Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, I've submitted every necessary documents to Murdoch last night. Now hope for the best! Although chances are slim..but I've confidence alright. lol

Last year they had 5 Singapore A level graduates applying to Murdoch..and only 1 got in. wah lao. On top of that, they only accept 52 international students per intake! oh god.

Uni of Queensland is no better off, they accept only 30 international students per intake. diao. And for anyone who come across this blog post; FYI: The Uni of Queensland have made Physics a compulsary subject in the admission requirement for Vet Science.

However, the 2 main subjects will still remain Maths and Chemistry. Do well for them peeps!

Eh, sorry. What I have said only pertains to Vet don't get mislead.

Yep, hope I HUAT for this admission. Huat la! lol. =p


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Personal Statement to be submitted

Experiences with animals

My desire to help and protect the animals started with personal experiences which involve learning to care for my own pets (including a dog, rabbits, hamsters, a budgie, ornamental fish and koi fish). As I learned to be more competent in handling certain animals, I start pet-sit my friends’ pets when they went abroad on holidays. Moreover, I would often monitor my neighbours’ pets (such as the rabbit) before, during and after the process of giving birth. This is so that I can help observe the rabbit’s health and then give advices to the owner such as not changing its eating habits or environment during the first few weeks after giving birth.

In order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge in the field of animal care and the different behaviors they exhibit, as well as the public’s attitude towards keeping pets in homes, I volunteered at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). During my years of service with the SPCA, duties like cleaning up cages and feeding the animals regularly have not only become a second nature, but most importantly, they increased my understanding with them as well as their eating habits tremendously. Moreover, I learned more valuable lessons such as dealing with nasty pet owners who ill-treat their pets, including irresponsible individuals who abandon their pets as though they are toys. My eagerness to expand my knowledge and increase my animal experience motivated me to volunteer at the Singapore Kennel Convention 2005. Throughout the time I spent there, I took advantage of the opportunities to gain maximum exposure and interact with the many breeds of dogs.

To further widen my horizon in the veterinary profession, I opted to work in a veterinary clinic during my school vacations. In the clinic, I learnt to deal with animals with different illnesses/diseases and various injuries. With specific instructions from the veterinarian, I acquired invaluable skills on how to provide the necessary care for the ill animals. My job scope involves the caring of the chinchillas, rabbits, dogs and cats. Throughout my time in the clinic, I was also taught to compromise or deal with demanding pet owners.

Why I want to become a veterinarian

The experiences I have had with the animals throughout the years have consistently reaffirmed my passion and commitment for the good and welfare of them as well as my ambition to become a veterinarian. My belief in becoming an accomplished veterinarian has certainly been strengthened through work experiences in a veterinary clinic as well as the volunteer work with SPCA. I learned to appreciate and understand the challenging and diversified role that veterinarians satisfy, and thus look forward the challenges that await me. Lastly, I believe a career that involves my passion for animal wellness as well as interpersonal interaction will be highly gratifying.

Why I chose Murdoch University as my preferred school

Murdoch University, with state-of-the-art learning facilities, will provide me with greater confidence and vigor in pursuing my degree in Veterinary Medical and Surgery. The dedicated and committed academic tutors will allow me to maximize my learning capabilities, so that I too can be part of the advancing veterinary medical knowledge. In addition, I believe that the animal farm in the campus will make veterinary studies and practices to be done competently. I look forward to a rewarding experience in the Murdoch University campus.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday marks the last day of me working for Dr Quek and Ms Judy Low, at Zhangde Primary School. My team of colleges were certainly nice people, and of course, very sociable. The four of us worked very well together. Although working hours are irregular, I liked the job!

Often while waiting for students to report, we doodle on the whiteboard, take stupid poser photos and talk rubbish (my fav!) !! Hmm, let's see. I drew bob dog, teenage mutant ninja turtles..and Vignesh's (college) face. HAHA. Not forgetting the combined effort between me and June to draw the twelve zodiac signs!!

As boring as it may sound, taking blood pressure allows me to meet new students everyday! Some kids are just plain naughty alright! Some are scary. Some are...funny. real funny. *laughs

Reached home at 6pm..took a short nap till 7.40pm. Ate dinner, and slept at 8pm. zzz. was very very tired. Have been sleeping for less than 5 hours each night for the past 4 days..

Shall help out at hui shan's pet clinic for the remaining days.. 15 days left. Wonders what awaits me in the near future. lol

amingo adios!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Will be away in bangkok to visit a friend! and of cos shopping. lol! Going on sunday morning, back on wednesday late night! Till then, cya!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Time: 1130 hours

Cooked a bowl of noodles. Placed it on an old wooden table in the living room. "World's Funniest Videos" was screened on TV. ah ma talked to me about money matters again. As much as I hate to talk about it, it was inevitable. She asked why I didn't wanted to study in Singapore Uni. (She mentioned about me doing badly in A lvls, not as good as my cousin - liwen, that's why I couldn't get a place in singapore uni.) She thought so because of the fact that I took only 3 As, and not 4 As.

