Wednesday, September 07, 2005


As the blades of the ceiling fan continues to spin above me, I sat down on the wooden chair; not as comfortable but good enough for me to sit on for an hour or so. The night was quiet. I turned around and the clock read 10.02pm. Occasionally, I could only hear the cluttering of the fan. I held my pen firmly and continued with my tutorials.

Soon, the noise from clusters of keys began to be heard from my doorstep. It was mom and dad, not forgetting my little brother. The atmosphere in the house liven up, with a few shoutings from my little brother and conversation between dad and mom. Things did not really turn out well as they begun some heated arguments. Fretful questions were hurled across the room and enraged replies were directed back.

okay, I understand..after a whole day of work, maybe they're just tired and easily irritable.

I tried to concentrate on my own work, hoping that this argument would end off as fast as how it started. I can't. I can't concentrate. Hurtful remarks were heaved and both side wanted to preserve their dominance.

Now this is really bad, I am sensitive to noise... and how can I be ignorant when my parents are quarreling? my patience have its own limits...and this is not the first time such things happened.

Worse have yet come to worst. This time, my little brother starts wailing. He is turning 1 year old this friday and he is now learning how to talk. The way he cries, the way he tries to get my parents to compromise him, is freaking me out. Mom and Dad raising their voices with addition of louder cries from baby brother, all trying to make themselves heard. Obviously, I have been taking in all these nonsense for an hour!

All that noise and nonsense really freaked me out, I can't seem to concentrate anymore. My patience is running out. I already had this in my mind, that is, if my parents continue to quarrel, I shall step in. Initially, I really wished that they would resolved this matter within themselves, but looks like things have turned out for the worst. Why must they quarrel in front of me? Can't they be more sensitive, hello, I am studying! They think I am ignnorant? That I don't know anything that's happening?

Who had high expectations of me? It was my parents! They were the one who wanted me to concentrate on my studies yet they quarrel right in front of me? I am not ignorant!

Enough is enough, I cannot continue to do my own work anymore. This is my family, I shall not and I will not allow my family to break up. I do not wish to witness a repeat of history. This is my story.

why couldn't they compromise and accomodate each other? all they need is just a little bit more of understanding... to complete... family.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

aiyoh, parents quarrel becos they care abt each other's thoughts mah..haha..dun worry la..quarrels are hard to avoid. Most important is that relationship dun sour.. :D


synthesis said...

hey hey, quarrels are inevitable, try to ignore but don't screw... hmm chill, don't worry, they sure have their own reservations...