Thursday, March 31, 2005


What's? wrong? I ! hate! this! feeling! sigh~ o.o

Monday, March 28, 2005

A FUCKER spoils the whole day.

Today's orientation day 3, supposed to be back with your CT classes, which means the permanent class tt we'll be having for the next 2 years. And my best bud wee kian's appeal was a success and he got into the same class as me! So ^^ haha!

Back to my title.. today, steven, xiangming, sherman, zhenhui, weekian and me were having lunch in da canteen, eating chicken rice as usual with extra rice, extra meat.. lol, then suddenly 1 fucker who's wearing a yellow Student Council t-shirt, came to approach us. Both xm and sherman were already in a bad mood from the previous incident tt happened in da hall, which is rather realli, fucked. Then, the fucker came to ask if we're from SO1, and we answered yes. We were eating at tt time, so not alot of talking's involved, but we finished the rice up very quickly and he told us tt he got something very impt to tell us. Curious, we sat there quietly to listen to what he's got to say.

He started off the conversation saying that we need to be more enthu, need to change our attitude abt the orientation and shouldn't criticise other classes. WHAT THE FUCK? SINCE WHEN DID WE CRITISIZE OTHER CLASSES? I got fucked up by this sentence, hence probed further to ask if when did we ever criticise other classes? And we asked him who told him to speak to us, and he said SOMEONE. Well, after much questioning, we got to know tt it's our own OGL tt told him tt we have bad attitudes, we criticises other class.. all those bad stuff.

We asked him to give examples on what stuff that we said which he thinks we're in wrong, and GUESS WHAT?! THAT FUCKER, and I mean A REAL FUCKER, actually said that we say "The other classes are not as good as us, cos we triple science class." WHAT THE FUCK? WHEN DID WE EVER SAY THAT?! THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!

Friends out there who're reading my blog, after knowing me for so long, do I look like 1 who say this kinda things? Does weekian look like 1 too? and xiangming? And my other 3 friends whom I knew for 3 months, I know they wont say this kinda things!! IF we have such bad attitude, how the hell did we get into a triple science class? I believe that everyone knows that in order to excel in your studies, what comes first? Attitude! We have bad attitude? We criticise till this stage? If we have such attitude, we wouldn't even get into a JC in the first place, neither poly or even ITE! WE WOULD HAVE forgotten about studies and went to slack around!

what the fuck la, we know we wouldn't say this kinda things, and that fucker kept insisting that we did say that. So I was very fucked up and i asked "So, from the way you're talking, you're standing on that gal's side who told you this story and believing in her point of view, and isn't this bias? You only listen to 1 side of the story?" He didn't answer to my qn but changed to talk from other points of view, but isn't this obvious tt he's bias? So I decided not to question him on this any further. FINE. I kept quiet and listen to what he's got to say.

Then we went into the topic of we not being enthu. what the fuck is this, we not enthu? We were so friendly and high in the morning when we play games and when they OGLs told us to go take a break, we even joined in other classes games! ISN'T THIS ENTHU? HOW THE FUCK ENTHU THEY WANT US TO BE? THIS IS TOTALLY ABSURB! FUCK.

Then next was back to the criticising thing again, that fucker said that we made our OGL (tt gal), cried becos we criticise her. Again, WHAT THE FUCK LA? Since when did we criticise her? That fucker said that she went to the toilet and cried becos of what we did. BUT, THE PROBLEM IS, DID WE EVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT THE GAL's FEELINGs? I CAN SWEAR, WE NEVER EVER DID. Even if there's, is "hey, you very fierce leh..!" a criticism? Somemore we said this in a joking manner!! Imagine!! THIS IS SOO STUPID! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WE ACTUALLY GOT ACCUSED FOR THESE KINDA FUCKED THINGS!


Okay, now we've got a bad image in front of everyone and it's becos of SOME THINGS, WHICH WE DIDN'T FUCKING DID! WHAT THE HECK!

Well, firstly that fucker tried to be mysterious and when we asked about his name, he declined to answer us. Fine, we asked him about his class since he asked us about everything. He said, we don't need to know which class he's from. Name? "I'm just a normal student in a normal jc like Pioneer JC." fine.

Then another student counciler came by, he's a nice fellow, standing neutral. We told him everything and he called that fucker who we later found out to be called Adrian, down to the canteen to settle the misunderstanding. This is the moment when we knew everything about this fukcer, and when we asked about why he lied abt his identity, he said he didn't lie. Isn't claiming himself to be a J1 when he's not, lying? Kian shot him back with "You're turning 18 this year and you still can't differentiate between a lie and a truth." Well done, kian. Next, I shot him with "Why can't you just say that you're from J2, what's wrong with that, and is telling us your class a shameful thing to do? A sensible person wouldn't say that he's just a normal person in a normal JC like Pioneer." Isn't it?? He's just trying to be unreasonable.

The other nice fellow was just listening beside and trying to solve the misunderstanding. Well, he told us to just forget about this matter and hope that we'll be more enthu after lunch. what the fuck, how can we just forget about this matter when we got accused and almost every OGLs or rather friends know abt this matter? We did nothing wrong and we were accused?

What the fuck, I seriously think that this is a very serious misunderstanding! Well, that fucker just spoils our nice orientation which was supposed to be fun (which we enjoyed ourselves in the morning only). Thanks fucker. =)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally.. 9 reds!

If you ever wonder, what 9 reds means, well, it means 9 blood parrot fish. Or rather some people prefer to call em Red Parrot Fish..! haha.. Got to tell ya a lil story abt my reds before I can say what I wish to share! loL...