As usual, she talked about my father again, my uncles, aunts. How they struggled during the 1960 s. Yes, I really understand the situation. Well, ah ma tends to stray off tangent with regards to the main topic of discussion. It's okay, I'll listen (perhaps the 20th time I'm listening to the same thing. I guess it's normal for them to be a little more naggy)

I suddenly felt that I'm in bedlam. I've no comments about what she said. I told her I wanted and had to study in Australia because singapore uni doesn't offer the course I have always wanted to study! Singapore does not have the space and facilities to support veterinary studies. On the other hand, what benefit has singapore got to gain from producing top veterinarians? It does not do the economy any good, and talking about Singapore's pillars of economy, the revenue veterinarians generate compared to the biomedical or manufacturing sector is kind of negligible.

*suddenly goes back into family politics again. It's really bad. my aunt who lives with me doesn't wants to ask me personally how I did in A lvls, and always talk to ah ma behind my back. She thought I didn't do well in A lvls.

During the 2 years in JC, I worked hard, studied and achieved the grades I wanted. Okay I am not as smart as many of my classmates, but when times were difficult during my J1, I told myself I need to hold on, I do not expect any support from my parents (it is impossible), I found my own source of motivation and I carried on. At that time, I didn't know how to achieve A grades for all my subjects. I felt seriously lost.

Then in year 2, I did badly for my common tests and had to drop my 4th A subject. It was very disheartening. I can only shout into a window, nothing larger than the size of my fist; my heart. Who can I turn to? I turned to myself in the end. All my father know was that he signed a letter indicating that I dropped biology, because I didn't do well in my exams. It is really not easy at all to find the right focus in study when you are constantly bombarded with issues like the aftermath of parents divorced, quarrels, moving house...etc.

I picked myself up and told myself since I cannot do anything about the family politics, I will not let it affect my studies; why should I anyway. As the saying goes "When the going gets tough, you'll only get tougher!" Very true. I believed in myself, that I can do it, and will do it. I am determined to prove to my father that I'm worth something, not one who flops and fumble.

Finally, I gotten my results. A-A-B. Relatively good enough for me to enrol into the veterinary faculty. But now what ah ma said really is hurting. It makes me wonder, what have I achieved for the past 2 years, what have I done and what did I aimed for?

I am thinking, if I can get my AVA scholarship successfully, that would be the best. It pays for all tution fees and accomodation. In return, 6 years of work with AVA. Hmm. There're always buts. What if...?

ah ma suggested me getting enrolled into singapore uni to continue my education, but as I've always said, what for? It's wasting money, and I will have no direction after spending years and getting a degree in singapore.

*didn't wanted to cry, and I hate crying.

so now what. To give up being a vet? Then the question now is, so what have I been trying to aim for all these years?

I pray a little prayer. Silently.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vet Science at Murdoch...

*Ended a 2-hour meeting in NUH with my colleges..

TIME: 1605 hours

I trudged along the concrete pathway, filled with dried fallen leaves, alongside Red Dot Traffic building. It is a building that stretches for at least 200 metres in length, and it's painted ALL RED. The whole building's really RED! inside out! A historical building..with some great eatery corners.

I feel wobby, wibbly, willy, wooky..serious headache. In a state of intricacy.

Walked past the RDT building to reach the Ministry of National Development (MND) building..needa get to the Aus-Ed; Uni-Ed agency located inside. Murdoch uni rep. and Uni of Queensland rep is here from 3-5pm! Got into the office and sat down. Trying hard to focus and mind's in serious chaos. *wobbles

Saw the agent whom I've seen so many times, at so many places!! Mr Ferdinand Tan!! and his trusty college, Mr Kelvin Mok! haha! So nice to meet them again.

Waited for about 10 min before I get my chance to talk to the guy from Uni of Queensland..asked him about the enrolment, the no. of international students they take in each year. He replied "about thirty or thirty-two each year". Okay, seems like competition's rather tight.. and then he told me the school's going to make Physics a compulsary subject for vet science entry requirement from next year. okay, I love physics. lol

Next I met the lady from Murdoch Uni, she's Ms Holly Croft. I asked again about the no. of international students they accept each year..she said about 50, but in the midst of increasing the intake to about 60. That's better..for a good school for vet science. Next she told me from this year onwards, the degree of vet medical/surgery will require 6 years instead of 5 years. So I asked her the reason for extending the period of course and she said according to the American Veterinary Association, the syllabus' for vet science's increased and they didn't want to compromise some other topics which previously was taught. Hence..yea.

hmm. This bothers me. Another year in australia means I require more money..very sad. wished I could talk to my parents about this. It ain't easy to talk to them afterall.

SMSed my dad and told him about the new 6-year a neutral response from him again..kinda expected it though. =/

what to do..? I asked myself.

