Sunday, June 24, 2007

KSJ Passing out parade '07

Yesterday was the passing out parade for KSJ!! Mr Kong came, Lee PS us. Goh did it too, the day before. darn. lol

Everything went superbly well.. Remembered ms Ratna kept showing the *thumbs up when mr Kong left the parade square. haha! =)) good thing is I FINALLY RECITE THE FRIGGIN PLEDGE CORRECTLY. I only tried to memorise it the night before. But then again, do you think anyone knows if I've recited it correctly? aw. screw the pledge. doesn't make much sense at all.

Congrats to the graduates, you all have really done KSJ proud. I guess you all know it yourselves; in your heart, the hardwork all of you have put in and the satisfaction gained. ; ) that feeling is beyond words.

Next is the games organised by the BNCOs.! Running around the whole school finding clues was indeed fun, but tiring as well. haha. Then the last game came. Carrot said something like "Okay, due to time constraint, we'll now play the last game - water bomb. Anyhow throw.!" I was like, what the hell! Then, of course, me and ong dashed straight up the hallway, and armed ourselves with some ammo!! They had like 1000 water bombs!!! holy.

This is nuts. We always never fail to play water bombing, and then end up filling pails and pails of water and pouring it over unattentive heads!! hahaa.

Finally we ended at around 3.30 I guessed. and went up the SJ room. I looked out towards the empty parade square and wonder when will be the next time I'll have the chance to come back to KSJ again. The POP's over, games played, prizes given. What's left behind are memories that will last a lifetime. I'm sure I share the same sentiments as other trainers like ong, ken...etc. We enjoy coming back to KSS to train, as well as to have fun. Certainly, KSS's where I grew up, where I learnt many lessons and I'll always be proud to say I was once a Kranjian. Not to forget, KSJ, my biggest committement in Kranji, is something that can never be forgotten.

Time passes so fast. I was just viewing some pictures in my pc, and saw a pic of me and Mah with christine, szehim, beatrice and weiting during some zone dinner at CDANS club. They were only CPLs then... now SSGT is what they wear on their shoulders. Then I think about it, I graduated from KSS 3 years ago, and also completed my A lvls. Now that I'm army, time really flies. I hate to say this, but one day, we'll have to leave KSJ. Be it for further education in university or for personal committements.. I HEART KSJ.

Alright, time to go off. I wishes everyone the very best and GOOD LUCK for 'N', 'O' and 'A' levels conquerers!! not forgetting Ong and Ken becoming army boys soon!!

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