Back in 2003 Dec.. I bought 2 reds, and I thought they would form the world's lovliest pair of love fish.. how romantic! But they turn out to be 2 females T.T Both laid their eggs and both tried to defend their own eggs at different corners of the tank! Well, how did I manage to know that both laid eggs? Easy but crazy, of cos I can recognise my own fish, which is which, and 1 fine day when I saw one of the reds laying eggs on the bed of rocks I prepared at the bottom of the tank! Transparent, small, cute eggs came out in some sort of chain pattern from her 'ass', and I jus sat there watching her lay... ard 45 min passed and she hadn't finish laying her eggs! Got sick of seeing those eggs popping out and I went to take a nap instead! lol..

After some days, I happen to see the other red not swimming quite right in da tank~! Went closer only to realise that she was laying her eggs! Wad de! No males! Crap.. lol... Too bad I didn't introduce any males into the tank, if not all the eggs would have been fertilised! aww... kept saying tt I would go buy 1 male, which cost ard $7-8 bucks, but I always never take action. hahaha

Then after about close to a year.. during one of the nights, the oxygen pump's plug's fuse blew.. ! -.- then one of the reds died... ='( what the.. it's not my fault what, the fuse blew suddenly in the middle of the night, what can I do? Unwillingly, but I have to. I scooped out the fish using a net, was rather heavy though.. sigh, very sad and that's it. =/

The worse part is yet to come, seeing the other fish who survived the ordeal swimming all alone in the tank just provides the absolute atmosphere of lonliness. Pure lonliness. It isn't as lively as before. It seemed to ask me "Where's my friend?" whenever I looked into her eyes.. =I

Well.. this is the story guys..

Today, after about 3 months of living alone, I bought another 8 to make it 9. Well, I heard from chee that we cannot rear fishes in even number, and 9's always the best number for rearing fishes... i bought 8 more. But eventually 1 died earlier (no reason, maybe he committed suicide), which left only 8 reds in da tank! Even number!

My dad went to Qian Hu to buy 1 more Red today.. was rather big in size! lol.. now I've got 9 Reds.. woo hoo! The lively atmosphere in da tank has finally reignite! =D

Image hosted by

Reds caught in a mess!

Image hosted by

Shoo! I'm new here, let me socialise first! Don't take pics!!

Image hosted by

Yes.. that's me, I'm new here! =D

Image hosted by

Here's my beautiful and heavenly pinkish coloured scales! Wahaha..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Orientation 2..!

O2! As I stepped into the exciting atmosphere in pj, I could see some new fresh (noob) faces, but most importantly, Pj made me feel as if I am back in kranji -.-! lol! So many Kranjians! omg! =/ Well, it's up to individuals to decide whether it's something good or bad! haha! =D

Walked to sch with gay kian as usual, and he was late.. he still specifically reminded me the night before to meet at 6.50am under his block, but then he came out of the lift at 7.03am! lol.. we were supposed to reach sch by 7.30, was wondering if we'll be late.. But, aiya, late then late lor, orientation mah, bound to have late comers, what can they do? haha! We walked normally and saw mr siah again, lol..on his bike. We waved and he seemed happy to see us! =) haha.. it's better to see mr siah than that gay lab uncle, mr tan! We'd either see mr siah or mr tan almost every morning, and it realli freaked the 2 of us out everytime that mr tan walked apast us looking at us with tat kinda eyes.. haha O.O

Reached sch at 7.30 sharp and before I could check my OG group, pat already checked for me, I was in OG34 ! haha.. pat's in OG32, with xm and steven, and.. christina, liwen, nicholas, byron! So many krnajians in OG32! I was jealous at first, but I thought, hey, I have only 2 kranjians in my OG34(shixian and another gal, forgot her name) and that means I have more chances of making new friends! XD hahaha.. :)

My O5SO1 pinkie group, my good friends, sherman, zhenhui, steven, xiangming and me, got into groups which were in chronological order! xm and stevie in OG32, sherman in OG33, me in OG34, zhenhui in OG35. wow! hahaha.. nice! I was informed by a few of them to enlarge my radar scope.. *caught no balls at first. (think, open up your radar means to scan for chio gals la.. hahah)

The stupid talk started at 8am and went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on an... till 11am! so boring! I am hearing this for the second time, but for the sake of those newbies, I decided to show some considerations by not disturbing those peeps beside me. I wan to intro myself mah.. haha!

Then I went over to sit with sherman and zhenhui, talk cock as usual, and then after a while, those gals who went to the canteen with pat, came back but ps-ed pat in the hall! lol.. was sitting alone, and the ever kind and friendly ck went over to accompany her. Chatted and then I msged zhenhui to disturb him, and those lame smses realli made dae more interestin! lOL!! some hilarious smses though.. wahahaha.. such as he threatening to kidnap me and then kidnap pat, with my hamster along.. then skinning my hamster and make into some meat balls or something. Looks funny when he wanted to kidnap me! HAHA.. =D well.. that's all for O2 Day 1! :) er... I wont be updating on what's happening tml as... I'll be PONning! hahaha, so bo liao lo.. I will go for the last 2 days, don worry! haha!

Should I say I wont be going to O2 later? cos it's like.. 2am now! lol.. going to sleep after reading a book later, see you guys soon! =P

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

-'* Quill *'-

Just to test something, haha.. promoting the movie "Quill" perhaps? =p
Image hosted by

It's a fantastic movie, showing the life of a special dog named quill, from birth till the day he dropped.. =/ It shows how the puppy grew up from birth.. went for training so that he could aid the disabled. Very clever dog though.. pick up things fast and has it's own character. Lived for about 2 years after his disabled owner left the world when quill's about 11 years old.. by the age of 13, quill was brought back to where he was borned. When he was back, he recognised the toys he once played before 10 years ago.. but before he could play with em... he fell and.... left this world.. ='(

It's a very touching movie guys..