What the ??

oh god. wtf. part of my teeth got chipped off when I woke up this morning. that sucked. now I'm bothered by that. sian. WHO STOLE PART OF MY TEETH ??!?!

Tooth fairy? probably. -.-

Friday, March 09, 2007

Rocky Balboa!

Watched Rocky Balboa! Directed by Sylvester Stallone, starring Sylvester Stallone! Watched his first movie 5-6 years back and got very inspired and motivated. Loved his movie as always! Get inspired by the former heavyweight champion! Rocky! It's a true life story though, great story.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

University Exhibition at suntec!

It was a miserable saturday night..where liverpool lost to man utd on home soil, thanks to a stoppage time goal from O'shea. wtf's like ferdinand who did this the previous time when Liverpool met Man utd at Old Trafford. @%@%#$^#

But LIVERPOOL's still the club with fantastic history and players! "You'll never walk alone" whoa.. great fans...After O'shea's stoppage time goal, the cheers from the fans singing 'you'll never walk alone' is truly amazing...As LIVERPOOL supporters, we never give up on the players, even with a second left to full-time!

Okay..then I applied for a scholarship under Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) online..9 long pages..took me an hour to complete it. hmm, the scholarship comes with a 6-year bond. Since it's the only scholarship offered for Veterinary Science, I'll never let it slip past my hands!

Pray hard that I'll get accepted!! I truly wants to become a vet!

Sunday noon...brought my parents along to suntec city career seminar. showed them the Australian Universities' booths..and the agency Aus-Ed. Met Mr Ferdinand Tan again..he was the one who spoke to me the previous year when he went to PJC for an exhibition. He saw me and asked if he had seen me before, I replied 'yea, you're Ferdinand Tan. we met in PJC.' hahaha. He's kinda shocked, but he remembered me alright.

Okay, we talked about vet science again, but this time it was different, I had my results with me. The other time we spoke, the atmosphere was totally different, I haven't even took my prelims. Same stuff again, 4 universities offered vet science, Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland, Uni of Sydney, Uni of Melbourne. Definitely my first choice was Murdoch Uni! He knew me well enough already..then I asked about application.

Hmm. seems like much of the stuff I already to double confirm, I asked him again. So I just need to submit by application, together with my GCE A Levels certificate to the various uni. But he said I can forget about Uni of Melbourne cause they only accept straight As students. So I applied for Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland and Uni of Sydney.

Hopefully and really, I want to get into Murdoch University!! I really liked the school campus, with their own farm in the campus itself, it makes vet studies more efficient and convenient! Hmm. Hope to hear a reply from these universities soon..although I'll be entering in July 2009, but an early reply will surely save me from all worries!

Thanks to st john junior, I applied for the AVA scholarship. I searched for months and I never knew about this scholarship. Well, I hope for the best..! =))!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Release of A level RESULTS! 2nd mar 07

Oh dear!! never felt so reluctant to leave house for school, each footstep seems heavier as I trod on. Today was sunny..and good la. As I was telling Ms Oh (my CT) the night before that today will be 雨過天晴, cos it has been raining for the past 2 days!!

Then my conversation with Mr Tan (the chem chicky noob) always revolves around this word ---> 發. Or to pronounce it: HUAT. Good what, HUAT during new year, den HUAT during A lvls too. hmm. I told him I'd HUAT today, LOLS. Then I purposely wore red, to signify prosperity. hahaha. If I seemed too superstitious, well, for the sake of A lvls, WHY NOT. haha.

Huat la huat la huat la.

Had sleepless nights throughout the week, I bet the teachers are more anxious than us. Mr Tan was awaken by some noobies in the middle of the night, no wonder he came online after 12 midnight...haha. Ms Oh also..I think she went asking everyone about As in her msn contacts la! lol! what a miserable night. misery loves company; how true.

okay..I queued up for my results..paid for that lame $51.40, and flipped over my result slip.
Mathematics - A
Physics - B
Chemistry - A

okay, then I hugged ms oh on the spot!

Rather satisfied with my results..although no straight As..but I could apply for Veterinary Science now! Shall go down IDP apply tomorrow.. =)

Finally, I passed the A levels hurdle! I shall become a Vet!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hereby express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
Ms Marlene Oh (CT and bio tutor)
Mr Tan BP (chem noob cum joker)
Mr Chua PT (maths)
Mr Loh SB (physics craze)
Mr Siraj (funny GP tutor)

Special thanks to the chem noob who is always available on phone or msn for us! he's really a great tutor. we all owe it to him.

hmm, although I dropped bio in May last year, but I still think ms oh is a very committed tutor, hope you don't miss us too much! haha.

Not forgetting all those whom I studied with before As!!

Cya! =))))


hmm. Results out in about 2 hours' time..I'm at home now. Having Lunch. My mind's seriously blank. what to do. Can't be helped either. Time is cruel, it doesn't wait. So which is more scary? Time or Results?