Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chapter 8.2 - Life, like a cup of coffee

"The happiest people,
don't have the best of everything,
they just,
make the best of everything

Live simply,
Speak kindly,
Care deeply,
Love generously."

We all know the stresses of exams, all the what ifs, the uncertainties.
Pretty much detest it when I can't sleep as whenever I wish to,
not even when I'm exhausted.

Came across this video while having a break from studying (yes, youtube!),
thought I'd share it with the ones who still reads my blog.

Watched the 'Last lecture by the late Dr. Randy Pausch ( -2008), I've already read his book,
an amazing guy who really deserves the deepest respect. In other part of his
talk on Ophra Winfrey's show, his last few sentences were:

"Why I gave the talk,
only for 3 people,
and when they are older, they will watch it."


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chapter 8.1 - Safari ya Afrika

Happy Birthday to Google =)


I remembered the last time I typed 'Africa' in that manner ('Afrika') was in 2008 when I had a FB post (or photo album?) on my service training in South Africa. The night's concert at Wesley Church brought back many memories as I sat on the second deck with Alex, allowing the brilliant voices of the choir to engulf me. Lasting approximately 2 hours into the evening, it certainly brightens up a gloomy and rainy night.

The architecture of the church amazes me and surely it was one of the churches in the olden days preserved and occupied up to date. First saturday of the study break, perfect way to spend the evening, away from books and the computer.


First time into a church of this brilliance.

First time to a refreshing concert like this in Perth.

Joel as the Tenor.

the choir embracing themselves in the Zulu language...


As we march into the finals, I'm happy, that I'm about to cross the first of the many hurdles of this marathon. Many thoughts from this semester, only one conclusion.

"Believe, is what you really need to walk out of any jungle."

I will, go the distance.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

food for thought.

[ if tomorrow never comes,
what would you want your last impression in the memories of people to be? ]

Food for thought. surely it affects how you'd behave, thinking twice before acting, and last but most importantly, how you'd treat others.

*random thought...