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Release of Posting results...

whoops.. woke up at 8.30 in da morning! Promised kian the previous night that i'd wake up early to wait with him for 8am to come.. so tt we can check the posting results together. haha.. but then when I woke up, I received 4 sms from him, including a wake up msg, plus a msg which states that he got posted to pj.. sigh, I thought he was joking with me. Becos I heard that posting results will only be out by 8am and the msg i received from kian was at 7.30.. haha but then it was true though.. =/ Results were actually out by 6am. lol.. so lame

I was posted to pj, lol.. no need to check de, cos it's like confirm liao lo... haha!

Then after that I accompanied him to aj to appeal.. haha, finally I went into aj! =) Relatively average, in terms of sch design? Not tt old la.. haha, it's still okay. But the general office needs a bit of upgrading!! lol.. look at those doors, am I in the 80s or something, upgrade it to something more class! lol.. as the saying goes "First impression counts, last impression lasts." Shouldn't aj give visitors a good impression when they sign in, then giving a lasting impression when they leave? lol.. well, it's up to the school's finance department to do the upgrading! =p

Then after tt, I asked kian to introduce the sch to me, since he had been here before, and then he showed me the "thing" immediately!! lOL! there.. that penis like structure which was right beside the canteen... it was claimed to be an artistic thing or what, but I don really know how to appreciate. I guessed kian and chee doesn't know how to, if not why are they laughing at that 'penis' ?? haha!! xD *censored!

Then went to junction 8 to meet up with chee.. and then kian bought a gay notebook from naruto, called "Come Come Paradise." omg! they actually sell this book! lol! Although it's supposed to be a porn book in naruto, but in this case, it's a notebook.. phew. haha! =p
I think kian's having a great time with "come come paradise" now! =p

lol.. tml orientation day... so boring! It's like going thru the second orientation! nvm, can meet more new friends! =D Hopefully can see more chio bu! hahaha... =x pat's gonna get me for this. haha! see you guys soon!! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2005


One thing about being late is that you'll piss the other party that's waiting, off. Another thing about being late is that it reflects much about oneself. The last thing about being late is that, if you want to be late, don't ever be late on the first day of any special occasions/courses/classes. My experience proves my last point made. O.o Don't be late on the first dae, cos you'll be suay thru out! wa kao!

Last week was my st john's first officer training course (otc), course dae 1. I was late for 15 min, 8.30 was the reportin time. I reached at 8.45 and realised EVERYONE had fallen in. Being the extra, I couldn't join the squad as I wished. So I stood by the side and waited for the officer in front to give me instructions.

"That fellow, those trainees over there! Late is it?" he yelled. "Yes sir!" I replied. "What you waiting for? Don't know how to report is it?" He screamed. eek! Being screamed at in front of the whole course isn't a good experience.. then after I reported, I tried to join in my team. I walked thru the squad from the middle, and then got scolded for cutting his squad (which I realised my mistake). I ran back to where he was, marched off again the other way round to join my team. poof! what a morning!

Then during one of the lectures, when everyone's in attention while the course IC was reporting the strength to the lecturerer, I din pay attention and I scratched my head. Suddenly, I realised no one was moving, so I looked around, and saw no officer looking at me. So i thought that no one saw me scratching my head.. then after the lecture, a officer tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to report to him behind. I went up to him and got scolded by him, becos he caught me scratchin my head! argh! so suay!

This week.. course dae 2.

Morning.. I was early! =D Then when the parade starts, the grooming begins... I thought there was certainly nothing wrong with me when I got caught for my hair (which I just cut the dae before) -.- 1 officer told me that the hair behind is too long, got a tail. lol.. then I told him I cut my hair yesterday. He don believe, I kept insisting that I really cut my hair yesterday! then he got nothing to say le, haha! But then becos the front part of my hair is very very short, when that officer(which turns out to be a discipline officer) saw me in the lecture room with my beret off, he told me not to go cut my hair, cos my hair too short! LOL.. but he told me to cut off the back part though.. lol XD

Back to the morning parade.. I wore a pair of black pants, which isn't st john one. cos my st john pants were dirtied the day before due to a training back in kranji. So no choice.. have to wear that pair. Becos of 1 extra pocket on my left butt, the officers found it weird I got caught for wearing the wrong pants!! I act a lil and told them that I wore the wrong one becos I have 2 pairs at home.. lol, but she was rather nice, didn't report me to the discipline mistress!! EEK! haha!

Then afternoon, at yio chu kang stadium. We had a rehearsal. I did all the things which I am supposed to do and thus sat down at the seats there.. feeling very very tired after 2 consecutive nights of 4 hours sleep, I put my right leg on top of my left lap (more comfortable mah.. haha). Then? Got caught for not maintaining image when in uniform.

Next, I was having a headache.. very tired and sleepy. Thus, I placed my palms behind me and sat in a very relaxing manner. Then? "You think you watch movie ar?", "No sir!" T.T

See.. I came to a conclusion... don be late for the first dae of anything. It's really suay, like what happen to me. Within 2 course daes, I got caught 6 times.. wad the. O.O

Sigh.. now having a stupid headache. See you guys! =) take care!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Back Home ^^

"Naughty", pat's budgerigar, was supposed to go home last night but after I bathed at 9, my mom called me and told me to stay at home to look after my baby bro! She say I can go to send naughty home, but must reach home by 9.30pm.. what the, lol. She needs to rush back home to put my baby bro under my care, then out again by 9.30 to meet a client (my mom's a housing property agent). I was thinking, how the heck can I send naughty home and then me making back to my home by 9.30? haha.. so I told my mom I've decided not to go send naughty home. -.- I hate things cropping up the last minute and ruined my plans.. haha, but never mind la, since naughty likes me so much! haha! =x He can stay at my house (chalet) for 1 more dae! No extra charges! =p

This morning I woke up at 4am, watched Liverpool vs Blackburn till 6am.. it was a 0-0 draw..T.T can't believe it!! lol.. wtf, pissed. hahaha.. then I slept from 6am to 10.30, waking up and talking to naughty for half an hour, while I cleaned it's cage, and changed the drinking water! Well, some observations I've made during the 6 daes stay with naughty.

