my very best for the juniors in year 2008. "I, S883.... CSO(6) Loh Choon Kiat pledge to serve KSJ..." lol. crap oath. I realised KSJ has found her own meaning, a sense of belonging to her. KSJ really evolved, from zero to heroes. Yes, we are champions, nothing less. or rather, you all are champions in my very own eyes. I learnt alot from trainings, having fun with the kids and watching them grow up - through their 4-5 years spent in secondary school. It takes effort and reflections to take away many important lessons. and all these lessons will only make my life richer and more meaningful. We forge many friendships through sweat and tears, sometimes even blood. This I'll find it hard to forget.

Thirdly, I WILL GET GOLD IN IPPT. VERY SOON, I CAN FEEL IT. LOL. 2.4km in 9.44min, HERE I RUN. :):):) (not forgetting additional $100 into my account. hahaha)

Forth, I wish for a safe and successful exercise in South Africa next year, with lotsa happy returns! haha.

Lastly, I wish for health and happiness for all ! nothing beats having a healthy mind and soul right? May we have a smooth-sailing, properous 2008!! 1 more minute!! wee.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



merry christmas to all! :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A new lease of life

I'm back in blogging! haa. Sorry for being MIA for the past weeks or (months). Recently got to my new unit and realized life in there isn't what I thought to be. Found myself struggling to cope with the unfamiliar environment and getting myself overwhelmed by the immense pressure on my weakened soul.

Didn't had appetite for my first meal - lunch. Couldn't stomach what's on the plate. It just didn't seem right to me. Suddenly I could feel the world's gonna collapse on me after lunch. The future 's full of uncertainty. I couldn't see where I was heading towards; it was as if I am walking into this space of infinity. It's that scary. Tears could just roll.

On the first night I went down a storey to share with my buddy. We both couldn't get to bed. It's kind of tough to fight the lonely night with no one to talk to, just you and yourself, rooming in with many unfamiliar faces and only your new pillow to hug. Uneasy feeling all around, isn't it. No, this isn't homesickness. I know it. I repose under the blanket of stars, the moonlight pierced through my face. As I lie down and watched the moon through the window, how I wished if I've someone beside, someone for me to lend a listening ear, someone to stay for the night. (certainly not those mates in there! :x)

For all I know, it's nearing the hour. The hour to get out of bed and wash up, and prepare for the new day ahead.

'Heaves a heavy sigh' as my feet got out of the blanket and hit the floor.

mmm. alright. enough said. "you can't change the way how you feel, but you can change the way what you want to do about it"

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. - The line I'll hold on to.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sometimes I can't explain how I feel. why things keep happening this way. I tried to change things, but it made me feel worse. Did I try too hard? *heaves a heavy sigh

gotta get my arse back to camp already. till then, take care.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Booked out, waiting to Book in.

Took a glance at my weekend. Went to the market with ah ma on early Saturday morning. Have always wanted to go market with her, finally I managed to wake up in time. hahaaha. Was drizzling and the morning was rather cooling. Great. Came back home and then she went pasir panjang wholesale market to get some vegetables. Spent my whole afternoon surfing around and den took a nap.

Met up with the usual SJ peeps for the 10th anni. project at 7pm. This time round we can see the project progressing well. The previous meeting was really "screwed". Well, the initial start is always difficult. I drank teh-tarik and cappucino to keep me awake for the meeting, and to keep my brain working. It was good, and finally we ended at around 11pm. Derrick drove me home...after ken left for home before we enter the KJE expressway. Went home and watched soccer, did some researching on the project plus vendors we might be interested. Thanks to the super-caffeinated drinks, I was wide awake till 3.30am and still considering whether to sleep or not. damn it. lol

Listened to my ipod till 4am before I fell asleep.

This morning I went to the airport again.. as I just did last sunday. Last week was to send my dad off for work. This time round was to meet up with one of my dad's engineers who's here for training. Then as I walked past the chains of fast food restaurants, I realised many inside were students, mugging real hard. omg. okay.. so the airport becomes another place for people to do homework and study.

so bored. anyone wants to go to the zoo? or zouk?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A familiar Friday

Dude. Yet another weekend! Lotsa happened for the week (and the past weeks) and here I am back again at home, lying lazily on my bed with my hands outstretched. Switched on the laptop and watched a movie on this cloudy Friday night. The temperature suggests that the night was going to be rainy but the grey clouds that the moon lit held back the tears. As I stood before the grills of the window, I could instantly feel the wind brushing across my cheeks. I see the road; orange. That’s why the street lamps are there. The road’s empty, with two or three vehicles passing by occasionally. It’s already past eleven. This once familiar scene was when I studied and revised for the exams during school days. Just like the A levels. It feels good to just let the mind wander back to those days where schooling life was simple and straightforward. How is that?

Talking about A levels, I was just chatting with a tutor of mine during college days and then I realized this national exams’ around the corner. And yet another year’s going to pass. Kind of fast, isn’t it? It’s end of October and soon November’s going to be over and poof! Another batch of students who’ve completed their junior college. Same goes to those getting past ‘O’ levels yea.

As the night falls, I guess it’s time for bed. Always good to sleep early isn’t it. Soon I’ll be hugging my pillow and get under the blanket for the night.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

More courses, and going.

After the first week in the artillery camp, it's another new chapter of my national service!! Looks like I'm starting from scratch since I've always been trained with the infantry till now. It's kinda different, but very interesting. I'm down to maths and more maths everyday, and perhaps more physics as well. anything to strengthen the brain? lol.

alright, so today's andeous' birthday huh. and also my brother's b'dae. lol. wonder how's that ass doing in the recee stuff. Think he finds it very fun. Good that he's enjoying what he does! lol. Way to go! =)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Graduated from sispec yesterday! call me CPL Loh now! haha. I got my rank, and I'll never forget the long way I've come thus far to earn it. The days in sispec are really fantastic, my section mates are really great buddies. Whenever I see my CPL rank upon my sleeves, E-PL2S4 comes along in my mind.

