Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Beyond words.

If I could just close my eyes, and fall back - I would immerse myself in Hans (Florian) Zimmer's music pieces.



I used to like the week(s) before exams, I like seeing the end, I like to know the path is clear to attaining those fundamentals - yet another step forward. So what happens to life? Life seems to stall, suddenly the attention is fixated on what students have to do - exams. The motivation for exercise has long disappeared, much to my disappointment. The inspiration to cook; is gone too. The time I used to spend reading news, now becomes the immediate 30min prior to closing my eyes for yet another night. I flipped through headlines on BBC news, much had happened around the globe - the US presidential elections, the Greeks' strike against austerity & the Europe crisis, the details of each article suddenly seem too much to go through knowing I have much more in my notes. Yet another excuse I've given myself to put a halt to so many things I want to do. If there's only one thing the human mind is capable of achieving, that will be the process of inhibition. The power of inhibition is extremely incredible, imagine what would happen if our thoughts aren't inhibited, and our actions portray our thoughts. Amazing.

"A candle that burns twice as bright, burns twice as fast." - to succeed is to know thyself.

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Avalanche

Recently, things hasn't been turning out the way I'd like them to be. Obviously, we don't expect everything to fall out perfectly in front of us, we can't expect all the seeds we sow to sprout, essentially, there's nothing like a perfect balanced happy world, right? 

Before I lose my sanity, I keep a blog of key moments in my life, which is now; as I write this. Lately, I'm convinced I've lost all my optimism. The energy I used to carry, the hope, the creativity, the laughter, they all have been taken away from me, either that or I've lost all of them completely. One after one, rocks rained down as if I've met with an avalanche. I tried to gather myself and stand amidst the cloud of rocks. A larger rock hit me. Then another one. And again. And again. And again. Whenever I thought the avalanche stopped, 9 out of 10 times I'd be wrong. I've tried, I'm not the sort who gives up easily. But hey, I'm beginning to lose that glimmer of hope, to lose my sight on that light at the end of the tunnel. 

Unbelievable. The harder I try to convince myself, the faster I feel I'm reaching the end of that depression curve. 


Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hip Hop Violinist

Was youtube surfing when I came across Lindsey Stirling's video (right). It was a dance, but at the same time I was attracted to the violin on the video's preview. Turns out to be yet another, incredible talent out there.

And as you'd have expect, I went on to listen to one after another of Stirling's great violin dances.

       Two of my favourites below!

River flows in you.

 Spontaenous me.

Here's her website if anyone would like to follow this lively musician:

or you can find her on facebook here!


Monday, April 02, 2012


Finally, my book has arrived! Can't wait to start on it. Very tempting.

The 4th book of Malcolm's!

My series by Malcolm, minus 'Blink', with jeri !

Friday, March 30, 2012


Seems like we've reached the end of yet another week! I'm sure there are That many people who felt the week went past in a flash. A week of studying (for the first pharmacology exam today), running (i make it a point to run every alternate day when I don't have soccer training/games), and also a week of sleepless nights. Wonder what triggers the return of those episodes of insomnia. It is pretty daunting. Had it before, never want it to come back again.

Not to forget mentioning I finished Season 2 of Sherlock Holmes series! (Season 3 is still in the making) Really loved every episode of Sherlock's powress and pure intelligence. Speaking of which, there are only three episodes per season, what a pity though! Ninety minutes of me glued to the screen for every episode can't be any better.

No one does it better than Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman!

Can't wait for Season 3.

Also I've bought another (the 4th) book of Malcolm Gladwell - What the dog saw (Published Oct 2009).

This will complete my series by Malcom, great writer; what a talent.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last year I took a personality test online, as part of the vet school's professional development thing, comprising 240 questions which I (or we) painstakingly took about an hour to complete. At the end of the test were traits, that ranked accordingly to how you've answered the questions. The questions were straightforward, often with only two options to choose from. It was very much like choosing an answer the moment you finish reading each question.