- Rock music!
- Sick jokes (will jump like crazy when he hears 1 from me =p)
- Being blown by the fan (hot weather mah)
- Screaming when he smells food from the kitchen!
- Looking out of the window!

- Corny jokes (looks away when he hears 1)
- Quiet environment
- Me touching him (o.o do I look like a crook)

haha! cool ass.. lol, then about 11.30, before I told him I was bringing him home, I saw 2 feathers he left behind in the cage! Long ones! very nice! Grey feather, with a slight shade of ocean blue colour at the edge.. hahaha, wrapped it up in a piece of paper and put it in my wallet n_n haha..

Walked to pat's house and reached there at about 12pm.. was sweating like crazy, I couldn't take a bus because bus don't allow birds to be onboard! lOL!
Then when I was in pat's room, her mom came back from somewhere and asked me if I wanted to stay for lunch. I didn't want to have a lonely lunch at home again, so I agreed! haha.. what a good time that I arrived at her house. lol.. her mom wipped up a few plates of delicious bee hoon topped with some minced mushrooms + pork.. with tomato ketchup and chilli sauce added... mixed everything up like rojak and I got a wonderful lunch! =D And also a bowl of tasty soup with alot of stuff inside, the pipping hot soup certainly opened up my appetite! =) hahaha

Sent pat to lot 1 to meet up with zy and jing - they going k-box! haha.. I didn't go though, and then went back to her house to fetch her bro to the basketball court for a basketball game.. played till 3.30 (f-fing hot weather!!).. we both were nearly toasted! lol.. while walking back to his house, we saw mr andy kong, scary! lol.. still same old pattern. wahaha...

Then after that I walked back to my home, discussed with kian about cutting hair stuff, and then played gb! hahaha.. =O

While pat, zy and jing are enjoying themselves at k-box... I am signing off now! Going to my ah ma house for dinner! haha.. =p see ya friends!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Public Duty at Admiralty Pri Sch T.T

First aid pulic duty is perhaps the most interesting or rather the wae to show what we as first aiders have learnt in the past years... No doubt this is also something to prove your capabilities. =)

Todae admiralty pri sch requested for about 15 st john cadets to go down for duty for a "Amazing Race." It was a long dae from 8am to 4pm.. looks abit sick though. lol.. I went with kailing, sheryl, liwen and 9 other cadets (enthu! =p). Knowing that there's a duty todae, I still slept at 3.30am (late!) and woke up at 6am! crazy.. was totally in a state of confusion when I woke up at 6.. imagine, consecutively 4 hours of sleep for 4 days plus a 2 and half hours sleep this morning.. I am totally drained out of my energy.

Then after I settled down, it was around 7 plus liao.. which I have to meet kailing they all at 7.45 at cck control! But.. but! I still have to rush down to pat's house to water plants.. and do something(not to be disclosed =p)! She was away in hk and her parents require my help to water those cute lil plants of theirs... haha! Rushed down to pat's house and then when I came out of her house, it was already 8am -.- doh..

I hate getting myself late! But always can't help it.. loL! Smsed kl to sae that I not meeting them le, cos I will be taking a taxi down myself (late liao mah). Hailed a taxi and I told the uncle I want to go to Admiralty Pri Sch, he say he's not sure where it is. But, during the morning peak hour, all the taxi are hired! No choice!! Have to take this taxi! Then I told him that the sch is around sembawang that area.. I supposed. Then he drove me to sembawang, dunno which wae he took, so long! When I reach sembawang, the fare was already $9.. then i quickly smsed kkl, sheryl and liwen asking them about the address of the sch, but only liwen replied! argh.. haha! Called me and said that the sch is in the woodlands region! So.. the taxi have to make a U-turn back and head for woodlands. So stupid.. I keep looking out of the window becos I don wan to see the taxi fare! Scary! Turn and turn, look here and there.. look look look, finally I saw the sch, made another loop to get to the sch gate. Guess the fare now. O.o $11.80 + $1.00 extra charge -.-!

wtf.. when i alight from the mrt, saw everyone entering the sch gate.. Phew, I wasn't late! haha! Then the security guard stopped me, because I wasn't in my st john t-shirt. He don believe that I am from SJ! Seriously, do i look like a crook?! lOL!.. Luckily I asked liwen to help me take my SJ t-shirt from my ah ma house and then she gave it to me. I wore it over my adidas shirt and then the security guard then believe me O.O haha! so kuku..

When I was chatting with the 3 gals about my freak stupid moronic ass OTC which was on sundae, I realised that the duty starts at 10am -.- wtf.. what about my $12 now.. wa lao, really feel like knocking my head against the wall. so stupid! nvm la.. I told myself, since I've already reached the sch, and $12's paid, what can I do? lol.. =o

Waited till 10 and then set off for my first aid point, which was around 200 metres from the sch gate.. at a basketball court. The sun came out! so hot!! lol.. went into the shelter and then chatted with 2 of the "Amazin Race" leaders at the location. Asking them about how they know about this program, why they volunteer.. all those. Then being curious, I asked about their sch. "So.. where u studyin in?" I asked politely. "RJC year 2," she replied then lookin back at her notes she brought. "That's she, I'm from NYJC year 2," the other replied while meddling with those stuff required for the amazin race.