The days we had fun talking cock in bunk and not sleeping at night, the day when we had our first night's out, the day when we started to know each other better, the days when we complained so much, the days we ran together, the days where we marched, the days we took our exercises and fieldcamps in stride, not forgetting the days when we became really united when the Merz took us for SBD. People call us the champion section, but we don't mind. And I pretty like that term coined for us. hahaaa. We know we are united as one, you'd rather try to produce a scratch on a diamond than try to break our section integrity. It's fate that brought us together, in the last section, sitting near the staircase on the 3rd storey. we love that room, we love section 4, we are not called champion section for nth. x)

I still remembered on the 24 aug, the friday when we were booking out. It was the last bookout before graduation on the following week. Although we get to go home, I didn't like it at all. For all I know was by the time I book in 2 days later, it'd be the last book-in we'd see each other. As we pack most of our stuff into the duffle bag to bring home, I really hated that feeling that ran inside me. Normally everyone'd be rushing to pack their stuff n rush home happily, but this time round it was definitely different for me. 44th BSLC's closing its chapter...and on the 30th Aug morning at 5am, we knew which path we'd walk.... and then from there onwards, I wish them all the very best in their vocations.

I believed we truly feel blessed to be brought together. Remember the last SOC we did and we really pushed each other on and ran together. It felt like hell, and as you all always say upon standing at the start line "the next 10 minutes' gonna be our worst of life". It was really outstanding, we pushed ourselves beyond our freaking limits and everyone clocked timings btw 9.17-9.45min! nurudin's timing's 9.45min, the coolest, cause his previous timing is a ass-spanking 11min!! hurray for section 4. we all passed SOC. haa.

Oh yes, on tuesday night we shifted our beds to the middle room! Had to clear section 4 for new beds which apparently we shifted back our beds n cabinets the following morning. -.- We raped some dudes that night and did I mentioned they were stripped naked? lol. It was really disturbing to see...erm. balls? yeah, hell no. I swear I'll never be the one to pull down anyone's underwear! okay..back to what I was saying. my bed was shifted to sect3, leaving SDR, seeyang n wee hoe's beds in sect4. The rest went to the middle room. We all hate to sleep in where we had to sleep so we shifted our mattresses over to the middle room and laid them on the floor! Slept together for the last night. Talk cock till past 12midnight. Andeous shook me and wished me happy birthday. lol. I think wee hoe tried to shake me too, but he shook the wrong part of my body. :X lalala.

Alright, for the PTIs to be - derek and sederick, really all the best. you both got what you always wanted. Good for both of you! For the mud, I've got nth to say. what we said on the first day in bunk really came true. Too bad. lol. For the arti specs-to-be, I can't forecast what the future holds. mm. For the signaller, I know u super happy. last but not least, andeous! I'll never forget you, the one who really gave me a bad impression during BMT sit-test and now you rocks. These dudes rocks, the rest can smell my socks.

Sispec warriors! E-PL2S4 WE'll March On!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drops of tranquility

Rain rain rain! It's been raining alot these days.. the weather's good. Cooling as it is, what a peaceful sunday afternoon. Especially after a week's hard training, and hours before booking in camp, it is really nice n cosy to just relax at the corner of the bed, hugging your favourite cotton-filled pillow, reading a book and listening to soft soothing music. What a way to spend the afternoon, but it wouldn't be long before the sound of rain drops engulf the room...


9 more days to my graduation parade. Less than a week to my 28km graduation road march. My BSLC course's coming to an end. Just when we've made great buddies in camp, in the next blink of an eye, everyone's going to walk different paths. Where will we be posted to? OCS crossover? ASLC? Guards? Signals? Arty? Armour? It doesn't really matter.. what's important to me is to learn and excel in what I do and to enjoy every bit of training. Things we'll never get to experience in life, now I've 2 years for it. They become memories; that will last me a lifetime.

And that's why, every night, I write down my training experience, my feelings and opinions in my diary. Every single moment isn't to be missed or to be forgotten. I write my own story and I'll keep it till the day when I'll let my children read it.


This might sound cliche but I do think far!! hahaa. (= ... this is how army transform people.. hmm.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Let's talk about yesterday. hahaa.

Went SJ in the morning, thought aisuan, xinyan and yan hsiang will be there. So I went down see see. Reached at 8am and then later realised yan hsiang didn't turn up. hmm.

As I stood upon the cement railings outside SJ room and watched the kids train (footdrill), I imagined if I wasn't around that morning. Only aisuan and xinyan will be there. Once in a while, certain degree of unhappiness will be set upon. The air is still, the atmosphere seemed so different. Can anyone revive those days? Days passed by and things really changed, so rapidly that I didn't managed to catch a breather. I missed the days where SJ trainings are noisy, every second filled with excitement, joy and gutso. When will it be when mah, ong, ken, me, aisuan and derrick meet again in SJ? nobody knows. We lead our own lives, we walked many unfamiliar paths, surrendering to the hands of destiny.

But the days gone are never to be forgotten, they're to be cherished.

I begin to think of what the future holds; for everyone.


Saturday, July 28, 2007


Booked out last evening and went JP to have PIZZZZZA with 3 of my section dudes, formally all from cougar coy in BMT. lol..

Ordered 2 pizzas, including the new cheesy pizza, with a chunk of cheesy dip in the centre. Not too bad, very tasty. hahaha. yum yum. That chunk of cheesy dip is REAL CHEESY; LOTS n LOTS of cheese! oh my. *drools.

kk, we wiped out the food very quickly and chatted as we sat on the cushioned benches.

We parted as soon as we left pizza hut. Took 172 home after that.

