Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A new lease of life

I'm back in blogging! haa. Sorry for being MIA for the past weeks or (months). Recently got to my new unit and realized life in there isn't what I thought to be. Found myself struggling to cope with the unfamiliar environment and getting myself overwhelmed by the immense pressure on my weakened soul.

Didn't had appetite for my first meal - lunch. Couldn't stomach what's on the plate. It just didn't seem right to me. Suddenly I could feel the world's gonna collapse on me after lunch. The future 's full of uncertainty. I couldn't see where I was heading towards; it was as if I am walking into this space of infinity. It's that scary. Tears could just roll.

On the first night I went down a storey to share with my buddy. We both couldn't get to bed. It's kind of tough to fight the lonely night with no one to talk to, just you and yourself, rooming in with many unfamiliar faces and only your new pillow to hug. Uneasy feeling all around, isn't it. No, this isn't homesickness. I know it. I repose under the blanket of stars, the moonlight pierced through my face. As I lie down and watched the moon through the window, how I wished if I've someone beside, someone for me to lend a listening ear, someone to stay for the night. (certainly not those mates in there! :x)

For all I know, it's nearing the hour. The hour to get out of bed and wash up, and prepare for the new day ahead.

'Heaves a heavy sigh' as my feet got out of the blanket and hit the floor.

mmm. alright. enough said. "you can't change the way how you feel, but you can change the way what you want to do about it"

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. - The line I'll hold on to.

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