OH MY GOSH. I am simply stunned!! wa kao! They look so noob, yet from RJC and NYJC?! The worse part is yet to come. "So where you from?" the 2 gals asked me. "er.. PJ," I answered after pausing for a few seconds. lol.. it's not that i condemn pj, but compare the names, RJ and NYJ sounds more pro!! loL.. them my junior who's with me was laughing at me. hahaa... but I'll never feel ashamed of my own JC! =)

You would have realised till now, I wasn't quite feeling quite positive abt this duty.. u know why? They claimed that this was a amazin race, but there weren't any running, no sense of urgency, no rough games!! You know what games they play? Well.. one was getting people standing on pinic mats and blindfolded, while holding a ball which is softer than soft ball and throwing them through a hoo laa hook ! Crazy! Let me ask you this qn, do you think such games will cause ANY injuries? I can assure you, even if there is any, even a 3 year old kid can treat!! lol! Such games still need to activate 13 first aiders? Think twice! Use common sense people, don be over pampered(this is what i call pampered), minor minor games also need so many first aiders, then what about those big events like President Soccer Star Challenge? Sports day? I can tell you, even these events require only about 10 first aiders! That's my point of view! I really felt like an idiot watching them play.. haha!

Then I went for lunch, the organiser catered mac for us! lol.. had a fish fillet, but then when I went for a second serving, there weren't any left. haha.. what a pity. I was sooo hungry! Didn't had breakfast and slept so little, I was feeling so hungry and tired all over. lol.. then after lunch I went to other stations, a place much much further from my previous location.

I saw mats on the floor again, except they had numbers imprinted on them. The game rule is to tap the numbers in ascending order using only 1 part of your body (eg. feet or hand), everyone have a part to play! the mats are scattered all around and the numbers have to be tapped in order, in the fastest time possible! I ask again, do you think this game require first aiders?!? If people can get injured in this game, people who go for hiking or rock climbin would have died. Isn't it? =x lame lo... Sat there with another junior, this time is a guy. We chatted and then i felt really tired. My eyes couldn't stay open and then I slept from 1 to 2pm! lol.. then kian was with the rest of them at orchard.. sigh, this always happen to me. When I cannot join them, movies and enjoyment seemed to always occur. haha! =p damn sad.. sit there and doing nothing when I can go join kian at orchard!

Then as usual, I asked the 2 amazin race leaders where they studying. "I'm from RJC year 2, and she's from RJC year 1," she slang. One of them quite chio! Got those french lady look! wa! The way she talk also so slang! lol.. but this isn't the point I am concerned abt. wth! All from RJC? omg!! I felt inferior. haha!.. lucky chin boon was there to accompany me. lol.. at first the chio lady thought I was sec 3, but she guessed correctly at the second try. =O

Ended the whole thing at 4pm and I asked the ambulance driver to drive us all to the nearest mrt! Uncle Teo! We know each other since the trip to kusu island 2 years ago! I reminded him of the trip though.. we were there on public duty too. haha.. he's a nice uncle! =) Friendly and forever smiling! Drove us to admiralty mrt and then he left for SJ HQ to park the ambulance.. so sad. So old le still have to drive here and there. haha.. =I

Reached home at around 5 plus and then I went to sleep till 9.30! lol..then my mom woke me up and told me to go eat dinner. Was waitin for pat's call the whole dae though... until 12.30am 15 March, she reached chanji and called me! =) =D *heaves a sigh of relief! I think too much le, then become over worried.. lol. XD

That's all folks! haha! Have a nice holiday! =P

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I-Pay-Everything Day

=D <-- what a fake smile, lol. well.. Today's I-Pay-Everything Day, it basically means I pay for everything today with pat. -.- wonder who suggested this fantastic idea... hahaha

Watched soccer the night before till 3am plus, and woke up at around 9 the following morning. Switched on the com and saw gay kian online soon after. hahaha, was glad that he came online cos there isn't an active person in my msn contacts! wahaha, thx dude for making my morning better. lol.. Chatted and then suddenly I thought of the movie "Hitch" which I am watching it with pat today. Thinking of this gay who missed the movie a few days before with other buds, I decided to ask him along. (don realli wish to leave him out =p just thinking that we'd have less time out next time for movies due to the different packed schedule the 2 of us will have in diff jcs)

Kept persuading him and he kept rejecting.. lol, got kinda pissed when he kept rejecting my invitation, but in the end he agreed to go (reluctantly =( haha) Well, agreed to meet at 1.30 at yew tee mrt. I reached yew tee at 1.30 and then pat told me that she forgot to buy food for kah hwee, then she told me that she needed to go back to cck to buy food for her! ah.. surely I can't leave her alone to go buy then I accompanied her to go back to cck. Kept calling kian, wanting to tell him to wait at cck if he hadn't board the mrt, but he kept rejecting our calls! Sent a few sms-es to tell him to wait at cck too, but I guess he already board the mrt. And where was I? I am already in the 302 bus, heading back to cck! omg.. what can I do? sometimes I really wished I could do some jutsu as in naruto and split myself up, so that I can go to 2 places at the same time! haha.. =D made kian real pissed, I know of course. Really sorry about that but I can't help it either, sigh, what a difficult position I am in. In the end I made kian real pissed, lol.. met up with him in the mrt and he gave me a very gloomy face! O.o I don't know what to say to him too, except sorry =)

Let's not talk about the unhappy stuff that happened! lol!.. then we reached orchard station, alighted and then headed for... Shaw! We ended up opposite of Shaw and had to cross the busy road. Then gay kian suggested to take the underpass, which I agreed since it looked more relaxing than walking under the scorching sun. haha.. went in and a Chocolate Hut greeted me instantly. It was a portion of the Marks and Spencer building! Ah!! well, just a comment to add on - Marks and Spencer is branded. Oh great, pat loves chocolates and I was thanking gay kian for taking this path.. haha! The chocos and sweets there were fantastic! Great design, brilliant packaging, marvellous looks, and best of all, interesting price! lol..=p I didn't really care what pat took, she thought she was on a shopping spree and everything was free. o.o I kept going to the wines section.. lol trying not to get close to that freak pat who might just give me a heart attack from the bags of sweets she took. loL!