Coming up next week: Grandslam tekong! back to tekong for final field camp in BSLC course... let's hope for cooling weather! no rain pls!!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life goes on..

This morning I woke up, feeling really shagged from the field camp which ended last night. Reached home at 11.30pm..with half my eyes closed. Checked my email for a while and K.O at 12 midnight.

Checked my HP and it was 8.07am. The morning was pristine. But the noisy engines from buses and bikes wrecked it. Sat on my bed and thought to myself; hmm, it has been a month since i entered SISPEC. Haven't cut my hair since then, it's getting long! Next I questioned myself what am I supposed to do today. Feel like going out, perhaps to town to get some clothes or books, but couldn't find any company. *shrugs

I thought I'd better get some rest, cause I'm booking in tomorrow(sunday) morning! darn, super precious weekends. Watched bleach and some manga and then surfs around the net.


The clock in my laptop reads 8.27pm now. Gotta pack my stuff for tomorrow morning. Yet another week comes along... things will come and things will go... life goes on...



Saturday, July 14, 2007

Which would you choose?

One take-away from training last week would be to ask yourself this question..

"Would you marry the woman you love, or love the woman you marry?"

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Which would you choose? Which is more important, to you?

Many a time, we don't get to do what we want/like to do. But life doesn't stop here. More importantly, is to love what you're doing. Love what you're doing, and that's when you learn to enjoy and appreciate life.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

army days ahead.

I dedicate this post to shen yang, or rather Ong; like what we always call him. yupp

All the best for ur enlistment on friday!! yea man. Tough trainings are there for you to look back and know what you've achieved at the end of the day!

Look forward to meeting up again!

~KSJ'07 - HUAT.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

KSJ Passing out parade '07

Yesterday was the passing out parade for KSJ!! Mr Kong came, Lee PS us. Goh did it too, the day before. darn. lol

Everything went superbly well.. Remembered ms Ratna kept showing the *thumbs up when mr Kong left the parade square. haha! =)) good thing is I FINALLY RECITE THE FRIGGIN PLEDGE CORRECTLY. I only tried to memorise it the night before. But then again, do you think anyone knows if I've recited it correctly? aw. screw the pledge. doesn't make much sense at all.

Congrats to the graduates, you all have really done KSJ proud. I guess you all know it yourselves; in your heart, the hardwork all of you have put in and the satisfaction gained. ; ) that feeling is beyond words.

Next is the games organised by the BNCOs.! Running around the whole school finding clues was indeed fun, but tiring as well. haha. Then the last game came. Carrot said something like "Okay, due to time constraint, we'll now play the last game - water bomb. Anyhow throw.!" I was like, what the hell! Then, of course, me and ong dashed straight up the hallway, and armed ourselves with some ammo!! They had like 1000 water bombs!!! holy.

This is nuts. We always never fail to play water bombing, and then end up filling pails and pails of water and pouring it over unattentive heads!! hahaa.

Finally we ended at around 3.30 I guessed. and went up the SJ room. I looked out towards the empty parade square and wonder when will be the next time I'll have the chance to come back to KSJ again. The POP's over, games played, prizes given. What's left behind are memories that will last a lifetime. I'm sure I share the same sentiments as other trainers like ong, ken...etc. We enjoy coming back to KSS to train, as well as to have fun. Certainly, KSS's where I grew up, where I learnt many lessons and I'll always be proud to say I was once a Kranjian. Not to forget, KSJ, my biggest committement in Kranji, is something that can never be forgotten.

Time passes so fast. I was just viewing some pictures in my pc, and saw a pic of me and Mah with christine, szehim, beatrice and weiting during some zone dinner at CDANS club. They were only CPLs then... now SSGT is what they wear on their shoulders. Then I think about it, I graduated from KSS 3 years ago, and also completed my A lvls. Now that I'm army, time really flies. I hate to say this, but one day, we'll have to leave KSJ. Be it for further education in university or for personal committements.. I HEART KSJ.

Alright, time to go off. I wishes everyone the very best and GOOD LUCK for 'N', 'O' and 'A' levels conquerers!! not forgetting Ong and Ken becoming army boys soon!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Posted to SISPEC.

PTI here I come!

dudes beware! : )

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Basic Military Training Status: Completed!

Here are some pics taken on 13 June 2007. My BMT passing out parade!

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Here comes Cougar Coy!

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Cougar coy lead by MWO Raymond Tan!

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Dad putting on the jockey cap..

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Presenting to you...

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POP!!!!!!!! WOO HOOOO!

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A random pic with my dad before leaving for ferry terminal..

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A pic with my OC!! wow cool. haha.

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Goodbye.. Pulau Tekong. Thanks for the great experience, and things I gain in the days ahead.

An hour before the passing out parade begins, a sergeant major; Guardsmen, told us, "A soldier will never ask for reasonable time, because there will never be any."

Friday, June 01, 2007



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Sunday, May 27, 2007


He who laughs, LASTS.


Just some random thoughts that I blogged it down. Hmm. I've lotsa random ideas though, gotten em all in army. It's kinda good in a way that I do realised many things which I once took it for granted. yup.

This is life.


A person without a sense of humor is like a car... without shock absorbers.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Endure! n move on!

sigh. Don't really feel good these few weeks.

Rushed down to kss to check out st john training after I booked out yesterday afternoon at about 1.45pm. Heard that training's till after 4pm. haha. great. Feels good to be back in school. And of course, seeing fellow buddies in SJ, and not forgetting relieving the joy of watching juniors training hard. Best moments I've ever enjoyed.

But those moments will not last. Nothing lasts forever. Time passes so fast that before I realised, it was already 7.45pm after we'd dinner together. Heard everyone talking about 'Kiat's Facts' by mr

Went over to zhen's house to watch FA cup final...boring match. Ate about 4 packets of potato chips plus many biscuits. Feel asleep at some intervals...was too tired. Left at about 12.35am, missed the last LRT. Then got lost in bukit panjang before I caught a cab home. So tired that I couldn't think straight and navigate my way around.