Optimism, far-sighted and loyalty were my top 3 traits. Not that I did not expect that, but all my friends who came across my list of traits told me that it is extremely true of me. I scanned through the list and reached the 24th trait, which is also the last trait - fun.

I thought about it, and somehow, it stayed in the back of my mind long enough, long enough to convince myself that this is never going to be forgotten; till today, exactly a year after. I realised play, fun, relax were all last in my priorities in my everyday life. I would rather read the news, or Googling something random to seek new knowledge. National geographic (online) is a great website for me, awesome pictures uploaded by top-notched photographers around the world, intriguing facts I would never knew if I had not do a quick scan of the website regularly. To me, that's how I take care of my soul. Although I would really want to travel the world like how many people at my age are doing right now, I know I just cannot afford it (yet). I hope that by accumulating little facts, knowledge about different parts of the world everyday, it'll further enrich me the day when I can finally step foot onto the country's soil. Instead of being totally green to a country and going wow at tourist attractions, I prefer historical sites, culture, the sand, the air, the water, the sun, and of course the people. The people tell us a whole lot of information about the place, and they are the reason why cultures still persist.

Click on any of the tabs - Video, Photography, Animals, Environment, Travel, Adventure.., and see magic in front of your eyes.

To me, the most blissful people around are the ones who are able to spend what they earn. For some, materialistic possessions, for others, experiences - spending on a holiday, buying that experience. No doubt very little can surpass that level of spending; bringing and placing yourself into that entity. For myself, I do respect people who travel to volunteer. It is a double-edge sword; firstly they make a difference to others, secondly they make a difference to themselves. For those out there volunteering, we know we give a hundred percent in our efforts, and expect nothing in return. But maybe just giving up a few hours or days of our own time for others, that moment can be life-changing. I guess we become less aware of life's little nitty gritties, instead we mature and become more willing to give.

Wouldn't that make the world a better place to live in?

Nevertheless, I would really appreciate a little bit of fun sometimes, still.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Veterinarian or not?

I realised I've reached the point where I question myself day in day out, before I sleep and the first thing in the morning. Is it going to be worthwhile doing this? Study painstakingly for six years, graduate and work crap hours and still get shitty salary. All for the animals, and the world is still unchanged. I pop myself another question again, how much have veterinarians revoluntionised the world?

There must be a reason why veterinarians are always in the background compared to medical  professionals. Why is there only one Nobel Prize winner as a veterinarian, for as long as the nobel prize started? Are we lacking something, or are we overwhelmed by what nature and wildlife can offer us?

How can saving animals ever be compared to children being abducted everyday, young girls being snatched away in their own village and sent for slavery and prostitution, children starving because they don't have enough rubbish scraps to feed themselves? Outcries from the public when they see a video of animal abuse, and even so demand immediate political action, especially in developed countries where the people are living comfortably with little to worry for. No one mentioned a single word when we hear news of girls being snatched away, or children starving in developing countries.

I'm halfway there, is it too late to consider giving up? Anyone who could offer me a way out of this, I would seriously consider my options. Forget the honour, forget the prestige. It's only worthwhile only when you work to live, not live to work.

Let me pray that the A$300k in exchange for medical knowledge will allow me to change the world.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Every day is a gift.

I've decided I should do away with chapters since I update so infrequently nowadays. Just a quick update, I've finally managed to submit my AVA undergraduate scholarship yesterday, after much work, and stress really! The exhaustive application questions didn't help. On top of that, the website decided not to save all my typed data and erased all of them after I spent an hour and a half on it. It was frustrating at that point, but I figured I should quickly get back onto it instead of giving up or be angry at the non-responsive, emotionless computer screen.

I'm really uncertain about the results of the scholarship. I wonder if I've done my best in my preparation for the application. But one thing for sure, I've given all I could. At least, if I get it, my remaining 2.5 years is secured. In face with uncertainty, as terrified as I am, I will only take a step at a time. I pray for the best every night, before I sleep. I wake up in the morning, telling myself it'll be a great day ahead.

4 weeks into my 7th semester already. Great!