Saturday, February 19, 2005

BBQ in sch..! ^^v

It was suppose to be another dry, windy evening. However, heaven just wants to play with us, raining at the wrong place, at the wrong time! lol.. after so many days without rain, we all thought tonight will be as usual. The BBQ was held in particular to have a last gathering for all J1 as the O Levels results will be out on either next friday or the following monday and some of our fellow classmates might be leaving this school.. Feeling rather down to hear this piece of news, I decided to enjoy myself at this BBQ !!

The rain dampen all our excitement, because the BBQ have to be held in the canteen! This seems abit sick though.. haha, imagine all the smoke trapped in the canteen with only the sides as ventilations. It's going to be warm and smoky!

The event started at around 6+pm? With all classes busy preparing their BBQ pits, some were still busy with arranging the tables and benches in the canteen to some kind of formation. haha.. but before that my class had 3 bottles of champange which were destroyed mainly by ming ming, and another of my friend! lol!! They were pulling the table apart when the 3 bottles were standing so close to the fringe of the table and I did hasten the fall of the bottle by pulling the table more apart (xm I bet you din realise this, haha! I don dare to say! haha!)

Nevertheless, the mess was cleared up soon and we shifted our stuff to another table. lol.. Then the BBQ pit was set up mainly by some of the guys (including me and ming) hahaha... ming kept putting in those fire starters while I fan! lol.. so fun, fanning all the smoke and charcoal ashes to hq's class in front of us!

Next, my gang (some good friends I've made, plus ming ming who is already one) were stucked at the BBQ pit for the next 2 hours or so making all the food - chicken hotdogs, satays, otahs, chicken wings, stingrays.. and chicken breast! lol!... we had the most food i guess, cook until we all sweat in front of that seemingly oven! I was in-charge of those chicken wings which I burnt 6 of them, and caused 4 otahs to catch fire! what the! I don have such poor BBQ skills okay, hahaha. Then I decided to try out the chicken breast, which it turned out to be quite a piece of delicacy (=/).. lol! I turned those chicken breasts into some "over-cooked chicken cutlet", what the, so black but they taste fantastic in the inside though, yay! Finally a successful piece of BBQ work!

But I only ate about 4 hotdogs and 2 sticks of satay, lol.. I spent all the time BBQ-ing the food for people to eat, together with a few of my friends who think BBQ-ing is more fun than eating! Agreed! As we were BBQ-ing, we kept seeing our classmates walking round and round the running tracks, and we made some comments like "wa, our class very romantic hor? we BBQ here, they moonbath arh?", "oi! how many times must they walk round the track? romantic sia!" and "wa lao, again, now still walking! moonbath very shiok meh? later we go try"

At about 8pm, I asked steven and 1 another good friend to go moonbath! hahaha! Steven took 1 hotdog while I took 1 satay and we started to walk down the track. We walked and moonbathed, lol.. then arriving at the other end of the track, the 3 of us lied down at the tracks at star gazed!! hahahaha! attracted alot of attention from though, but it was all dark! We called another good friend to join us and then the 4 of us lied on the middle 4 tracks out of the 6 available tracks!
We decided to play a trick on passer-bys. By pointing our fingers from right to left, and shouting "shooting-star!" the people passing us really looked up and they look so funny! They follow what ever we said! LOL.. so funny!! we're all laughing like we've never seen starts before.

*xm, see la don bring hp, I can't contact you so you missed out the fun of star-gazing! hahaha!

At about 8.30, we were chased back to the canteen to clear up.. the even ended at about close to 9pm after all the clearing up.

I went to the concourse to meet up with pat, kian and hq. I sat down feeling tired and wet (due to the wet tracks I lied on earlier on). Then pat started to spray water on me using kian's shooting nike water bottle, and then I sprayed back. Then it's not all over yet, she went to provoke jing jing, hq and soon leng! lol.. later everyone started to chase her to get that freak nike water bottle back to get revenge. However, water games normally don't have a winner! lol!! We all got wet! and me? I received almost half the amount from the fully filled nike water bottle.. =p

All of us then went home together, with me dozing off 45 minutes later after I reached home! lol.. I think it's the PE which wore me out... haha, oki, see ya guys!


Anonymous said...

haha! too bad tt i missed out on the star gazin part! argh.. =S anyway.. it's a gd ting, cos u guys bac r wet! LOL!

i tink my new hobby ish to provoke ppl.. haha! ; ) ni si zu ar! :P wuahahahaha! yeah.. ^^V

Anonymous said...

lolx...firstly thx fer taGging in m01 diarY..heex..haB fun ya?BBq's alwaEs nV nV fillin..blehx..shud hab grab sumth to eat be4 hand? heex..anw..taKkaire!~

Anonymous said...

u noob ass.. nv jio mi along.. dun find excuse la.. but nvm.. in tat time i got go bio gals.. haha.. humph.. still got ask number.. dun give u.. hahha.. btw.. u better wash MY PE SHIRT unti it is CLEAN and WHITE.. or else.. prepare to suffer thousand year pian from mi.. lol!


Anonymous said...

So gay, bois gazing at stars together? lol! My mao veri long liao..cut cut! no shitty holes again! wahahaha..DAMN HOT IN THE CANTEEN.

Kian =D