Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 11.5 - Coffee and a Sunflower

On the night of a Good Friday, decided to spend some time by myself at home. Had a cup of self-made coffee after dinner and it couldn't be any more refreshing. Coffee is a beverage many would need to keep them going early in the morning. But coffee, helps me relax. In fact, I recently did a little trial on myself; drinking coffee one to two hours before my sleep time. What I realized was bewildering. I find my sleep much more nourishing and I wouldn't wake up feeling as if I needed another 5 minutes of snooze time. Energetic and alive are two words that would come off my mind if I can illustrate in this manner.

Has anyone thought of how coffee and sunflower can actually go together? I actually thought putting them together makes an incredibly beautiful picture. The sunflower brings out the vitality in coffee beans; that is seemingly dark and bitter.

Dozens of way we can make beverages out of coffee beans, another dozens of occasion we can appreciate having a cuppa to ourselves. Just like how we would be able to bring the light out of a seemingly dark situation. A sunflower perhaps? :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chapter 11.4 - FOOD. for thought.

On a rainy autumn evening, which is approximately 7pm right now. Haven't exactly thought of what to prepare for dinner but yet I thought of fried carrot cake (black pls.), ba chor mee..everything else appeals to me except what's in my kitchen. Besides craving for home food, what came across my mind is actually the idea that eating what you crave at the moment, can actually make you a whole lot happier.

How do we explain food craving? Why do we only crave for certain food, at only certain times, and not everyday? So what causes the sudden onset of intense desire?

and lastly, food craving decreases the appeal of other food..which then affects how we perceive the taste it. So although 90% of taste comes from smell, I believe a big chunk comes from what goes on in the brain, or rather I would think - the limbic system. Perhaps?