Kian chose a bag of caramel sweet? Treated me 1 of it and it taste simply delicious! Just imagine sucking the melted milky cream mixed off the whole piece inside your mouth.. and then letting the caramel ooz all over on your tongue a few minutes later, which just fills up the whole mouth.. mmm taste excellent!! =D

Pat bought.. er..hmm, should be I bought..erm, 3 bags of different choco-sweet, ranging from mint to fruity flavoured sweet? Plus a fudge which looked tasty.. surely! haha! Cost me quite some money though, let's not talk about how much it cost. Have some suspense! But.. think over it, in Marks and Spence, everything's absolutely classy, including those eye-catching price tags! lol.. :P

Happily, the both of them had their sweets and went up the building so that we could get to Shaw. Went out of the underpass and saw this real man, painted himself white all over, wearing a black coat and having robotic movements! Amazing huh! Standing there for so long and he's not even giggling or something, what a cool dude.. Then the freak pat suggested to take a picture with him, so she went close to him and that man did a twist sign on her head, nice pic! Well, later that man laughed and smile at us, and then when pat offered to shake hands, the man wanted a hug! lOL.. made pat a lil shocked though. hahaha :D

Went into Shaw and bought the tickets for "Hitch" and of course, I paid for her. I am not gonna repeat this again, haha.. cos it's (read the title). It was around 3pm when we bought the movie tickets for the 4.15pm show. Wonder who mentioned "ice cream" and pat immediately thought of Dairy Queen! Crossed the road again and sat around a table beside DQ. She bought, no I mean I bought Strawberry Cheese Quake, and gay kian bought a Kit Kat Blizzard? lol.. sounds funny. haha.. anyway, both ice cream taste very nice! love them! Then while kian and I was queueing up, 2 ladies behind us (quite good-looking, hahaha), kept pointing at us (kian noticed that). Later we found out that they were talking about us looking alike, lol.. is that suppose to be a compliment to say that I look like kian?! argh.. haha!

By the time we finished our ice cream, it was 4pm! lol.. took quite a while to finish those delicious, ever-tempting ice-cream. Kian and I were complaining about our tummy growing, due to 2 KFCs, 2 Burger Kings, 1 Pizza meal, 1 Ajisen (kian had that the night before). We have not been running regularly!! arhh! We freaked out. haha..

Rushed back to Shaw and I treated the popcorn and drink (kian bought 1 individually himself). Kian asked for ice lemon tea but the staff gave us 2 pepsi! lol.. kian tasted both cups a few times before realising they both were pepsi. So kian went to change the drink to ice lemon tea. Went into the movie theatre at about 4.20? Was a bit late, but the show haven't start, great! Settled down and focused on the damn hilarious movie!! Will Smith is surely my idol! lol.. what a movie! lol.. so funny, laughed but not as much as that freak pat. 2 ang mohs then came much later and then sat right beside pat, which she commented that they were so handsome -.-! lol.. kian said the 2 of them failed the national average standard lo.. haha

Hitch: The male go 90% while the female will go the rest of 10%. lOL!... hahaha =)

After the movie, pat asked kian if there's a AJISEN nearby. I was too afraid to listen, so I covered my ears and bent in front, so that the 2 of'em can discuss where's the nearest AJISEN and have dinner there!!! Lucky I stayed calm after hearing the word "AJISEN" and we proceeded on. haha... went to taka's Ajisen to have our dinner and I chose Miso Char Siew Noodles! Taste REALLLLL great!! Very Very Very rich and tasty soup indeed! cool! Ate soft shell crab as a side dish and it was excellent! "Ajisen's the best" hahaha... keep hearing the staff there say thank you and some other stuff in Jap. Love that experience though.. and the meal was worth the money! =D It's $13.90 per set.. so just imagine, just imagine! The amount which have to be multiplied by two (don forget there's still me who needs to eat), lol!

Oh my oh my.. after the visit to the great Ajisen place, pat suddenly reminded herself of FAMOUS AMOS! O.O !! lol.. didn't freaked out, but then I don't know if it's lucky or not, we still past by Famous Amos, despite my efforts to avoid that route. lol.. went in and took a look at the cookies, but the one pat was looking forward to, had only one piece left. So we left without buying any! aww.. how sad. =p

Took the mrt back and we chatted and chatted. POOF! Reached cck without us realising, haha. I still can see pat's eyes glimming with happiness. lol.. that's great! wahaha.. I kept telling myself "I've never been so broke before" hAhA! But anyway, the I-Pay_Everything Day comes only once in a year? I better confirm this. =x If you guys need comments on this I-Pay-Everything Day, come and look for me personally please, I'll be more than grateful to give you valuble and memorable comments!! =D hahaha..

My wallet didn't really enjoy it's day out though, haha! Had to bandage up those holes in my wallet now! See ya folks! =)

CK the great is back in town! No more sad CK! :)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday Morning :: 05 March :: 0823 hours

Mood: Heart Shattered.

Listening: I'll Stand By You (thx pat, it's really a nice song)

What am I doing now: Sitting in front of the com and waiting for time to pass

Where am I going later: Waiting for 0830hrs to come and set off for st john training.

Why I decided to go: I told wee kian that I'd rather go for the training than stay at home and think of my troubles.

What am I doing now again: 0830 hrs approached. I'm signing off now. See you guys =)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Goodbye my bud...

