Sunday, July 06, 2008

5th July - KSJ POP'08

Racked up some super old photos on my laptop. The aftermath of sec four POP. Or you call it the post-POP-syndrome.

year 2005. the newly recruited sec ones at canoeing.

year 2006. NC3'06; nostalgic..

year 2006. FAC'06 - the jump shot thingy was already in their genes..they just did more today.

Passing out is the beginning of a new chapter in life. There're many lessons all of you have learnt throughout the 4 years and I hope, with them plus many wonderful memories, have made you a better person. It's indeed has been long. Now the job of the officers, s.ncos and teachers is almost done, and I hope we've provided everyone the necessary skills/knowledge that'd be applicable in future (and wherever), values and more importantly, the joy and laughter we shared. All that memories will be treasured and with that, all the best for the upcoming 'O' lvls. Best of Luck. ;)

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