Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Beyond words.

If I could just close my eyes, and fall back - I would immerse myself in Hans (Florian) Zimmer's music pieces.



I used to like the week(s) before exams, I like seeing the end, I like to know the path is clear to attaining those fundamentals - yet another step forward. So what happens to life? Life seems to stall, suddenly the attention is fixated on what students have to do - exams. The motivation for exercise has long disappeared, much to my disappointment. The inspiration to cook; is gone too. The time I used to spend reading news, now becomes the immediate 30min prior to closing my eyes for yet another night. I flipped through headlines on BBC news, much had happened around the globe - the US presidential elections, the Greeks' strike against austerity & the Europe crisis, the details of each article suddenly seem too much to go through knowing I have much more in my notes. Yet another excuse I've given myself to put a halt to so many things I want to do. If there's only one thing the human mind is capable of achieving, that will be the process of inhibition. The power of inhibition is extremely incredible, imagine what would happen if our thoughts aren't inhibited, and our actions portray our thoughts. Amazing.

"A candle that burns twice as bright, burns twice as fast." - to succeed is to know thyself.