After much crying alone at home after learning that my best bud, wee kian, is leaving for aj, I decided to start on my blog. It was around 8.45pm when I couldn't control my emotions - after so much of quarrelling and arguements, in the end? I just cannot accept the fact that he's leaving for aj, but I wish to respect his decision too. sigh... why did things have to come to such a ending? why? why why why? Don't tell me, I don't wish to know either.

After I bought my dinner and ate alone (as usual) at home, I tuned in to Animal Planet and hope that it could cheer me up somehow. As I watched, I ponder on my best bud, weekian, who told me that he was putting aj as his first choice. I stared at the heartless sms, my heart wrenched each time I cried. This is how cruel the world is. I know it's always painful to make such a decision.. That's his decision anyway. I have no right to interfere his choice of jc.

He came to my house this afternoon at around 2pm, which after that we discussed and chatted over this issue. Alot of things which held him back from firmly choosing his jc. Alot. I tried to help him, but I really tried my best, I couldn't do much either to save him from this dilemma. I could only stand by his side, supporting every decision he make. Each time I know that he's not coming to the same jc as I am in, my heart cry. He wouldn't know that how much I'd wish to be in the same jc as he is. But, I have my own reasons too, I cannot help myself either. I cannot hold on to too much things and not let go!
Well, to think that he would most probably put pj as his first choice, he chose aj instead.

Then, I was wondering what he told me this afternoon. "I will never choose aj as my first choice. The building is so old! Who would want to study in such an old environment which I think the roofs will collapse anytime." I am really wondering, if he really mean that when he said that to me. At first I thought he don't want to go aj is because of the quarrel with chee, but then I realised it was because of the dilapidated surrounding. Fine, then don't go aj! That's why I told him.

He left at around 5.30pm, and me feeling sick and real troubled, decided to take a nap. Woke up at 7.37pm, awakened by the sms ringtone and saw that it was from wee kian. His sms wrote "Kiat ah..i think i choose aj..cos i can't imagine that there's no buddies by my side in a foreign jc..sigh.. My decision will disappoint many..sigh.."

I shut my eyes the moment I saw this message. I controlled my emotions, thinking through why did he choose aj in the end. Then as I walked to buy my dinner, I thought alot on it.. still not believing that he chose aj instead.

From all these things that I've gone through in simply a week's time, I've grown to realise alot of things. and it's alot of concepts which no one's able to understand unless he himself have gone through the painful and cold process. Well, have i understood? Or is this just the beginning? Am I the only person suffering? Or is it many other people? Am I the only one crying? Or is it my best bud is crying too? I don't know. But one thing I've to admit, I am really crying out now. Alone at home. The quietness of the house seemed to engulf me as I cried through the night.

Let me recall some things. He wish that I could be in the same JC as he'll be in other than pj, because his worry is that he wanted to take triple science and what if his appeal fails? He wouldn't want to take back the subject combi he's taking now - Maths, Phy, Chem, Econs. If he's taking this combi again, why not go to a better JC and take this? I agree with this statement, so what now? The appeal seems to be a must-succeed. He'd be taking a very big risk if he really put pj as his first choice. sigh.. tell me, what can I do to help him? I've already given him lot's of advices, we've gone through days and days of discussion, regardless on msn or on phone or face to face talk. I couldn't help.

The next thing I know is the heated arguement he had with chee (look at those previous blog entries from the 3 of us). Sometimes I see the unreasonable chee trying to argue his way out. Sometimes I think it's wee kian at fault. Sometimes I think I'm the one at fault for not trying to resolve the conflict but further add on to the heat. As I requested for enlightenment, someone scolded us and told us to wake up our ideas and stop pushing the blame to each other. I woke up. Did wee kian and chee woke up as well? Well, I am not sure either. I'm sure we all did our part in giving in? Explanations were accepted and forgiveness were given simultaneously... Finally, the conflict was over. Everything was over. Am I happy? yes.

But as I said, we cannot hold on to too many things in life at a time. Am I sad? yes. Although all the arguements are resolved, wee kian would be leaving me soon. I hate this feeling that's going inside me right now. I hate it. Why things have to end this way? Why can't the ending of the quarrel be together with the staying of weekian? Why must only the happy ending of the quarrel be combined with kian leaving for aj?

Perhaps I don't understand chee's feelings of having 2 buds leaving him in aj, and now kian's going there to accompany him. I think that he couldn't care much now as kian's going aj. Only will the conflict end when kian decided to go aj? Is it because chee's happy that there's someone to accompany him now and he don't wish to quarrel anymore? I am confused. I am lost.

I don't know many things perhaps. I feel so lonely now. I feel so left out. Chee, is this the feeling you're feeling when you chose to go aj at the very start? Can you tell me please? I am really lost now. I need someone to guide me. I need.

How should I explain this. There's alot of things in life which cannot be explained. For example, why didn't I go aj with kian when my L1R5 is sure to make it in aj? Why didn't I go with kian to nanyang jc when we both wish to go there as well? There's alot of things holding me back for all these decisions I've made. Well, life's all about making decisions.. and I'll never regret any decisions that I've made. Why regret when you can't change it anymore?

As tears slowly filled my eyes when I write this, I cannot clearly what am I typing now. I don't know how to continue this piece of blog entry anymore, I don't know how should I react to kian's decision. I respect his decision though, but I just cannot bring myself to accept it. I finally tasted the painful feeling of a best bud leaving me. Although the posting results won't be out soon, but having L1R5 10pts and opting for aj as first choice, isn't that almost 99% chance of getting into aj?

For any future joys or woes that might happen to you, I am sorry I couldn't stand by you to help you in your problems. Goodbye my bud...