Reached my ah ma house and slept straight away. Haven slept on this bed for ages already. The bed I've been sleeping on for the past 7-8 years? Feels good. But I didn't give it too much thought, fell asleep as soon as I grabbed my pillow and blanket.

Woke up this morning at 8.40am, brushed my teeth n fell asleep again. Woke up at 11.30am. Feeling the fatigue from the intense training, and of course the field camp which was ....... :) The first thing that came to my mind is that I've to book in tonight... and the cycle repeats itself again. yet another week.

Last week I nearly cried in camp. Didn't like it at all. missed my ah ma very much.

Feeling very down as I jotted all these down.

But we guys don't have a choice, do we? That explains the title of this post.


Checked my email this morning. Got acceptance from University of Queensland for Bachelor of Medical and Veterinary Surgery... Veterinary Science faculty!! Damn shocked. Have to accept the acceptance by october 2007... they only take in 32 international students per year. But I'll wait for Uni of Murdoch to reply. Hope they accept me!


I am searching...not for anything else but searching for joy. It's really torturing not to find joy since then. I seemed to lost the smile I had, the laughter that would accompany the smile.

This ain't easy at all. It ain't fun.

I want to stay home with my ah ma. I want to go out have a game of soccer with my buddies like zhen and nash. I want to sleep on my own bed. I want to eat home cooked food everyday. I want to be able to catch up with my friends. I want to have a weekend that I don't have to think about booking in on sunday evening.

But hell no. These previliges are taken away.

"When the going gets tough, you'll only get tougher." How tough have I gotten? Can I get any more tougher? I'm beginning to doubt. Where is the limit, or is the sky my limit?

I'll end my post here. Need to get some rest. Next 2 weeks is another hell for me. It's really a constant struggle emotionally and mentally.

All the best friends...cherish what you've now. especially your loved ones... trust me.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


12 April 2007. The day...

I lost my identity as a civilian,
I shaved my hair,
I became a soldier.

I still have not acquire the right mindset to become a soldier. It is really an uphill task to try to tell yourself that you ain't a civilian anymore. I don't know. But it's tough.

In camp itself, every night I'd shower, followed by washing my laundry. And then, I'd look out of my bunk, only for an overwhelming piece of forestry to engulf me. Pitch darkness in the forest, mostly covered by the dense canopy layer. I'd then ask myself, what am I protecting; as a soldier?

Is it the country or is it my family?

‘ 國家’。沒國就沒有家。




27 April 2007. I'm back on mainland. The feeling is really superb. After getting off the fastcraft at SAF Ferry Terminal, I took my first step on mainland!! woo hoo! Excellent. hahaha. I may sound stupid, but only fellow recruits will understand this feeling. Yeah.

Till another time I'd come online, TAKE CARE n SEE YA soooon. :))


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As per normal, I went for my driving lesson at the driving centre. Lesson's at 6.00pm. I reached at 5.57pm, with a full bladder yet still needa print the reporting slip from the darn machine. Chiong-ed into the toilet and... of course, pee-ed.

Then there was this joker who stood beside me, er.. I mean he was using the urinator beside mine okay. HE WAS SMS-ING AND PEEING AT THE SAME TIME.

I mean, what the.. how the heck did he managed to do that. Okay, QUIT UR WILD IMAGINATIONS, GIRLS. LOL.

he still did it btw. cos I friggin saw it!! That stupidly freaks me out and stupidly wasted another 30 seconds staring at the mirror when I washed my hands to think about that joker.

Next, chiong-ed out to print my reporting slip and found my instructor, then got into the car and drove off.

Please for goodness sake, guys. When you pee, just pee. Don't try to act pro and do funny things!! wa lao! LOL

Seven April 2007

Last Saturday marks the last SJ training for me, at least for the next 3 months; or even next one year. Yes, I'm talking about the compulsary National Service. I'm not saying that I dislike it or what so ever, but I'll just accept it and "chiong whenever I'm told to do so". Just do it !

Today's already tuesday.. one day left for me.

Went for training last sat.. had mock fac. Den it was 1230 hours. Choon Siong and Ong told me to change into PT kit, as there'll be a changing parade.

"Okay..." I thought to myself.

After which CS wanted me to accompany him to the staff room to photocopy the casualty report..

"Alright..." I thought to myself; yet again.

Frigging photocopier machine keeps jamming up! Took me like 20++ minutes to try to photocopy 20 sheets of reports!

After I'm done, I walked back to SJ room.. then kenneth called me in because he wanted to show the NA team the right way of taking blood pressure.

"duh.. crazy ass" But I went in anyway

Took off my shoes and went onto the bed.

After that Chin Boon, Vincent, Wei Xiang, William came in and force me to straighten my legs and lie down!! Then each of them grabbed each of my limbs and lifted me off!

OFF I GO! @$@$%@%^!

Out of the SJ room..down the stairs..and onto the parade ground.

I remembered someone took off my socks.. den I turned and saw...........

GERALDINE !! omg. SHE HAD LIKE 3 WATER BOMBS IN HER HANDS. The next thing I knew was that one water bomb flew straight towards my face; with full force.

Then, everyone knew what follows. It was like I trespassed a territory; which it was not meant to be. And the local natives launched a defensive attack on the trespasser! bombs rained for at least half an hour. I was shot in the neck the most, back, chest, face and head.

But hey! I'm still alive! "yea of course. the bombs contained water -.- "

Okay..they had 400++ water bombs with them!! omg! I had NONE.

