Thursday, June 01, 2006

The STAR & The Pause Button.

It was a fine day,
the sun's bright, the clouds gathered,
but it never rained,
It was a normal day.

Lil hammie lost its control,
got out of cage,
and roamed every corner of the streets,
what did that lead it to?

Oh no, it crashed head-on onto a brick wall,
nothing else behind,
it was the end of the street,
it couldn't go any further.

Lil hammie was finally spotted,
and was helped back to cage,
where its bed and family existed,
nothing more comfy than that.

For it knew that the world outside is scary,
it's cruel, it's dangerous,
oops, careful not to get stepped by passer-bys,
roaming the streets in anxiety and lonliness,
"what should I do?"

Lil hammie grew wiser,
as the day goes by,
and as the months go by,
together they'd stay,
as a family. (for no one lives alone)


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Knight Falcon Zero said...


Did you create that yourself?

Is interesting.