Sunday, February 25, 2007


WEE. Went for training this morning and then headed to HQ at 3pm for briefing on tonight's Chingay first aid coverage. What a great event. Excited of cos, but also a little scared. During the briefing together with the cadets, I was actually rather scared, thinking about all possible cases that might happen, and then how to react.

I was in charged of zone 1, responsible for the cadets and accountable for the whole area. Stressed. Reached zone 1 at about 6pm. People started to crowd around barricade as Bryan Wong and Michelle Yeo led the pre-event chingay parade! Brought Laura and May towards the viewing gallery..including the president/VIPS stand, den saw Bryan Wong with the newscaster filming LIVE! woo. close up with the celebrities.

Geraldine and siying stationed near the entrance of the barricades. I didn't knew it was their first PD..and to such a magnificent event. whao, great experience lei. haha. I stood beside them to talk to them about such duties..what should a first aider behave..and to be professional. Lotsa cameras shooting around, of cos have to act professional!! lol.

At about 8.20pm we changed shifts..gera and siying went back to the FA post and two other took over. At about 9pm, I went to check out laura and may..omg. so many celebrities were beside only lor, likes of Gurmit Singh, Quan Yifeng and many more!! haha. *excited

At 9.30pm, the event ended..street party starts. Whao, imagine the noise level and we're trying to communicate through the walkie-talkies. siao la. have to shout into the speaker, until now I'm having a sore throat. zzz. Den lotsa people going and there, I tried to squeeze my way through the crowd and as a result one of my shoulder flash dropped..("buah" too much with the crowd)

Instructions were given to us through walkie talkies. We've over a hundred first aiders with us, only 6 walkie-talkies for zone in-charged. Took us about 45 minutes to settle our manpower. May, laura, carrot and siying went home at 10.20pm..was rather worried about them, cos I couldn't leave as the street party will go on till about 11pm+++. They took the train home and I made them message me once they reach home. quite fast lei, may and laura reached home at around 11.05pm, then siying reached..lastly geraldine. phew. safe and sound!

ok..I forgot what time I boarded the ambulance and headed towards HQ. took a cab home at about 12am. Lucky no casualties...good day for everyone. Great job, thanks. I hope you all (may, laura, siying, carrot) learn alot and had fun! esp siying and carrot, way to go! more duties to come! =D

oh yes. We took photos after we stood down from duty. haha!

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