After their ammo went dry, they took on the bigger guns. Pails. Filled from half to full tank, they just came showering onto one's head, without the slightest warning. Stealth. They crept up on trespasser silently; like how a leopard would prey on a chicken. As they raced against time, pails of water soon overwhelmed the trespasser. It all happened within minutes. There wasn't any time for a breather or to take shelther.

I surrendered. Was seriously wet throughout and inside-out. Everyone was wet in the end. Very soaked! oh my.

Then it was time to fall in. I can't remember it was cabbage and who..requested for siying to fall in too! In the end it wasn't falling in, kept pushing her to take photo with me! lol. I guessed the most excited ones were those who aren't taking the photo! omg. But it's alright.. since everyone was so high and crazy about me and siying taking a photo, so I stepped in to pose for Ms Vanitha's camera. haha.

and wait ! I heard siying blushed! omg. was the sun too hot? o.O! I couldn't see the blush anyway..was without my spects. no worries, at 200 degrees, I still can see clearly everyone's face!

Super fun alright..den we played captains ball. This time round I realised the girls have improved quite abit. Although they were super violent. At 3.30pm we ended the game and it's time to wrap up everything. It was rather sad.. just like that I'm leaving..

Thanks everyone for planning this water bomb for me! So I was the only one who didn't know what's going on until the end! huh! hahaha.

Thanks the cuttest bunch for the prezzie and card! =)

Thanks to another crazy bunch who showered me with their holy water from the second level! LOL.

Really appreciate everything.. thanks all my fellow officers for joining in the conspiracy and fun too..

It's time for me to sign off once again! I wish those who're studying all the very best in exams, those waiting for uni application good luck and every other body a smooth sailing future ahead! =)

Till the next time we'll meet, see you!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Classic (클래식)

The Classic. Finally a day where I found the right mood to watch this movie. It was 2pm in the afternoon when I thought I would spend my time watching this 130min korean romance story. It is really a great movie, very touching indeed. Directed by kwak Jae-Yong (곽재용). I think he really did a superb job.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Seldom tears will flow because of a romance story, but it was an exception this time, at least for myself. The only romance story that touched me so deeply in a decade. Indeed, it is a classic; and it will always be.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSon Ye-jin

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJo Seung-woo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJo In-Seong

Pictures from

What a least the last one before I enlist.. 的確不可不信緣。。。

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time's running out

Time's really running out! I guessed it's the same for my fellow NS men. lol. Next thursday shall be the day where I will put down everything and commit myself full time 24 hours to national service.

When some of my friends are working..
When some of my friends are having breakfast..
When my brother's still sleeping..
When my sister's in school..
When my ah ma's at the market..
When my SJ juniors are in school studying..
When I am still disorientated..lost at what to do,

When it's 9.30am.. It's time to leave my least it will be another 2 weeks before I return to mainland again.

I'll miss everything, lotsa things. too much to be mentioned.

But I guessed it's just another phase of life for me. Another challenge that is.

oh darn. I shouldn't feel how I am feeling now.

:) I smiled. But it was fake. The thought of leaving my ah ma drives me crazy. I really wish for her health and well being. Hope she strike toto or 4D! YEA :))

As I once told my juniors 3 years back... "A second of sadness equals to a second of happiness lost." So seems like it isn't worth to be sad! haha! Everyone prays for happiness and why lose it when you are the one who can do something bout how you feel?

Take lotsa care people, my sister (she rox!), my ah ma, my parents.

Signing off,

Sunday, April 01, 2007


11 more days! That's went HQ check out the money counting thingy after my driving lesson this morning. Was there at about 1.30pm. Planned to meet choon siong and go army market buy my army stuff.

In the end me, choon siong, aisuan, peiling and yan rong had lunch together at golden mile food centre. haha.

Went up to the army market after lunch..walked past the many shops selling army stuff. Wah, see liao damn sian. I don't even have the slightest interest in them... *shrugs

Next saturday will be my last training day with Kranji St John before I enlist. Though I'll miss the training sessions and the fun everyone had on saturdays, but at some point in my life, I will have to part with them.

I seriously hope that KSJ will soar higher and roar!! =)

What's in store for me in 11 days' time? Stay tuned for more details! =.=

Lastly.. when I'm not around, I wish that my ah ma will still stay as healthy!! =]!!

*Dream a little dream. How do you define little?

Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, I've submitted every necessary documents to Murdoch last night. Now hope for the best! Although chances are slim..but I've confidence alright. lol

Last year they had 5 Singapore A level graduates applying to Murdoch..and only 1 got in. wah lao. On top of that, they only accept 52 international students per intake! oh god.

Uni of Queensland is no better off, they accept only 30 international students per intake. diao. And for anyone who come across this blog post; FYI: The Uni of Queensland have made Physics a compulsary subject in the admission requirement for Vet Science.

However, the 2 main subjects will still remain Maths and Chemistry. Do well for them peeps!

Eh, sorry. What I have said only pertains to Vet don't get mislead.

Yep, hope I HUAT for this admission. Huat la! lol. =p


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Personal Statement to be submitted

Experiences with animals

My desire to help and protect the animals started with personal experiences which involve learning to care for my own pets (including a dog, rabbits, hamsters, a budgie, ornamental fish and koi fish). As I learned to be more competent in handling certain animals, I start pet-sit my friends’ pets when they went abroad on holidays. Moreover, I would often monitor my neighbours’ pets (such as the rabbit) before, during and after the process of giving birth. This is so that I can help observe the rabbit’s health and then give advices to the owner such as not changing its eating habits or environment during the first few weeks after giving birth.

In order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge in the field of animal care and the different behaviors they exhibit, as well as the public’s attitude towards keeping pets in homes, I volunteered at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). During my years of service with the SPCA, duties like cleaning up cages and feeding the animals regularly have not only become a second nature, but most importantly, they increased my understanding with them as well as their eating habits tremendously. Moreover, I learned more valuable lessons such as dealing with nasty pet owners who ill-treat their pets, including irresponsible individuals who abandon their pets as though they are toys. My eagerness to expand my knowledge and increase my animal experience motivated me to volunteer at the Singapore Kennel Convention 2005. Throughout the time I spent there, I took advantage of the opportunities to gain maximum exposure and interact with the many breeds of dogs.