I am

I am:

-Sick of getting all those nonsense
-Sick of thinking so much about the JC shit
-Sick of thinking too much for friends
-Sick of being a good friend
-Sick of helping a friend
-Sick of trying to stop conflicts from worsening
-Sick of seeing friends unhappy
-Sick of getting myself involved in the conflict
-Sick of making other people sad as well
-Sick of sitting in front of the computer and quarrelling
-Sick of listening to songs
-Sick of eating
-Sick every night sitting on my sofa alone and think over those troubles

In the end, I became sick. Fever? Is it that I think too much that I turn sick? Or something else? sigh.. I don't know. Just feeling very sick now. Drank lotsa water already, but they don't seem to help. Just wants to lie down on my bed and take a rest...

See you guys =) Chee, I hope we can resolve this conflict soon? It's useless to let this continue, when both sides don't even stand to gain. What's the use of blaming each other for something which you all said? Useless.

Could this be a test for our 2 years of friendship? =I

Circle Of Friends


Friends Bonded Together Is Like A Circle.

Every New Friend Made Makes The Circle Larger.

Every Joy Shared Adds More Love.

Every Crisis Conquered Makes The Circle Stronger.

- CK

Lost.. completely.

Woke up.
Lost again.

='( Why have things came to such a sorry state? Perhaps only TIME will tell.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I need someone to enlighten me... I'm really lost now. I seriously understand the meaning of the sentence "Everything changes in life, there's nothing in this world that's permanent, neither will things ever go smoothly." ='( sigh...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sentosa - Last class gathering?

Today I woke up at 9plus and then went online, after felling asleep while smsing that gay wee kian the night before. He was telling me to meet at 12.30 but I wanted to meet at 10. Conflicts never end though, as usual I felt pissed because I've told pat and the rest that I'd meet them at 10, but then kian, hq and ck? had sudden changes and wanted to meet at 12.30. So kian wanted me to go with him, but..sigh. What a difficult position I am in, and such cases happened to me continuously for 4-5 times in a week. Fuk. I hate this, just driving me totally mad. Okay, enough of moaning, let me continue about the sentosa trip! haha!

Then at 9am, kian online! Chatted and I told him I wanted to persuade him to meet at 10. But when I told him that it seemed impossible to change his mind, he said he was fine with it, provided I call hq, ee teng, ck to inform them the change of time and xm to tell him that kian and gang are not meeting with him anymore. Thus I rushed to the phone, hoping to contact hq first through hp. Doh.. his hp's switched off! That means he's asleep! Never mind.. I called his house. No one answered. Yes, he's still sleeping. Next I called ck, no one answered the phone. I called et then, he's the first to answer my phone calls that morning.. haha. After settling et, I called hq's home and I think I woke his mom up, with that kinda greetings in the morning, I expect his mom to be awaken by my phone call! Then I convinced hq to meet at 10, and then he agreed. yay! Was so excited. Last, I called ck, to tell him that everyone's meeting at 10, because I know he goes with the majority :P

There was a rule which was, those who were later than 10.10am, will be thrown into the water! I reached cck interchange at 10.10, but that gay jing jing refused to believe me. Kian waited for that forever late (same as me) ck, and then they were late as well.

Left cck at about 11plus, after hq and gang took their breakfast, food bought from mac. Reached harbour front and kian insisited on taking the cable car. I agreed immediately as we hardly have to chance to take a cable car together! Then nk, kian, ck, pat and me went to search for the cable car station. Found it, but it was a bloody $11.90, far from the $5.50 jeffrey told us. The worse part was, the staff there treated us like we were some idiots. This is SINGAPORE'S SERVICE INDUSTRY. I repeat, SINGAPORE'S SERVICE INDUSTRY. As ck had mentioned, if it was a foreigner asking at the counter, the treatment would have been totally different. We asked if there was a ferry to sentosa, he just wants to put us off by saying "no ferry." What kind of stupid idiotic moronic indifferent attitude is that?! I bet that moron would have explained 10 times more in detail if it was a european tourist or a woman!
Then we took a bus to sentosa in the end, with much time wasted. wahaha..

Reached sentosa palawan beach and all the guys took off their shirt, with chee chee making all the gals jealous because of.. (whoops, not suppose to mention). It's understood by everyone! haha! okay.. played captains ball and was of much fun and laughter!

Then the gay part comes in. Was sitting beside chee and kian when gay jing held my legs so tight that I couldn't shake free myself from his clutches!! What's more, ass pat's behind me trying to pull me up(but I was too heavy for her). Kept letting go of me from her palms though, but stupid jing! He grabbed my legs so tightly and then? Was threw into the water(being the first to be thrown into the water is a good experience! haha).

I was in the water, but kian and many of them hadn't brought a pair of extra pants, thus couldn't join me. Kian was sand-bathing me all the while, and kept putting lumps of sand into my underwear behind me!! While that nk put big lumps of sand into all my pockets! No wonder I felt heavy in my pants. lol.. gays!

After a few hours, kian and I swam to the bridge while the rest played ball games in the water. We both climb up the bridge and then when we jumped down into the water, my back was scrapped by the edge of the wooden bridge and left a red seemingly bloody patch behind my back.

After that injury, I didn't went into the water anymore, fearing that salt water would worsen the injury. hahaha.. but nk kept insisting salt water would be better than tap water. O.o Then we went for a bath at around evening, and then kian and gang left for a movie soon after. I stayed at sentosa with pat till around 9pm, with sl and ys! Jing's supposed to wait for us, but he pangseh us. haha!

Got myself toasted today and I am feeling all hot inside my body! I didn't get sunburnt though! lol! (I mean till now, there's no signs of sunburnt).

Having a dozen of things troubling me now.. I shall sign off. See you guys soon! =)