Friday, September 30, 2005


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The Samoyed! Beautiful dog, isn't it? =)

The "family tree" of dogs indicates that all descend from the wolf and the Samoyed is one of four breeds in the first generation. If genetically Samoyeds still retain links with wolves as their direct ancestors, a vast amount of time must separate them because their character and temperament are totally changed. Man is responsible for the changes that have taken place and this is on-going.

The Samoyed people were nomads, dependent on reindeer meat for food, the hides being used for clothing and for shelter (chooms - the "mobile homes" used by the tribe). The reindeer fed on moss and lichen and therefore were continually on the move. The dogs were used as herders, keeping the reindeer in groups; guards to warn of the presence of wolves and bears. Some were used for pulling sledges but reindeer did this more efficiently. It is from the close association with their human families that the Samoyed has gained the ability to "display affection to all mankind".


Patricia said...

Wa... that dog so beautiful!!! ^^

Like me! haha! haha!

Hope u havent eat ur breakfast/lunch/dinner yet.. lol!! whenever u see this.. =P

Knight Falcon Zero said...

oh stargal....hehehe

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