Sunday, April 03, 2005

OTC Day 4..

Today's Officer Training Course (OTC) day 4.. or rather the 4th sunday. Haha! Woke up at 6.30, fearing that history will repeat itself again. Well, overslept the previous sunday and woke up at 7.10am! Oh my gosh! If I take the MRT, I'll be late by at least 20 min! Luckily my dad's ard this morning to drive me to HQ, despite his late night work till 3am this morning.. =D

After eating my ba zhang (rice dumpling) made by my ah ma, I set off and reached HQ at ard 8am... Hurriedly, I changed into my uniform and headed for the lecture room. Put my bag down and got ready for the morning parade as ususal... went to fall in at 8.15am? (Actually the time to report is 8.30am de, but becos everyone come so early, so the time to fall in depends on the whole course themselves) haha.. that is to say, we decide the time considered to be late too! =P It's always uncertain abt the actual time anyway, who cares?! lOl..

I can't believe that they mark attendance, did some scolding (used to it), check grooming, check unifrom.. all those, took such a long time tt by the time i got to go back to the lecture room, it was 9.30am le.. dots. T.T Stood in the morning sun for 1 hr 15 min just to 'warm' us up.. lol Anyway, we all sweat like crazy, didn't know morning sun can be so taxing! haha..

Lalala... interestin lectures today though, love them, cos they're inspiring and motivating! =)

Lunch time.. 12.40pm, *dink! yay! My team mates asked me where to eat, then I say "Anywhere except for BURGER KING." well, I had a phobia against Burger King, that gay king, and kian shuld know the reason for this.. besides, it's expensive, not so healthy, and I'm sick of eating BURGERS from BURGER KING!! argH! Nevertheless... as an Officer-To-Be O.o, I accomodated and compromised with those gals in my team to go Burger King to have lunch.. urgh.. have been having burger king whenever I see them on sunday (sick).

Came back from lunch and then later in the evening, we had footdrill till abt 6, and I cannot believe, again, the evening sun is so taxing too~! Oh my.. so freakin hot! Was sweatin like some kind of freak even before the footdrill start!

Everything ended at 6.15 and what a day for me! Well, 3 more course day (or rather 3 more sundays) awaits ck the great! =)


synthesis said...

woah.. so cham.. jia you man!

Jing said...

u noob! u r de one hu keep telling pple i pinch pple's boobs when tad is u teach mi de ar..dun spoil mi reputation ok..lOlx de innocent mi did it out of self defence leh..haha^^v

Anonymous said...

=) =D =p =] =} => V^^V

Korny Kian

Jing said...

nv update?...dun copy mi zhao pai dong zuo--> ^^v

Anonymous said...

wow!i have been to tt place

soccer player at pending