Saturday, February 02, 2008

screwed up.

screwed up. major cock up. quite depressing to see the results. Nope, I'm not thinking about the int. FAC. It's over. I'm thinking about further plans prior to FAC. I know I've not done enough to help the boys. Their performance reflects my training; it's a fact. Can't run away from it. Today's int. fac made me reflect over my weaknesses. It saw through many things. And yes, finally I ask myself - what does an officer mean to me? Have I done enough? or what have I been doing for the past weeks? months? or years? even I can't answer them.

Been pondering over certain issues. The boys wants it this time. The trophy on 1 June. But I've gone terribly wrong this time. There's so much more to do. I promised to commit my time to train and up the standard, whatever it takes. I'm really sorry. I know it myself, I didn't do my job well.

But again I didn't want to give up... because I simply hate to give up. Had so much to say yet I can't write it here.

Hope everybody had a great day.
After a night's sleep,
things will be different from tomorrow onwards.
mindsets will change,
emotions will start afresh with the sunrise.
for those who cried, may the moon dry the tears up.
for those who celebrated, may the celebrations end tonight,
and get prepared for a new challenge few months down.
By tomorrow, today will become history,
everybody with something learnt, and had had a great day.

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