To further widen my horizon in the veterinary profession, I opted to work in a veterinary clinic during my school vacations. In the clinic, I learnt to deal with animals with different illnesses/diseases and various injuries. With specific instructions from the veterinarian, I acquired invaluable skills on how to provide the necessary care for the ill animals. My job scope involves the caring of the chinchillas, rabbits, dogs and cats. Throughout my time in the clinic, I was also taught to compromise or deal with demanding pet owners.

Why I want to become a veterinarian

The experiences I have had with the animals throughout the years have consistently reaffirmed my passion and commitment for the good and welfare of them as well as my ambition to become a veterinarian. My belief in becoming an accomplished veterinarian has certainly been strengthened through work experiences in a veterinary clinic as well as the volunteer work with SPCA. I learned to appreciate and understand the challenging and diversified role that veterinarians satisfy, and thus look forward the challenges that await me. Lastly, I believe a career that involves my passion for animal wellness as well as interpersonal interaction will be highly gratifying.

Why I chose Murdoch University as my preferred school

Murdoch University, with state-of-the-art learning facilities, will provide me with greater confidence and vigor in pursuing my degree in Veterinary Medical and Surgery. The dedicated and committed academic tutors will allow me to maximize my learning capabilities, so that I too can be part of the advancing veterinary medical knowledge. In addition, I believe that the animal farm in the campus will make veterinary studies and practices to be done competently. I look forward to a rewarding experience in the Murdoch University campus.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday marks the last day of me working for Dr Quek and Ms Judy Low, at Zhangde Primary School. My team of colleges were certainly nice people, and of course, very sociable. The four of us worked very well together. Although working hours are irregular, I liked the job!

Often while waiting for students to report, we doodle on the whiteboard, take stupid poser photos and talk rubbish (my fav!) !! Hmm, let's see. I drew bob dog, teenage mutant ninja turtles..and Vignesh's (college) face. HAHA. Not forgetting the combined effort between me and June to draw the twelve zodiac signs!!

As boring as it may sound, taking blood pressure allows me to meet new students everyday! Some kids are just plain naughty alright! Some are scary. Some are...funny. real funny. *laughs

Reached home at 6pm..took a short nap till 7.40pm. Ate dinner, and slept at 8pm. zzz. was very very tired. Have been sleeping for less than 5 hours each night for the past 4 days..

Shall help out at hui shan's pet clinic for the remaining days.. 15 days left. Wonders what awaits me in the near future. lol

amingo adios!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Will be away in bangkok to visit a friend! and of cos shopping. lol! Going on sunday morning, back on wednesday late night! Till then, cya!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Time: 1130 hours

Cooked a bowl of noodles. Placed it on an old wooden table in the living room. "World's Funniest Videos" was screened on TV. ah ma talked to me about money matters again. As much as I hate to talk about it, it was inevitable. She asked why I didn't wanted to study in Singapore Uni. (She mentioned about me doing badly in A lvls, not as good as my cousin - liwen, that's why I couldn't get a place in singapore uni.) She thought so because of the fact that I took only 3 As, and not 4 As.

As usual, she talked about my father again, my uncles, aunts. How they struggled during the 1960 s. Yes, I really understand the situation. Well, ah ma tends to stray off tangent with regards to the main topic of discussion. It's okay, I'll listen (perhaps the 20th time I'm listening to the same thing. I guess it's normal for them to be a little more naggy)

I suddenly felt that I'm in bedlam. I've no comments about what she said. I told her I wanted and had to study in Australia because singapore uni doesn't offer the course I have always wanted to study! Singapore does not have the space and facilities to support veterinary studies. On the other hand, what benefit has singapore got to gain from producing top veterinarians? It does not do the economy any good, and talking about Singapore's pillars of economy, the revenue veterinarians generate compared to the biomedical or manufacturing sector is kind of negligible.

*suddenly goes back into family politics again. It's really bad. my aunt who lives with me doesn't wants to ask me personally how I did in A lvls, and always talk to ah ma behind my back. She thought I didn't do well in A lvls.

During the 2 years in JC, I worked hard, studied and achieved the grades I wanted. Okay I am not as smart as many of my classmates, but when times were difficult during my J1, I told myself I need to hold on, I do not expect any support from my parents (it is impossible), I found my own source of motivation and I carried on. At that time, I didn't know how to achieve A grades for all my subjects. I felt seriously lost.

Then in year 2, I did badly for my common tests and had to drop my 4th A subject. It was very disheartening. I can only shout into a window, nothing larger than the size of my fist; my heart. Who can I turn to? I turned to myself in the end. All my father know was that he signed a letter indicating that I dropped biology, because I didn't do well in my exams. It is really not easy at all to find the right focus in study when you are constantly bombarded with issues like the aftermath of parents divorced, quarrels, moving house...etc.

I picked myself up and told myself since I cannot do anything about the family politics, I will not let it affect my studies; why should I anyway. As the saying goes "When the going gets tough, you'll only get tougher!" Very true. I believed in myself, that I can do it, and will do it. I am determined to prove to my father that I'm worth something, not one who flops and fumble.

Finally, I gotten my results. A-A-B. Relatively good enough for me to enrol into the veterinary faculty. But now what ah ma said really is hurting. It makes me wonder, what have I achieved for the past 2 years, what have I done and what did I aimed for?

I am thinking, if I can get my AVA scholarship successfully, that would be the best. It pays for all tution fees and accomodation. In return, 6 years of work with AVA. Hmm. There're always buts. What if...?

ah ma suggested me getting enrolled into singapore uni to continue my education, but as I've always said, what for? It's wasting money, and I will have no direction after spending years and getting a degree in singapore.

