Saturday, October 20, 2007

A familiar Friday

Dude. Yet another weekend! Lotsa happened for the week (and the past weeks) and here I am back again at home, lying lazily on my bed with my hands outstretched. Switched on the laptop and watched a movie on this cloudy Friday night. The temperature suggests that the night was going to be rainy but the grey clouds that the moon lit held back the tears. As I stood before the grills of the window, I could instantly feel the wind brushing across my cheeks. I see the road; orange. That’s why the street lamps are there. The road’s empty, with two or three vehicles passing by occasionally. It’s already past eleven. This once familiar scene was when I studied and revised for the exams during school days. Just like the A levels. It feels good to just let the mind wander back to those days where schooling life was simple and straightforward. How is that?

Talking about A levels, I was just chatting with a tutor of mine during college days and then I realized this national exams’ around the corner. And yet another year’s going to pass. Kind of fast, isn’t it? It’s end of October and soon November’s going to be over and poof! Another batch of students who’ve completed their junior college. Same goes to those getting past ‘O’ levels yea.

As the night falls, I guess it’s time for bed. Always good to sleep early isn’t it. Soon I’ll be hugging my pillow and get under the blanket for the night.

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