Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 6.1 - When letting go is receiving

Paid a visit to the RSPCA before my midsems and figured he's my favourite dog over there! hahaa. Handsome boy.

Took this picture behind my school. Was plucking plants (pastures) for one of my assignment, where we have to learn almost everything about soils and the different pastures. It's madness. Never have I ever wondered the dirt I trample on and the green I played a soccer ball on, makes me piss my pants for exam.

The building there is actually the old folks' estate beside my school, like a whole estate built specially for old folks to live together. The suburb around my school is quiet in the day, and nothing moves after hours (this is where all old folks stay!). Hah. Peaceful (:

Standing on the same spot, photograph taken at about 5pm in spring. Simply lovely. :)

Rugby post.


Decided to go have a check on something under my foot. Been going on for 2 months and now that I can't walk properly I figured I better have it checked!

Afterhours GP.. very very dodgy clinic beside the hospital.

Haha. That window there is the reception! so old school! and I paid $85 for consultation.

Yeah, after hours.

This is one of the sunday evenings when I was walking back to my room from the vet study study. too much info, too little time.


Let me introduce.. he's CHARLIE.!! Caught him outside my flat yesterday. The shingleback, blue-tongued or the Bobtail they call it here. Native species and I will not be allowed to keep it for long. Pretty amazing boy.

I've this interest such exotic species. Planning to do my independent research and study next year on them. Will make a special request to the vet school to allow me to go into exotic species!

I left Charlie beside my bed, right beside my pillow last night, oh what a pretty boy. :D Wildlife is is truly breathtaking. Can I get any closer to wildlife? Yes I can. more more!!


I'll be taking part in the RAT race next month, first time which is held in Perth. Will be racing for Oxfam, a global poverty organisation. I can't wait for it. It's held over 2 days, including street races on foot, bike and kayaks, absailing and overcoming obstacles. It's like an amazing race I'd put it. A team of 3 and here we go!

My team's Team L'mighty, and fundraising prior to the race is crucial!! Here's our website for donation: Everyone makes a difference! Be it $2 to $10, every bit counts. Our target is $800. If you can make a difference towards global poverty and injustice, why not?

This is my personal fundraising page:

I'll soon post our team photo up! Fundraising ends before my race on the 7-8th november, so I'd really appreciate if you can help!

Yup that's all for now. and it's SUMMERRRRRR. !!! 32deg now for a start. =O