*didn't wanted to cry, and I hate crying.

so now what. To give up being a vet? Then the question now is, so what have I been trying to aim for all these years?

I pray a little prayer. Silently.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vet Science at Murdoch...

*Ended a 2-hour meeting in NUH with my colleges..

TIME: 1605 hours

I trudged along the concrete pathway, filled with dried fallen leaves, alongside Red Dot Traffic building. It is a building that stretches for at least 200 metres in length, and it's painted ALL RED. The whole building's really RED! inside out! A historical building..with some great eatery corners.

I feel wobby, wibbly, willy, wooky..serious headache. In a state of intricacy.

Walked past the RDT building to reach the Ministry of National Development (MND) building..needa get to the Aus-Ed; Uni-Ed agency located inside. Murdoch uni rep. and Uni of Queensland rep is here from 3-5pm! Got into the office and sat down. Trying hard to focus and mind's in serious chaos. *wobbles

Saw the agent whom I've seen so many times, at so many places!! Mr Ferdinand Tan!! and his trusty college, Mr Kelvin Mok! haha! So nice to meet them again.

Waited for about 10 min before I get my chance to talk to the guy from Uni of Queensland..asked him about the enrolment, the no. of international students they take in each year. He replied "about thirty or thirty-two each year". Okay, seems like competition's rather tight.. and then he told me the school's going to make Physics a compulsary subject for vet science entry requirement from next year. okay, I love physics. lol

Next I met the lady from Murdoch Uni, she's Ms Holly Croft. I asked again about the no. of international students they accept each year..she said about 50, but in the midst of increasing the intake to about 60. That's better..for a good school for vet science. Next she told me from this year onwards, the degree of vet medical/surgery will require 6 years instead of 5 years. So I asked her the reason for extending the period of course and she said according to the American Veterinary Association, the syllabus' for vet science's increased and they didn't want to compromise some other topics which previously was taught. Hence..yea.

hmm. This bothers me. Another year in australia means I require more money..very sad. wished I could talk to my parents about this. It ain't easy to talk to them afterall.

SMSed my dad and told him about the new 6-year a neutral response from him again..kinda expected it though. =/

what to do..? I asked myself.

What the ??

oh god. wtf. part of my teeth got chipped off when I woke up this morning. that sucked. now I'm bothered by that. sian. WHO STOLE PART OF MY TEETH ??!?!

Tooth fairy? probably. -.-

Friday, March 09, 2007

Rocky Balboa!

Watched Rocky Balboa! Directed by Sylvester Stallone, starring Sylvester Stallone! Watched his first movie 5-6 years back and got very inspired and motivated. Loved his movie as always! Get inspired by the former heavyweight champion! Rocky! It's a true life story though, great story.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Disclaimer: Pictures taken from

Sunday, March 04, 2007

University Exhibition at suntec!

It was a miserable saturday night..where liverpool lost to man utd on home soil, thanks to a stoppage time goal from O'shea. wtf's like ferdinand who did this the previous time when Liverpool met Man utd at Old Trafford. @%@%#$^#

But LIVERPOOL's still the club with fantastic history and players! "You'll never walk alone" whoa.. great fans...After O'shea's stoppage time goal, the cheers from the fans singing 'you'll never walk alone' is truly amazing...As LIVERPOOL supporters, we never give up on the players, even with a second left to full-time!

Okay..then I applied for a scholarship under Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) online..9 long pages..took me an hour to complete it. hmm, the scholarship comes with a 6-year bond. Since it's the only scholarship offered for Veterinary Science, I'll never let it slip past my hands!

Pray hard that I'll get accepted!! I truly wants to become a vet!

Sunday noon...brought my parents along to suntec city career seminar. showed them the Australian Universities' booths..and the agency Aus-Ed. Met Mr Ferdinand Tan again..he was the one who spoke to me the previous year when he went to PJC for an exhibition. He saw me and asked if he had seen me before, I replied 'yea, you're Ferdinand Tan. we met in PJC.' hahaha. He's kinda shocked, but he remembered me alright.

Okay, we talked about vet science again, but this time it was different, I had my results with me. The other time we spoke, the atmosphere was totally different, I haven't even took my prelims. Same stuff again, 4 universities offered vet science, Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland, Uni of Sydney, Uni of Melbourne. Definitely my first choice was Murdoch Uni! He knew me well enough already..then I asked about application.

Hmm. seems like much of the stuff I already to double confirm, I asked him again. So I just need to submit by application, together with my GCE A Levels certificate to the various uni. But he said I can forget about Uni of Melbourne cause they only accept straight As students. So I applied for Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland and Uni of Sydney.

Hopefully and really, I want to get into Murdoch University!! I really liked the school campus, with their own farm in the campus itself, it makes vet studies more efficient and convenient! Hmm. Hope to hear a reply from these universities soon..although I'll be entering in July 2009, but an early reply will surely save me from all worries!

Thanks to st john junior, I applied for the AVA scholarship. I searched for months and I never knew about this scholarship. Well, I hope for the best..! =))!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Release of A level RESULTS! 2nd mar 07

Oh dear!! never felt so reluctant to leave house for school, each footstep seems heavier as I trod on. Today was sunny..and good la. As I was telling Ms Oh (my CT) the night before that today will be 雨過天晴, cos it has been raining for the past 2 days!!

Then my conversation with Mr Tan (the chem chicky noob) always revolves around this word ---> 發. Or to pronounce it: HUAT. Good what, HUAT during new year, den HUAT during A lvls too. hmm. I told him I'd HUAT today, LOLS. Then I purposely wore red, to signify prosperity. hahaha. If I seemed too superstitious, well, for the sake of A lvls, WHY NOT. haha.

