Friday, April 22, 2005

Where's my break.. where? o.O

Where's my break... I wonder again. I seriously think that I really have no break at all... everyone may be stressed, but I think I am worse. Monday to friday, sch ends roughly around average 5pm.. and I reached home at around 6 to 6plus. After cooling down, bathing and eating, it's 8plus, close to 9pm. Of course a person cannot do every single assignments at one go, especially when you have chemistry, physics and biology tutorials on 1 day. And I haven include the time to study for tests, which are becoming frequent nowadays.. sigh ='(

When you're stuck at certain qns of tutorials, it tends to pull down your morale and it tires you out after much thinkin and energy used to solve the qn. When you start to think about other tutorials undone, it's worse. The morale decreases by another mark. Mr midnight approaches... then it's 1am. Time to sleep(or rather, have to sleep), but haven finish those tutorials! Never mind.. wake up at 5am to finish them.

Then here's my 4 hours sleep everyday, waking up at 5am and doing tutorials and sometimes studying for test. One thing i realised for myself, I feel more awake when i wake up at 5am to get my mind warmed up! Then I seldom fall asleep in lectures nowadays! Which is good.. haha =p

The week goes on... with almost similar cycles repeating every single day... Weekend approaches.. (smiles for everyone, sighs for me)

Tml's saturday, my best buds like kian and hq are excited, cos they going to attend my dear, pat's birthday celebration at K-box! It was actually planned on thursday, 21 April, her b'dae, but cos alot of people cannot make it on thursday, so she changed it to saturday.. and guess what? Even I really badly want to go, but I can't. I am like a piece of ham, sandwiched between 2 pieces of bread, school work and st john. Tml morning 8-11plus, I have soccer training in sch.. then after I come back, I have to rush to meet up with my otc course mates, to do a project, a presentation cum demonstration on CPR and choking. This is part of the otc exam, stands about 20%. This should end at around 6-7 pm? (becos we haven even done anything yet) When I reach home, I have to quickly go study my theory paper cos sunday's the final exam for otc. Plus I need to revise my practicals on first aid, get myself familiar with those footdrill commands and stuff related. can imagine the time I am going to sleep le huh.. sigh, one thing I cannot attend the K-box thing, which I foresee it to be very fun.. and the other thing is I don have a break throughout my week.. my saturday's ruined.

My sunday's ruined too. I have to prepare for this exam, everything. I have gone through 6 sundays of courses. I've sacrificed my time, my rest time, and my time to play as well as work. And 1 thing for sure, I am going to do well for this final exam!~ Sunday's course hours ranges from 7.30am--8pm, which should be the time I'll reach home.

Going home with sore eyes... a body totally drained out of its energy, a soul who just needs to lie down on the bed and take a few hours' rest. Time for homework? you must be joking.

What's after the rest (I'll sleep longer on sunday nights, cos I have a heavy day, and I need to prepare myself for monday with lasts till 6pm!), 6am monday morning! =D Schooling time!

And the whole cycle repeats itself... maybe it would be much better after this week, with sundays free of st john. But, I need to go down to spca to do my volunteer work... hmm, looks like I am back to square one again... :s

"I'll hold on tighter to my faith, and will never lose unless I quit." - ck.

*smile guys!


Jing said...

ya..tads de spirit man..dun giv up~..haha ^^v

synthesis said...

u're stressed dude. I would've died if I were you. Even though I don't use the time in weekends to really study but at least my time wasted in slacking... omg.. re-adjust, it's probably worth it... the time you put in will probably reap benefits! :D keep striving, I like ur spirit!

Anonymous said...

Dun love juz his him too! oh my, that's gay.
-jia you-
Kinesis Kian =D