Huat la huat la huat la.

Had sleepless nights throughout the week, I bet the teachers are more anxious than us. Mr Tan was awaken by some noobies in the middle of the night, no wonder he came online after 12 midnight...haha. Ms Oh also..I think she went asking everyone about As in her msn contacts la! lol! what a miserable night. misery loves company; how true.

okay..I queued up for my results..paid for that lame $51.40, and flipped over my result slip.
Mathematics - A
Physics - B
Chemistry - A

okay, then I hugged ms oh on the spot!

Rather satisfied with my results..although no straight As..but I could apply for Veterinary Science now! Shall go down IDP apply tomorrow.. =)

Finally, I passed the A levels hurdle! I shall become a Vet!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hereby express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
Ms Marlene Oh (CT and bio tutor)
Mr Tan BP (chem noob cum joker)
Mr Chua PT (maths)
Mr Loh SB (physics craze)
Mr Siraj (funny GP tutor)

Special thanks to the chem noob who is always available on phone or msn for us! he's really a great tutor. we all owe it to him.

hmm, although I dropped bio in May last year, but I still think ms oh is a very committed tutor, hope you don't miss us too much! haha.

Not forgetting all those whom I studied with before As!!

Cya! =))))


hmm. Results out in about 2 hours' time..I'm at home now. Having Lunch. My mind's seriously blank. what to do. Can't be helped either. Time is cruel, it doesn't wait. So which is more scary? Time or Results?


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Puppies sunbathing!

A cool 5 minute video on puppies sunbathing.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


WEE. Went for training this morning and then headed to HQ at 3pm for briefing on tonight's Chingay first aid coverage. What a great event. Excited of cos, but also a little scared. During the briefing together with the cadets, I was actually rather scared, thinking about all possible cases that might happen, and then how to react.

I was in charged of zone 1, responsible for the cadets and accountable for the whole area. Stressed. Reached zone 1 at about 6pm. People started to crowd around barricade as Bryan Wong and Michelle Yeo led the pre-event chingay parade! Brought Laura and May towards the viewing gallery..including the president/VIPS stand, den saw Bryan Wong with the newscaster filming LIVE! woo. close up with the celebrities.

Geraldine and siying stationed near the entrance of the barricades. I didn't knew it was their first PD..and to such a magnificent event. whao, great experience lei. haha. I stood beside them to talk to them about such duties..what should a first aider behave..and to be professional. Lotsa cameras shooting around, of cos have to act professional!! lol.

At about 8.20pm we changed shifts..gera and siying went back to the FA post and two other took over. At about 9pm, I went to check out laura and may..omg. so many celebrities were beside only lor, likes of Gurmit Singh, Quan Yifeng and many more!! haha. *excited

At 9.30pm, the event ended..street party starts. Whao, imagine the noise level and we're trying to communicate through the walkie-talkies. siao la. have to shout into the speaker, until now I'm having a sore throat. zzz. Den lotsa people going and there, I tried to squeeze my way through the crowd and as a result one of my shoulder flash dropped..("buah" too much with the crowd)

Instructions were given to us through walkie talkies. We've over a hundred first aiders with us, only 6 walkie-talkies for zone in-charged. Took us about 45 minutes to settle our manpower. May, laura, carrot and siying went home at 10.20pm..was rather worried about them, cos I couldn't leave as the street party will go on till about 11pm+++. They took the train home and I made them message me once they reach home. quite fast lei, may and laura reached home at around 11.05pm, then siying reached..lastly geraldine. phew. safe and sound!

ok..I forgot what time I boarded the ambulance and headed towards HQ. took a cab home at about 12am. Lucky no casualties...good day for everyone. Great job, thanks. I hope you all (may, laura, siying, carrot) learn alot and had fun! esp siying and carrot, way to go! more duties to come! =D

oh yes. We took photos after we stood down from duty. haha!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's 07!

Valentine's on 14 Feb. Was back home in the afternoon after my driving lesson, then choon siong called to jio me out for shopping. haha! His working hours in camp darn flexible! kk, arranged to meet at city hall at 2.30pm, he frigging alighted from his bus in orchard and told me that he reached city hall! ok, den I went to orchard to meet him. Not a bad idea afterall, good shopping though. Bought quite a number of shirts and stuff. lol.

Arranged to meet JY, Jeri, Ken and Ong 6pm at city hall. Saw many many couples on the way. May you (reading this) find ur match soon! Walked to suntec city and agreed on Carl's Jr for dinner. HAHA. aiya, from my point of view, eating where doesn't really matters, it is who you're eating with matters.

Here're some pics at Carl's Jr!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ong the licker? Again? OH!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

UMM. Burgers!! so 丰满!! *chomps

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Phototaking at fountain of wealth..very nice lei. hahah. though we made a scene there, disrupting the quiet atmosphere for some romantic-couples-wannabe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Club SAA!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Style eh? we look great!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

omg?! *LAUGHS

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HEADLINE: LATEST SCANDAL. Parapazzi: KENNETH LIM. STARRING: ONG & JY. Moving on to esplanade..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kenneth sure is fast to capture photos! great skill from ken lim!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Valentine's! look carefully at the pic!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

JY and Jerilyn caught red-handed!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ken made a sick joke. T_T

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tired? *smiles

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

JY and Jerilyn bought balloons for us! Don't know where they got them, because no one was carrying the same balloon as us! THANKS! We appreciate that alot! The balloons got entangled btw.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

fly fly fly.. balloon. They had words written on them by JY & Jerilyn, that's enough to make a balloon special.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catch Barcelona vs Liverpool, LIFE!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Barcelona vs Liverpool at Nou Camp! Champions League showdown! To all Liverpool fans, ROAR and SHAKE nou camp!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Steven Gerrard the skipper!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Inspire a victory!